100% Natural Brownie Bars


Coconut brownie

Rich chocolate with a slight coconut sweetness and chewy in texture! Super indulgent and rich and super delicious too! The chia adds a satisfying crunch and the coconut adds a subtle sweetness and a chewy texture too! I love how it doesn’t taste healthy (in a good way) and how chunky, rich and brownie like it actually is! Just pure chocolatey goodness! It’s not dry or moist, it’s just the perfect balance! It tastes like a pure chocolate chunk brownie! One of those that you have to keep in the fridge so it didn’t melt away! I don’t think I’m describing this very well but believe me it’s delicious! The cashews add a nutty creaminess and the chocolate after taste is smooth rather than powdery and bitter, unlike other bars I’ve tried! There’s also sunflower seeds in there which add a little more crunch and depth and coconut oil to bind it all together with the dates and add a subtle sweetness and flavour too! The chia seeds bind the bar together but don’t get stuck in your teeth like I’ve found with other bars! Super rich and indulgent and super natural and nourishing too! I also love the baby blue paper packaging with dark blue simple writing! Everything about this bar is simple but delicious and the perfect Monday night chocolate fix! It’s also a decent size and would keep you satisfied through till your next meal! Definitely one to try!


Goji and acai

Sweet chocolate chunky goodness with nice subtle flecks of goji and bitter acai throughout! My idea of heaven! The sweet and sour notes of the goji and acai work really well next to the dark rich luxury chocolate and add beautiful specks of colour too! Along with lots of superfoods goodness! This bar is super nutty which I love as I’m obsessed with nuts! The nuttier the better right?! I also like how the nuts have been chopped both small and in larger chunks for a variety of textures! I also love how the goji and acai isn’t overpowering as it’s easily done and I think too strong is too much! The dates add sweetness but not overpoweringly so! You don’t feel sickly or bloated after! You feel energised and are left wanting to buy more of these delicious bars! The cashews add both smooth nuttiness and crunch and a subtle sweetness too! There’s nothing not to like about this bar! Super chocolatey! It tastes like a real bar and you’re not just eating it because it’s healthy you’re eating it because it’s incredible! It’s full of nutritious ingredients which all have amazing benefits on your health! I would have never have thought of combining cacao, acai and goji but it really really works! I’m loving this mother and daughter team more and more everytime I try a new bar! You two know your stuff! And are now one of my favourite brands at the minute! Oh and this packaging is super pretty too! This time baby blue with pink writing! I love it!


Raw choc with raw cacao

Thick bitter yet sweet chunky crumbly chocolate brownie with a nutty crunch! Heaven! The chocolate is very dark, indulgent and rich! Perfect really! With a subtle sweetness making this brownie super grown up and luxury! The thick chunky brownie has a mixture of sunflower seeds, cashews and nibs to create the most desirable texture! You get a sweet nutty and creamy crunch and a bitter sharp crunch all at the same time! Love it! The chocolate actually tastes like chocolate, not healthy chocolate, but proper rich and grown-up indulgent chocolate! Like them brownies which are basically just chocolate! Perfection! I bet this would be absolutely incredible warm with a dollop of coconut yoghurt or nice cream! The perfect Friday night food or breakfast… just me?! I love the paper packaging with the bold, bright and clear logo on the front with a clear title! Super natural and pretty! Basically I love it all! I’ve eaten two in the past two days! Unfortunately I’ve now run out! Roll on Christmas! You need to try this one guys!


Rose salt

Again I’m super impressed! Chunky rich crumbly, dark and intense chewy brownie with a slight saltiness that enhances the earthy chocolate and the nuttiness! It’s more like a chocolate fudge bar than a brownie, which I love, as it’s a nice change and completely different to the previous bars I’ve tried from the range! I think it’s the perfect post workout pick me up and Monday morning treat! It satisfies all them cravings and it’s not heavy or sickly! You feel energised and ready to tackle everything! It’s perfect on it’s own, warm, crumbled over sundaes, crumbled over smoothies and everything in-between! The perfect gift for a friend or yourself! Simply delicious!


Now go and write these bars down on your Christmas list before you forget!!

Leitchy xx

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