Lemon and Poppy Seed Porridge


Pretty right? You’re looking at my gorgeous bowl of lemon and poppy seed porridge and lucky for you, I thought I’d share the recipe with you! This is part of my dessert to porridge series! I used to love a good lemon drizzle cake or lemon and poppy seed muffin, so buttery, light and fresh! This porridge is sweet with a subtle lemon hint, not bitter, just subtle and comforting! Lemon drizzle brings back a lot of memories for me in a weird way! I once made a lemon drizzle cake for my cousin’s wedding! They asked everyone to make a cake and bring one with them for the dessert course, instead of having a wedding cake, which was a lovely idea! There was also a little competition too! I didn’t win but I got told it was close… that’s all I’m saying! I made a mean lemon drizzle! It was also the one cake we always had in the house, either that or chocolate banana bread! So it was pretty crucial I made a lemony porridge right?! And yes! The chocolate banana bread porridge is coming your way soon!

This isn’t like a drizzle cake! It’s more like a lemon and poppy seed muffin, which I’ve also always loved and enjoyed making or eating as a treat when I’m out at a cafe with friends and family!

I’ve topped the porridge with creamy full fat yogurt, I guess you could say it acts as the buttercream or icing! Blueberries, because they work well with lemon, almonds for crunch, and poppy seeds for the poppy seed element and they look super duper photogenic too! I also saved some zest back for decoration and pure Instagram purposes.. but that isn’t necessary if you are just making this for yourself! However, it was me, I’d still save some back.. can’t beat a bit of presentation and it feels more special! Self love guys!




Let’s talk about health! Everyones idea of healthy is going to be different! Someone who has two pieces of fruit a day and a MacDonalds for tea may consider themselves as healthy. However someone who eats a ton of fruit for breakfast and various healthy fats, pseudo cereals and grains throughout the day and then ends the day with a healthy chocolate bar, may consider themselves as unhealthy! I think there’s a fine line between healthy and too healthy. Looking at those two examples I’d say the first has a much healthier mindset whereas the second has a healthier diet but way too restrictive. However, you need both to be healthy. You could eat all the vegetables and healthy fats in the world and still be unhealthy. If your mindset isn’t healthy and all the time you’re worrying about ‘cheating’ or if you are feeling guilty about ‘unclean’ foods, then that isn’t healthy. You need a balance. I’m not saying I’m balanced! I’m far from perfect! But nobody’s perfect! I think we forget that sometimes! We need to remember to be kind to ourselves. I’m still on the journey to having both a balanced mindset and body! But I’ve come a hell of a long way! I was once the MacDonalds girl and I was once on the too healthy side too! There was a point when I struggled to reach my five a day and there was a point where I wouldn’t go near fats of any kind, avoided oils, counted every calorie that came in and out of my body and rarely treated myself! My body has been through a hell of a lot, and then I ended up with a load of digestive issues and only in the past month has it started to all settle down! I’d say now, my body is the healthiest it’s ever been and so is my mindset! I now eat to feel the best I can! I’m also a lot happier in myself too! Healthy eating is not a diet, which I’ve only realised within the past nine months! I now know my body and know what it needs to feel its best! Healthy eating is a lifestyle. Everyones idea of healthy is going to be different but it should never be something hard, challenging or depriving! Healthy eating is eating in a way that makes you feel like a superhero! Whether that’s small and often, whether that’s plant based, eating meat, fish and dairy etc. you are the only one who knows! Just remember to be sensible and respect your body! I’m guilty of disrespecting my body but I now know where I went wrong and now want to feel the healthiest and happiest I can both mentally and physically! I’m not going to punish myself or regret for not knowing enough and getting ill because everyone makes mistakes! But I can learn from my mistakes and by doing so turn out stronger and more knowledgable! I just need to do me! and I am now doing me! One quote I really like and believe in is ‘health is not a size it’s a lifestyle’. It’s such an important message! Healthy eating is taking care of yourself, not because you wish to look different but because you respect your body and want to feel like a superhero 24/7. There’s no right or wrong way to be healthy, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from anything and there’s no such thing as perfect! It’s simply what works best for you! So please don’t compare yourself or wish for better or criticise yourself in anyway! Eat to make you feel like a superhero and be happy! Same goes for exercise, move your body not because you wish to look different but because you respect it and want to feel your best! It’s more enjoyable that way anyway! ‘Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. not a punishment for what you ate’ Another quote to take in to acount! I’m guilty for punishing my body and slaving over the cardio machines a few years ago! Sorry for quoting left right and centre but it’s such an important message and it’s easy to see exercise as a way to punish yourself! If you don’t enjoy a certain type of exercise, why do it? Find something that works best for you and something you look forward to. Try something new! It will benefit you so much both mentally and physically!

