Spiced Orange and Pomegranate Porridge

Good morning! This morning I’m sharing yet another porridge recipe! This one is winter spiced with sharp and juicy orange, pomegranate and a few pistachios! Super festive in both taste and colour and super pretty too! Packed full of vitamin C, just what you need in these darker, cooler months and what better way to kick off the start of December tomorrow then with a festive bowl of comforting and nourishing porridge!


Ingredients – serves one

50g buckwheat flakes

200ml cashew milk

1 tsp orange zest

1 tsp cinnamon

0.5 tsp raw vanilla powder

0.12 tsp ground cardamom

a pinch of ground cloves

a pinch of ground nutmeg

2 tsp maple syrup

half an orange, peeled and diced

2 tbsp fresh pomegranate

10g pistachios, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed


Place the flakes, zest, spices and milk in a small pan over a low heat and stir until thickened.

Stir through the maple syrup and pour into a bowl.

Top with the chopped orange and pomegranate.

Scatter over the pistachios and serve.


Leitchy xx

November Favourites

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s the end of the month already?! It’s gone soooo fast and so much has happened! But I’m so happy it’s December on Thursday, so many exiting things happen in December and I’ve never felt so festive and excited!!


Hmmmm probably my pecan pie! Scrap probably.. DEFINITELY!! It was developed for my range of sweet vegan, grain free, gluten free and refined sugar free treats for my business and oh my… it has to be my favourite thing I’ve ever baked and come up with in my whole 19 years! A nutty pastry filled with a salted cool and creamy caramel and then topped with toasted pecans! It’s honestly heavenly!! We had it for pudding on Thanksgiving and then for casual snacks every day after until we ran out.. I sold it at my stall as well last weekend and everyone was amazed! Just so good! Go to my gallery and scroll to see what I’m babbling about!


I can’t get enough of my evening snacks! I don’t know about you but I love a little snack around 8.30pm whilst I watch TV. It just makes me feel all cozy and it’s turned into a little routine. I love to mix together raspberries and coconut yoghurt to create a sort of froyo and then I pour over some quinoa puffs and then drown the whole thing is salted almond butter and macadamia nut butter! Utter perfection. Mix it all together and it is AMAZING!! And then just before bed I like to grab a spoon and have a cheeky, stogy mouthful of nut butter. YUM!


As I’ve said above nut butter and well now I have a business to develop bakes for, I spend a lot of my time recipe testing! No bad thing! So that’s all I’ve been snacking on this month! And I’m loooooooving it!

Nut Butter

Well as you now know, I’m loving a little, well… a lot of nut butter in my life at the moment! My favourite has to be almond butter with raspberries as I’ve said or dolloped in porridge, on banana, with apple, in baking and everything in between! I think its the salty stodginess I like. I also love macadamia butter drizzled over things as it’s really sweet and satisfying but it’s super low in sugar and is just purely macadamias. I’ve also fallen back in love with crunchy peanut butter, especially just with banana, or in porridge or in a milkshake!


Coconut sugar! I weird one I know but it’s such a simple and cheaper way to sweeten things naturally which isn’t dried fruit or maple syrup. It’s great because you can just replace the refined sugar weight for weight. It’s dry which makes it easier to use and it’s lower in GI. It’s also so versatile and isn’t strong in taste so you can be so experimental which is amazing as thats what my business and bakes need.


My new bag! After my first stall 2 weeks ago, I wanted to treat myself with the money I made, so I bought myself a gorgeous new khaki bag pack! It’s comfy to wear as well as looking trendy and not like a bag pack. It also fits everything in and still looks classy with a winter coat. I also love that it’s got lots of pockets and zips on the outside too.


Hands down, 45 Jermyn St. We went back in September when we went down to London for a couple of days and it was such a treat, special and the food was incredible. I had grilled bones to start and then veal saltimbocca for main. Last time I went when we walked in we were remembered and the servers were so lovely. To start I had pine nut buttered scallops and then for main I tried something I’ve never had before, red deer with a game faggot and oh my… it has to be one of the nicest dishes I’ve ever had in my whole life and me being the foodie I am, I’ve had a lot of dishes! I’m super excited to be going again this Saturday! Bring on the food!!


Only discovered three days ago! I was waiting for something to come on or my Dad to get home so that I could watch Blacklist and I was watching the end of the one show and they had Calum Scott on singing Rhythm inside and yeah, haven’t stopped listening to it since!


