Sundried Tomato, Chicken and Fennel Pasta

Good morning! As you will know if you follow me on Instagram, I am in Copenhagen!! I’ve never been before and I’m so excited to try all the trendy foodie spots, explore, buy some ceramics and maybe a little clothes shopping too!!

So today I’m sharing a super dooper comforting pasta dish I whipped up the other week. It’s packed full of veggies and flavour, inspired by Puglia, Ummmumm! Super authentic if I say myself and a great one to pack up and take to school/work the next day!

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves three – four

250g red lentil pasta

boiling water

1 tbsp olive oil

1 onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, diced

1 large fennel, diced

3 skinless and boneless chicken thighs, diced

a pinch of pepper

0.5 tsp salt

0.5 tsp dried thyme

0.5 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried fennel seeds

1 large red pepper, diced

a large handful of basil, finely chopped

a large handful of curly parsley, finely chopped

4 salad tomatoes, diced

2 tbsp tomato puree

8 sun dried tomatoes in oil, finely chopped

1 lemon zested and juiced

1 tbsp capers

12 mixed olives, sliced

a small handful of parmesan


Drizzle the oil in a large pan. Add the onion, fennel and garlic and fry over a low heat for 10 minutes to soften.

Add the chicken thighs, herbs and pepper and cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes.

Stir through the tomatoes, puree, lemon, capers and olives, mix well and cook over a medium heat for 25 minutes.

After 10, pour the pasta into a pan, cover with hot water and boil until soft. Drain the pasta and pour it  into the chicken pan, mix well and turn off the heat.

Divide the pasta between three – four bowls.

Scatter with parmesan.

Enjoy xx

Banana and Hazelnut Overnight Oats

Good morning my lovely lot! What a busy week and what a way to end it!! So Thursday I headed down to London with my Dad for a very exciting meeting all about the future and potential of LeitchyCreates. It went really well, so of course, I celebrated with food! We went to my favourite cafe in Selfridges, the Hemsley cafe and I had a raw milk turmeric latte, a gorgeous salmon burger and then my Dad and I shared a strawberry cheesecake tart! Soooo good! I got my tea to take home too! A gorgeous roast vegetable and quinoa salad with brazil nut pesto and two super crispy chicken thighs! Ummmummm! Then Friday I was pretty exhausted after all the stress of the week, making chocolates in the burning hot heat and packaging them up for the lovely people at Lifeboat. I will be appearing in the July luxury health box and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited! So intrigued to find out what everyone thinks!! Be sure to let me know if you try them! All feedback is welcome! Saturday I was up early and back to London for the HBlogger event. I had another overnight oat recipe on the train (this was Thursdays train breakfast) and then I met my lovely lovely friend Celine for a iced turmeric latte in the sun and a good old natter. We then met my Scottish sidekick Catrina haha and headed off to redemption bar to meet the rest of the blogging crew. Them girlies are incredible! We all got on so well and I’m definitely going to be in London a whole lot more as I need more of them in my life! So we all ordered drinks, I went for a non alcoholic apple mojito, it was incredible! Then I went for the buddha bowl of the day which was delicious, that lemon hummus was crazy good! See below!! The rest of the girls either had the same as me, sweetcorn fritters, avocado on toast, pancakes or jackfruit burgers! We then all nattered our way to the blogger event where we got given the best goodie bag ever! So much stuff and it was all free!! So so generous! There was also lots to sample at the event, there was a vegan skincare brand, a kefir brand, a carob chocolate teddy bear brand (incredible), mindful bites nut butters which I’ll never ever say no too, a spice blend brand which were giving out spiced, double roasted crunchy chickpeas! Also jarr kombucha! I loooooooove the passionfruit one! There was a lovely lady called Sarah from Sarahs cookery providing the treats for the event in a canapé style. There was cookie dough bites, chocolate truffles and raw banoffee pie pots available! Delicious! Mr organic was there handing out pasta sauces, there was a supplement brand, a natural tampon brand and bella vita (where it was held) sampling there products too. The talks were from Twice The Health and Fighting The Fads, both very inspirational. I finally got to put some names to faces and best of all, I had a good laugh and felt so accepted. So so grateful for this community and I’m excited to grow alongside some incredible people. So I headed home feeling very grateful and woke up Sunday morning, smiling, made pancakes and then went to go meet my friend for a delicious lunch at the grind in Sheffield. I had lemon and dill coley with three different salads, we then wondered round ball street market, sampled cheese and chilled with a drink in the sun, perfect end to a perfect weekend!!!