Right! I think thats enough for one day! Lets get making some delicious porridge! It’s time to eat lots of delicious and nutritious porridge that makes you feel good and most importantly, like a superhero! Remember to count nutrients and not calories! And let’s all be superheroes together!



Ingredients – serves one.

1/2 cup quinoa flakes – feel free to buckwheat flakes or oats

1 cup almond milk

1 1/2 tsp raw vanilla powder – extract will work too

the zest of 1 lemon

1 tbsp 100% pure maple syrup

20 blueberries

4 heaped tsp full fat live yoghurt/coconut yogurt for a diary free alternative

a small handful of almonds, chopped – preferably soaked overnight

1/2 tsp poppy seeds


Place the flakes, milk, zest and vanilla in a pan and place over  a low heat until thickened.

Stir through the maple syrup and pour into a bowl.

Dollop on the yoghurt and scatter over the blueberries and chopped almonds.

Sprinkle over the poppy seeds and extra lemon zest if you like a good bit of presentation.


Leitchy xx




Apricot Frangipane Porridge


Good morning guys! As you will know if you read last weeks posts, I’m making my way through all my favourite desserts and sweet things and turning them into healthy porridges! I love porridge and I love experimenting and making it taste delicious and not like cardboard! It’s so versatile and I like to try something different everyday to make healthy eating exciting and breakfast the best meal ever!

Today I’m sharing with you my frangipane porridge! When I was little I used to be obsessed with marzipan! People would buy them fruit marzipans as presents and when my mum was making the christmas cake I would sit there and eat all the leftover marzipan and all the off-cuts! I think it’s the sweet almond taste that I love! This porridge has the same sweet almond taste but in porridge form! The porridge has the taste of almonds and has the ground almond gooey texture we all know and love! Then I’ve topped the porridge with apricots, as apricots and almonds are a winning combination and of course, more almonds! I toasted the almonds, as that’s how you would find them on a frangipane tart, and yogurt for extra creaminess and to act as the cool ice cream/creme fraiche which you would have with a warm, gooey, moist, almondy frangipane tart! So delicious and so satisfying! Annnnnnd so healthy! It might even be my new favourite quinoa flake porridge! You need to try this one! I really think I’ve hit it on the head with this one guys… Especially if you love all things almond! Just close your eyes and pretend you are in a french patisserie shop!

Plus it looks pretty too right?? Don’t forget to take a cheeky picture and post it on your Instagram for me to see!!




Ingredients – serves one

1/2 cup of quinoa flakes – feel free to use buckwheat flakes or oats

1 cup of almond milk

0.5 tsp almond extract

1 tbsp unpasteurised butter

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

3 small apricots cut into small pieces

a handful of flaked almonds – preferably soaked overnight

4 heaped tsp of yoghurt – I use the collaborative straight up live yoghurt

a sprinkling of milled flaxseeds


Start by toasting the flaked almonds in a small non stick, dry pan until golden. Pour into a bowl and put to one side whilst you make the porridge.

Weigh the flakes, milk, butter and extract into the pan. Place over a low heat for 3-5 minutes/until thickened and then stir through the maple syrup.

Pour into a bowl.

Dollop the yoghurt on top first and then scatter over the chopped apricots and toasted almonds.

Sprinkle with flax and serve.

Enjoy xx




July Favourites

It’s the end of the month! I can’t believe how fast July has gone and I can’t believe I’m 19 in a week and go on holiday in 2! Crazy! Anyway, here’s my favourites of the month guys! Hope you find it interesting and take something from it! It’s a long read so you might need a yummy snack and a cuppa!