My business! Does that count?! Anyway my business! Why I never thought to combine my love for cooking and even more so for baking and my career before, I don’t know but I’m glad I did! I spend my days recipe developing at baking for both my stalls every two weeks outside the Porter brook Deli in Sheffield and most recently (in the past few days) Orders! I love baking all day every day and I love seeing smiling faces enjoying my bakes. The dream is to sell to local cafes and delis etc. but I know I’ve got to be patient and just keep pushing on and then maybe one day!! Exciting right?!

For Orders and Enquiries please don’t hesitate to email me – Leitchycreates@gmail.com


Does my own cook book count?! haha! I can’t stop gawping at it and using it and just generally flicking through it! One day hopefully, I’ll be able to share it with you guys.


Eating naked yet again! For all the same reasons as before. Blimey that girl is good at food styling and flavour combining!!



for obvious reasons…


Christmas 24. Super tacky, cheesy and the perfect channel to watch in December when you are feeling a little under the weather and want something easy and christmassy to watch.


Raw baking at Nama or my own… hmmmm! Well first Nama because well whats not to like about incredibly delicious, indulgent and healthy baking?! and we got lots of recipe, I learnt so much and and and I met some more lovely and like minded people! Can’t wait for my chocolate course early next year for the same reasons! Secondly my two stalls (so far) outside the porter brook deli in Sheffield selling my healthy treats and receiving some lovely feedback and support! Cant wait for the 10th of December! Expect lots of delicious and festive new things! We’re talking yule log and cinnamon buns guys!


Well baking obviously! And then planning christmas meals, events, presents and getting super festive and feeling super excited about December!

Well guys, that’s it! I hoped you enjoyed reading this months favourites and I hope I’ve inspired you to bake and get festive!

Leitchy xx

Top Ten Things That Happened This Month – November

  1. Going on my last course at Nama foods, Raw baking and meeting lots of lovely people and again learning so so much.
  2. Having one of the nicest meals of my life at 45 Jermyn Street, paired with a super Christmassy and amazing visit to Fortnum and Masons.
  3. My brother and his girlfriend coming home for a couple of days.
  4. Seeing Fantastic Beasts – I love Harry Potter just a little too much.
  5. Starting my own healthy treat business.
  6. Getting so much lovely feedback at my two events I’ve done this month selling my treats and seeing the same people come back the second time. Also receiving orders!
  7. Being contacted asking about selling through potential cafes and catering events.
  8. Getting sent new products by brands to review and brands wanting to collaborate.
  9. Thanksgiving! Our second Thanksgiving! We love food and love any excuse to celebrate and have a delicious and big meal and to be grateful. It was delicious and I’m super proud of myself for making my first Celebratory roast dinner all by myself, stress free! Cant wait to recreate on Christmas day but with a Turkey and a few extra trimmings!
  10. My stomach feeling fine with all the harder foods to digest, feeling happy and more confident and I’m putting on healthy weight.

Leitchy xx

Primal pantry

Primal pantry


Hazelnut and cacao

I can’t describe how amazing this is… It tastes like NUTELLA! And KINDER BUENO! Like actually not just a tiny bit, but full of tastes like! It reminds me of my holidays in Spain eating Kinder Bueno! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh my.. I’m obsessed and I’ve only just started eating this bar of joy! I normally don’t buy chocolate tasting energy bites because half of the time they don’t taste like chocolate at all but this however certainly does taste exactly how you’d want it to! In fact better! I don’t really know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting it to taste this good! It’s crazy how it only contains dates, hazelnuts, almonds, cacao powder, vanilla and almond oil! That’s it! Pure wholefoods and delicious goodness! This bar is my new favourite healthy snack bar I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a fair few.. Just incredible! Pure healthy indulgence! If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t guess this was healthy! The texture is spot on too! Nutty yet not stuck in your teeth nutty! Pure perfection! Primal Pantry know their stuff guys! I might have to start buying these bars in bulk.. Wow guys just wow!!


coconut and macadamia

The best bar! Chewy coconut goodness, sweet, chewy, nutty and just all round amazing! So textured and crunchy! You can taste the coconut strong which I like! I also like the chewy/crunchy texture it adds alongside the nuts! It’s incredibly satisfying! And the chewy sweet dates make this bar so satisfying, sweet, fudgey and toffee like! Just incredible! It’s just the right amount of sweetness too! It’s sweet but not sickly sweet! Also it’s chewy and crunchy but not get stuck in your teeth chewy so that’s always a win! This bar is the perfect summer snack as it’s coconutty, fresh and filling! So perfect! It only contains five ingredients too! Coconut, macacadamias, dates, cashews and almond oil that’s it! The macadamias and cashews add a nutty, sweet and creamy crunch and the almond oil adds extra sweetness and makes the bar nice and moist instead of dry and stodgy! This bar is also delicious crumbled over fruit and yogurt with extra coconut! Especially peaches and raspberries! So so good! One of my favourite snack bars ever! This one and hazelnut and cacao are definitely my faves! But you guys probably already figured that one out from my coconut and chocolate obsessions on Instagram…