So this week I’m doing a lot of business planning for LeitchyCreates and recipe developing. I’ve got a lot to squeeze in before I go away on Thursday for four days and as I’m not taking any work with me, it all needs completing and sending off! So I’m a super busy bee!!

Today I’m sharing one of my early morning train breakfasts. It’s super delicious, comforting and indulgent. Theres something about a grilled banana with nut butter and chocolate what makes the world a better place.

Enjoy my Leitchy Lot xx


Ingredients – serves one

half a mashed banana

30g rolled porridge oats

20g rolled jumbo oats

0.5 tsp cinnamon

0.5 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp maca

10g roasted hazelnuts

1 piece raw chocolate, chopped

a pinch of salt

1 tsp hazelnut butter

130ml oat milk

Toppings –

Half a banana, halved lengthways

1 tbsp full fat live yoghurt/coconut yoghurt

1 tbsp hazelnut butter

5 roasted hazelnuts, chopped

1 piece of raw chocolate, finely chopped


The night before –

Mix the first set of ingredients together in a bowl until combined, cover and pop in the fridge overnight.

In the morning –


​Preheat the grill to high and line with foil.

Pop the banana on the lined grill and grill until golden.

Take the oats out the fridge and give them a stir.

Top the oats with the grilled banana.

Dollop on the yoghurt and nut butter and scatter over the nuts and chopped chocolate.


Leitchy xx

Strawberry and Cardamom Smoothie Bowl

Good morning, good morning! I’m not going to lie and make up what I’ve done since Wednesday as I have wrote this in advance as I’ve had an extremely busy week. So my meeting yesterday will maybe, if I can be explained next week! Maybe! This weekend I’m off to London to a Blogger event on Saturday. I’ve been before, they’re a great place to meet like minded people, sample all the goods and get lots of advice. I’m traveling in earlier so I can meet my bestie for a coffee and then meet the rest of the girly lot for lunch before we head to the event! I’ll be sure to fill you in on the whole thing on Wednesday. Then Sunday I’m planning on doing nothing and just chilling and refuelling and gaining back lots of energy after my hectic week, amazing hectic and very excited hectic may I add!

Don’t forget my summer chocolate boxes are now available here.

So today I’m sharing one of the many summer breakfast recipes which I’ve been having on these sweet summer days. The last thing I want after a sweaty night (Don’t say ewww, I know you know exactly what I’m on about!) Is porridge! So I’ve been developing chia puddings, parfaits and lots and lots of smoothie bowls. Heres one of my favourites, its unusual but incredible! Let me know how you get on!!

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves one

100g frozen strawberries

100g frozen bananas

20g coconut creamed

80ml cashew milk

0.5 tsp ground cardamom

1 heaped tbsp vanilla coconut yoghurt

1 heaped tbsp crunchy peanut butter

3 large strawberries, sliced

a handful of your favoruite berry granola/cereal

1 tsp hemp seeds

1 chocolate almond, sliced/piece of raw chocolate/nibs


Blend the first set of ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth, thick, combined and ice cream like in consistency.

Scoop the smoothie into a bowl and level with a spoon.

Dollop on the yoghurt and peanut butter – almond butter would be delcious too.

Scatter over the strawberries and cereal.

Sprinkle with hemp and pour over the chopped chocolate.

Dig in!!