Hope you enjoy reading it,

Leitchy xx


Avocados! Avocados are my new all time favourite fruit/vegetable, I know they’re a fruit but I think of them more as a vegetable, if you know what I mean.. Anyway, as you are probably aware if you’ve read my avocado boat blog post, I probably hadn’t touched an avocado until about 6/7 months ago! Why? I was scared of fats and still wasn’t educated properly in proper nutrition and wellbeing. All I was focusing on was calorie in and calorie out – read more and green mush really didn’t appeal to me! Anyway, things changed, my mindset has changed, I have a whole lot more knowledge on wellbeing and nutrition and now avocados are my new go to snack! I love to fill them with a variety of ingredients, both savoury and sweet, and just eat them with a spoon! I also love them in salads, especially Green Kitchen Stories Moroccan quinoa salad and I love them in acai bowls/smoothies/mousse and on top of porridge! The list goes on! They take on whatever flavour you decide to pair them with, they are really low in sugar (0.7g per 100g!) and high in healthy fats, have more potassium than bananas, loaded with fibre and super creamy and delicious and most importantly, satisfying!

Some of my recipes that include delicious avocados –

Chocolate and avocado porridge

Strawberry and avocado toast


Creamy courgetti

Avocado boats



Fragipan porridge or prawn pasta! Let’s start with frangipani porridge! Again if you have read up on last weeks post – Victoria sponge porridge you will know that I’m working my way through desserts, cakes and sweet treats my family and I love and trying to recreate them porridge style! You guys know how much I love porridge, well breakfast in general, and recently I’ve been only having breakfast for breakfast.. like normal people I know.. but I could happily eat breakfast for lunch and tea too! Anyway I’m trying to cut back on the sugary things and go along with the food combining guidelines and so far so good! Anyway, I’m back on the porridge bandwagon and so far I’ve created a victoria sponge like porridge and my favourite so far, apricot frangipane! It actually tastes like frangipane, not just similar! It actually tastes like the real thing! So almondy, sweet and just delicious! I’ve used quinoa flakes as they are easier to digest and are more creamy, smooth and nutty than oats. It’s just perfect and you guys need to try it when the recipe goes up tomorrow morning! My second favourite recipe is a pasta dish! Last year I went to Puglia, in Italy with my family for two weeks and I experienced some incredible meals! We didn’t have a bad meal, every night was incredible and it was the best food I’d ever had in my whole life! Just so fresh, flavoursome and incredibly delicious! That goes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So whilst I was there I had a prawn and fennel linguine with sea bass I think.. anyway, I wanted to try and recreate the fennel and prawn flavourings, but with courgette for better food combining and tomatoes to create a sauce! Well it worked!! I mean, REALLY worked! I made a tomato, heavy on the prawns and fennel pasta sauce (with courgette) and topped with lots of parmesan and it was honestly restaurant standard.. big headed I know, but I was so proud of myself and I received so much praise and all round good feedback off of my family! It will definitely become a regular dish in my house and one for the blog too! So keep an eye out!!



Porridge! As I just mentioned, I’m back on the porridge bandwagon, which you probably already knew if you follow me on Instagram! When I was recipe testing my breakfast book, I was eating breakfast for lunch and tea too and snacks in-between, so I ended up consuming a whole lot of sugar! Yeah they were unrefined and natural sugars but too much sugar of any kind isn’t good and it made my body very acidic and therefore added to my long list of digestive issues! So I had to cut back a whole lot to get my body functioning properly and then slowly introduce them back in! So now I only eat breakfast for breakfast, as a normal person does, and now my stomach is functioning better than it has in a long long time! Along with food combining, learning about gut health etc. I’ve managed to go from taking 25 tablets a day to 2.. big step I know! The more I learn, the better it gets! So yeah, now I can enjoy good old porridge again! Now I use quinoa flakes and buckwheat flakes as they are easier to digest, grain and gluten free and don’t cause me any trouble whatsoever! They also add an extra nuttiness to the porridge which I love and they cook a lot quicker too! You can find them online at amazon, on Ocado and Planet organic etc.