apple pecan

Apple pecan pie goodness! And guess what… With a hint of CINNAMON! You guys know how I feel about my apple cinnamon bars! This one’s more subtle but yummy! You can taste the pecans and apple more which I love! I also love how there are chunks of pecan throughout the bar and it’s not just all one texture! It’s super satisfying and super natural with only six ingredients! I also love the simple bright green packaging! This one reminds me of those pastries you get with the raisins and custard in! You could definitely have this for breakfast in place of them! Or any time of day really! Again as I’ve said about the other bars, round Christmas I’m just going to have a cupboard full of apple cinnamon bars but that’s not going to stop me eating this bar all year round! I already have five of this bar waiting for me so I’m happy! I want to try this bar slightly warm too and maybe on top of nice cream! Especially my cinnamon nice cream! Sounds good right?! I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!


Almond and cashew

Simple and perfect! Creamy cashew and sweet almonds! The dates bind the whole thing and add a subtle but not sickly sweetness and not a sweetness that disguises the flavours from the nuts! Just right! Again I like how the nuts are in different sizes making the bar more enjoyable and exciting to eat than one texture throughout! It also allows you to taste both flavours from the nuts as there are chunks as well! Delicious! I like how the flavours are purely focused on the nuts in this bar! It makes it appropriate for any time of day any season! It’s delicious on it’s own and also dipped in more nut butter and chocolate (you need to try) it’s also delcious with milk or yoghurt and fruit as an alternative to granola! Just delicious and simple yet super flavoursome and comforting! I love it! And I love the mouse on the front even more! A definite repurchase!


brazil nut and cherry

Crunchy nutty goodness! A soft bar with chunks of sweet, buttery and creamy brazil nuts throughout! So good! With a subtle hint of cherry which adds a slightly sour but sweet taste and a fudgey texture! I’m obsessed! The cherry is subtle yet delicious as it creates that marzipan come frangipani taste and texture! The nuts add a biscuity texture yet a crunchy irresistible and buttery one which is unbelievably comforting and addictive! This one is the perfect winter treat as it just screams buttery comfort food! The almond oil and cherry combination make this bar taste more grown up as it’s got a slight liqueur taste which makes this bar perfect for after dinner or if you are wanting a frangipani or marzipan replacement! Add a little cinnamon and this would be a Christmas buttery sweet and nutty dream! I think this might be my favourite! I left it till last thinking it wouldn’t be but I’m pleasantly surprised! So delicious! So nutty and packed full of flavour and all things comforting! I love the pretty pink packaging and how unbelievably natural these are! There’s also dates in there which add to the fudgey texture and hold everything together whilst adding a toffee like texture and flavour! Just four ingredients! These bars are definitely my favourite go to energy bars! I’m amazed everytime! The flavour is just incredible!! And texture! Think rocky road, come fudge, come marzipan, come frangipani, come fruit cake! I love it!

Christmas List?

I thought so..


Leitchy xx

Orange and Rosemary Three Meat Stew

I decided to switch things up a little and share a meaty dish as it’s all been sweet things and breakfast things for the past few weeks and I just had to share this one as it’s one of my all time favourite creations! It screams winter and christmas and all things orange and rosemary. It’s a proper hearty stew, the ultimate comfort food and so so so so soooo easy! You literally shove it in a pan and leave it to simmer whilst you get on with planning Christmas.. or work.. orrrrr whatever you like to spend your free time doing!


Ingredients – serves six

2 onions, diced

4 celery sticks, sliced

2 carrots, peeled and diced

4 garlic cloves, diced

250g bacon, diced

500g chicken breast, diced

400g sausages, each one cut into 4

1 orange, roughly zested

1 tbsp dried rosemary

150g vacuum packed chestnuts, chopped

2 cans of chopped tomatoes

700ml boiling water

1 tbsp apple cidre vinegar

2 handfuls of chopped parsley

200g rainbow chard/spinach/cavlo nero, chopped

30g grated parmesn to serve



Pop the onions, celery, carrots, garlic, bacon, chicken and sausages into a large pan over a high heat.

Once they start to fry, pour in the orange, chestnuts, rosemary, tomatoes, water, vinegar, parsley and greens and stir to combine.

Cover with a lid and bring to the boil.

Once boiling, turn to a medium simmer for 45 minutes.

Turn off the heat and divide the stew between six bowls.

Sprinkle with parmesan and serve!

P.S. this is one of my favourites…


Leitchy xx