Leitchy xx

Nectarine, Corn and Avocado Open Sandwich

Morning guys! I hope you all had an incredible weekend full of gorgeous weather, BBQS and ice cream! I spent Saturday doing absolutely nothing in my garden and eating ice cream. Then Sunday was Fathers Day, so I took my Dad out for breakfast! I had a rejuvenator bowl which was sourdough, poached eggs, helium, hummus, roasted veggies, barley, pesto and avocado. We then headed off to the cinema to see Gifted! Best film I’ve seen since patriots day! Can’t recommend more! So emotional! Then we headed back to my Dads, I made us a fancy steak lunch and then I went back home to chill, soak up the sun and read my book. This week has been mental trying to make 100 chocolates in the boiling hot sun for a big order on Thursday. As much as it’s stressing me out, it’s also really exciting. Then tomorrow I’m off to London for an exciting business meeting! All super busy but things are moving forward so I’m super excited to see whats to come!!

Today I’m sharing a really quick and easy summer dish that I whipped up over the weekend. It’s sourdough which can be replaced for 2 slices of my sweet potato bread for a grain free alternative. Topped with cooling avocado, lemon, basil and corn mash. Then topped again with unpasteurised caerphilly cheese – feta would also work, more corn and juicy nectarine ummmummm! The corn, cheese and juicy sweet nectarine are a winning combination! This one would be perfect for breakfast, lunch and tea! It would also be delicious with peach or apple too! Enjoy my lovelies xx

Ingredients – serves two

2 large slices of sourdough

1 avocado

1 small lemon, juiced

a pinch of salt and pepper

15g basil, finely chopped

140g sweetcorn

1 nectarine, diced

80g caerphilly cheese, crumbled

pea shoots


Pop a slice of sourdough on each plate.

Mash the avocado until smooth in a bowl, stir through the juice, seasoning, basil and most of the corn.

Spread the mix evenly across the two slices of bread.

Arrange the crumbled cheese on one side of the slice and the fruit on the other.

Scatter the remaining corn down the center and top with a few pea shoots.


Leitchy xx

Smashed Lemon Dill Avocado and Salmon on Toast

Hello!! What a busy busy week!!! Today I’m doing a stall at Nuffield gym in Sheffield! Selling my chocolate boxes, recipe books, peanut butter and lots and lots of raw treats! Also, I announced earlier in the week that I’m now hosting 100% natural, vegan and gluten, grain, refined sugar and soy free afternoon teas! The menu is below and the tickets can be bought here. It’s in a lovely and super trendy cafe in Sheffield! They roast their own coffee and will be providing unlimited drinks! The menu is a modern twist on a classic. So two people will share a cake stand. They’ll be two sets of sandwiches on the bottom, scones with coconut yoghurt, natural jam and almond butter instead of cream and butter and on the top layer they’ll be three of my best selling cakes. Everyone will get some chocolates to take away, as well as a little menu for a memorabilia. It’s a great treat for yourself and a way to enjoy a beloved traditional english event in a healthy way! Also a great way to indulge with friends in a nourishing way and a way that everyone can joy as it suits a lot of peoples dietary needs and looks pretty too! This would be the perfect dish for a healthy foodie too! The menu will change monthly, heres the July menu below. I can’t wait to see some of you there! Also don’t be scared to come alone! It’s a great way to meet like minded people!

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite weekend brunch recipes but it would be perfect for lunch and dinner too. It takes about 10 minutes to make, is full of healthy fats, proteins and fresh flavours. Feel free to swap the sourdough for two slices of my sweet potato bread for a grain free alternative. Also if you’re on the go, pop another slice on top to create the ultimate hearty sandwich lunch! Ummmummm! Enjoy! xx

Ingredients – serves one

1 large slice of sourdough

1 avocado

half a lemon, juiced

a handful of dill, finely chopped

130g salmon fillet

1 egg

Kraut to serve


Toast the sourdough and pop on a plate.

Line the grill and preheat to high.

Pop the salmon fillet on the grill, season and grill on each side until golden and cooked through.

Meanwhile, mash the avocado, lemon and dill together until combined and smooth. Spread on the sourdough.

Pop the egg in a pan of boiling water and boil for 6 minutes. De shell and slice.

Remove the salmon skin and smash onto the toat, arrange the egg slices and serve with kraut.


Leitchy xx