Almond milk! Other than herbal tea and water, I don’t really drink anything else but recently I’ve been enjoying a hot almond milk with a variety of spices in and maca before bed! My favourite combination is cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, maple and maca! Maca is a ‘superfood’ that works the needs of every individual! It balances out mood swings and has been proven to help ease anxiety and depression. It balances out hormones and relieves menstrual and menopause issues. It’s high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and a great source of energy! It also helps restoring red blood cells and speeds up the healing process! So it’s great for after a workout too! But I’ve been enjoying it just before bed as a nightime drink to relax. It’s tasty, comforting, soothing and mood balancing!



My Watermelon notepad and sticky notes – theartfile.com. The notepad is baby blue and covered in watermelons and lemons and the sticky notes are in the shape of a watermelon and each sheet is a mini watermelon! So summery, cute and fitting with what I love to do! Plus who doesn’t like watermelons?! Inside the notebook I’ve written all my new recipes that have practiced food combining and other holistic approaches I’ve learnt about nutrition etc.

Nut butter

Hazelnut butter by Meridian! It’s basically Nutella, minus the chocolate and with added nutty goodness! I love dolloping it in, and on, cacao porridge to create that whole nutella vibe! It’s also delicious dolloped inside avocado and in smoothies! It works perfectly with raspberries, delicious with yogurt and even better just eaten straight from the jar with not a care in the world! I love it! Go buy it!

Try this –

Chocolate avocado porridge



Evening walks! As I mentioned last month I love a good old evening stroll! After dinner, feeling bit full, the summer sun and light evenings are on your side and you can just drive out to the countryside, go for a 30 minute to an hour stroll and just enjoy the weather, have a good old natter and get some fresh air! It clears your head before bed! (poet, I know) and it’s good for you! And super easy and not strenuous!



My super cool dress from topshop! It’s red, grey and white, super summery and suitable for both day and casual summer evenings! You just chuck it on with a pair of white trainers and you’re done! No jewellery needed, its super easy, super comfy and I love it!



Me and my Dad were left for the weekend, so decided to treat ourselves and go out for a super delicious meal! We always go out for sushi and sushi gives me a whole lot of bloating and pain which I now know why, its because grains effect me! Anyway, we wanted to try something new and something that wouldn’t affect my IBS too much! I did a little bit of researching and came across a restaurant called VeroGusto! I’d walked past it multiple times going into town but never thought of actually going in, which I now really regret as it was incredible and the best Italian food I’ve ever had Up North!! The service was outstanding and the food was even better! Everyone was so friendly, all Italian and all authentic! We didn’t feel rushed, we felt like guests and the food was so fresh and flavoursome! It wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too less, portion size was just right and it was reasonably priced too! Definitely our new favourite restaurant and we’ll definitely be dining there in the future! Super classy and delicious! I had a scallop, prawn and monkfish bisque to start and seabass with the most incredible red onion and tomato sauce for main, with buttered vegetables and my Dad had lasagne and then we shared a cheese board for dessert and you guys know how much I love cheese! Especially parmesan and there was a good old big chunk on there! Super impressed and definitely one to try if you like bit of classy Italian food!


I’ve been in my room a lot more now I have my own workspace, so I’ve been using my speaker and iPod a lot more too! I’ve been listening to mostly old music and I’ve especially been loving a little bit of Arctic Monkeys and Haim as I know all the words to every song off by heart, it’s not too serious and not too in your face and it’s just easy listening and nice when you can have bit of a sing song whilst you work!


The Michalaks! To be honest, these guys have always been my favourite! So easy and enjoyable to watch! So relatable and normal! They have the cutest son and have super cool camera shots with incredible music! So calming and relaxing and just all round nice and talented people! I love to watch them when I’m stressed or anxious as they take my mind of everything! Couldn’t recommend them more! I also recommend Hannah’s new channel, she does ‘raw’ blogs and makeup videos which are also super enjoyable to watch as she’s so down to earth!


Food combining and eating smaller but often, and lots of healthy fats! As you guys know from either this post or ones before, I’ve changed the way I’m eating, not lots! Just a little bit as I was already eating healthy and nutritiously. Now I’m practicing food combining in my recipes, eating a sensible sized portion, rather then enough for two people, which also means I can snack in-between meals and I don’t suffer from bloating and cramps hardly ever! I’m also eating lots of healthy fats as I was doing already but now I’m only eating unpasteurised butter and cheese as its raw and again easier to digest and better for you as it hasn’t been processed! All of these things combined have cut my medication right down and cut down my cramping and bloating, I’ve got more energy and my gut is finally healing! Before I never knew when I was hungry and now my stomach actually rumbles and I got those hungry feelings again which is amazing! My appetite is coming back and I’m a lot more knowledgable and happier! So yeah! Lets hope it keeps working as I’m sure it will!


This month I’ve been coming up with lots and lots of new recipes, practicing what I’ve learnt so far and so far so good! I’ve hardly reached for any cookbooks and I’m being a lot more experimental! I’ve ditched the scales, I’m doing everything mostly by eye and I’m loving it! It’s a lot more free and exciting and I’m getting a lot of good feedback from it too! It’s helping me so much physically and mentally too!


I was cooking up breakfast the other day and my Dad was taking photos of me for an exciting project I’ve got coming up (fingers crossed) it looks like its going to happen though! You’ll know if it does! Anyway these are some of my favourites –






Ines arroyo! Super fashionable, flies all over the world and wears some gorgeous clothes! Great for style inspiration all year round! Also, gorgeous photography and surroundings!


Salted coconut chips from any brand and lemon and ginger cookies from Rhythm 108! Lets start with good old coconut chips! Salty, biscuit like goodness! A low sugar, totally delicious and addictive, healthy snack! I like to grab a bag of these when my head is feeling bit funny due to my low blood pressure! (that’s lowered a lot now I’m snacking and eating smaller but more regular) They are also great when you are craving something salty on a hot day or if you just want a crisp like snack to munch on as you can place the bag on your desk and snack away as and when you please! They are just so buttery and strangely taste like biscuits (I’m not complaining!) They remind me of Nice biscuits, malted milks and viennese whirls from Marks and Spencer! Basically my childhood! I love them so much and couldn’t recommend them more, there’s nothing not to like! A great biscuit, crisp, chip and everything in-between snack alternative for both children and adults!

Now lets move on to actual biscuits! These lemon and ginger cookies are unbelievable! Take them out their packaging, serve them to guests and kids and they would have no idea that these were healthy! For one they taste incredible and remind me of these citrus biscuits I used to make and take into school when I was little (love a little bit of food memory triggering!) Secondly they are the first health product I’ve come across that have actually created something healthy that tastes amazing, looks like the real deal and most unusual, have managed to get the exact same texture as a buttery, good old tea dunking biscuit we all know and love! It’s crazy how healthy but how unhealthy this biscuit tastes! In a good way obviously!! Honestly guys, you NEED to try them!!

img_5425 image5-1 img_4258-1



TV Programme

Suits is back guys! Its about an American law firm that don’t stick too much to the law and go through a lot of drama and there’s the usual relationship dramas and you know! But anyway, its really good, it doesn’t get repetitive or boring and you don’t find yourself looking at the clock or your phone whilst you watch! I really recommend!


Concussion staring Will Smith! Me and my brother recently watched this on Sky store. Its about American footballers and how the amount of concussions they go through in their career can lead to a number of mental health problems and most of them ended up killing themselves as they couldn’t find a cure and at that point didn’t know that the concussions were the reason that they were all ending up seriously ill with mental health problems. Will Smith is the main doctor and the one who does all the research to find what was causing them all to get so ill and what is actually happening to the brain every time it takes a blow! Really interesting and I really recommend giving it a watch!

So there you have it guys! My favourites from the month of July! Hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe even go buy a few snacks and things to try!

Leitchy xx

Raw Gorilla Munchies



Raw Maca and Cinnamon

Christmas In a bite! Aka my idea of heaven! Cinnamon and Christmas all in one place! I mean!!! But not too Christmassy! They are still suitable to be eaten all day, everyday, all year round! I love these little bites of heaven! I must have bought around 10 bags these over the past few months! They are just so delicious both as a snack and as a breakfast cereal with yogurt or milk! They are nutty, chewy, incredibly addictive and you can pop them on your desk and snack away as you please! They are also in cute little circles which fill the bag, I repeat fill the bag! None of that half bag messing about business and have cute and funky packaging too! Along with being incredibly nutritious! They are raw, activated (easy on my delicate stomach! Win win!) no added sugar, are paleo and dairy free! They contain Maca which is a mineral rich superfood, quite malty in taste and is super because it works as an adaptogen, responding to different bodies’ needs! Pretty incredible eh! It can improve stamina, energy and mood! It’s also packed full of vitamin e and iron! Annnnnd it helps restore red blood cells and aids healing and muscle repair! So great after a workout! Along with amazing and tasty Maca they contain my favourite spice, cinnamon as well as buckwheat, dates, sprouted sunflower seeds, figs, raisins and almonds and that’s it! It’s crazy how such a small list of amazing ingredients can create such an amazing and totally addictive flavour! I’m currently snacking on these as I get on with some work but I also like to take them with me when I travel as they are so easy and light to pack in your bag, rip open and enjoy with yogurt and fruit! Or milk if you prefer! Definitely one of my favourite, nutritious go-to snacks! I don’t normally repurchase snacks as I love trying new things but I always come back to these, so that’s saying something guys! I also love that all the ingredients have been sprouted or activated which means they are easier to digest and as I struggle with digestive issues, it’s nice not having to worry about whether or not something is going to make my stomach flair up! Just yummy, healthy goodness!



Raw Cacao and Lucuma

My dream snack! Chocolatey, nutty, raisiny and sort of rocky roady bites of goodness! These little drops of joy actually taste like chocolate! Obviously they taste healthy, I mean that’s why I got them, but it’s good healthy. I want to eat this healthy. Not I’m just eating it because it’s healthy, healthy if you know what I mean! They have hints of all of my old favourite things!! Nutella, fig rolls, rocky road, chocolate and biscuits! Just delicious! And so so so so healthy! Oh and chocolate covered raisins! When I was little, on a Friday my mum would give me and my brother a pound to go to the old fashioned sweet shop and buy a paper bag of sweets! Chocolate raisins always appeared in mine, along with pear drops, strawberry bon bons and rhubarb and custards! So these bring back a lot of childhood memories which I love! As I’ve mentioned before, I love when food and tastes trigger memories and events, that’s what I always try to aim for when serving my food to friends and family! Perfect with a cuppa, on their own and delicious with milk! They have that whole coco pop vibe going on! Also delicious with fresh fruit and yogurt and probably everything else in-between! I’ve bought so so so many bags of these little bags of goodness and I thought the cinnamon one was my favourite as I’m a cinnamon obsessive but now I can’t decide between the two! They are just so delicious and are perfect at any time of the day! Plus they agree with my stomach as they are activated, soaked, raw and only contain organic ingredients! Also very few ingredients, sprouted buckwheat, sunflower seeds, dates, raisins, activated almonds, cacao powder, lucuma (anti inflammatory! Again, helpful with digestive issues!) and vanilla.  Another thing I love about these munchie packs is that the little circles remind me of chocolate buttons, so this cacao and lucuma pack is like a pimped chocolate button! Amazing or what?! A nutty, chewy, rocky road like chocolate button!! I mean, why wouldn’t you want to try these?? And they get tastier every time! I don’t know how, but they do! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of these! Just delicious! I took a couple of these bags on holiday to use as granola, as they just squish into your suitcase, are light and super nutritious, as well as being super tasty! So versatile! I’m going to order some more now as I go away in two weeks and these are perfect to pack! Love them!

So there you have it, another review! Well, favourites really! So go buy yourself a load of these bags of goodness and thank me later!

Leitchy xx


Top ten things that happened this month – July

  1. Getting sent my first load of free products – Thank-you ever so much Raw Gorilla and The Collective!
  2. Sending off all my proposals for my book one to literary agents
  3. Going pot painting and have a good old catch up with my best friend
  4. Experimenting with cooking more, no longer using the scales, and just being more free with the way I cook
  5. Realising I want to move and explore and experience new things in this world
  6. Weirdly, my Dad losing his job..
  7. My stomach improving every day and no longer having to deal with bloating and pains as much
  8. Realising which foods trigger my IBS and learning how to food combine. As a result I have stopped taking both of my IBS medications which I am chuffed about
  9. Getting my own little desk space/office to do all the things I love in one place
  10. Going out for delicious posh Italian food with my Dad


Leitchy xx