The Ultimate Rocky Road

Rhythm 108 part 2 review…

As promised, heres part two of my rhythm 108 review! For part one, click here. I’ve also included a fab cupcake recipe and I’ve talked all about Rhythm, who they are and what they’re about! And to here about their biscuits and dessert bars, click on the links!

So let’s get to it.

Remember these are ‘live’ reviews, so I’ve written them as I’ve nibbled and they’re all my first thoughts and views.

Coconut cookie…

It actually tastes like a coconut macaroon! So chewy, coconuty, comforting, caramely and cosy! It’s crumbly like a biscuit with that macaroon like texture! You can taste and feel the desiccated coconut but not in a dry way! It’s still moist and chewy like a cookie but it’s got the taste of a macaroon! So so good! It looks like a biscuit which I love! Oooooh I know what the texture reminds me of!!! A hobnob! It’s got that chewy, crumbly oat thing going on! These are the perfect afternoon pick me up! Comforting sweet, not so sweet you get that horrible taste in your mouth, just the right amount! I love how they’re smaller so that you can you can have a handful and feel like your eating loads but really it’s just one portion! I want to try these crumbled on porridge as a replacement for granola as they’re low in sugar and have a granola like feel to them! I bet they’d be yummy crumbled over smoothies and maybe even like a sweet and savoury coconut Thai curry instead of toasted nuts! Weird but I bet it would work! I love these as they are though but they do liven up a cuppa and taste magical with almond butter/cashew and a zest of a lemon! Baking wise, I bet they’d be good crumbled on top of a lemon drizzle or with raspberries or strawberries, maybe on a Victoria sponge or an epic pancake stack!!

Lemon chia cookie…

Well I new i’d love this one! Sweet comforting caramel lemon with crunch from the chia seeds! Perfect! This one is the most biscuity of the four with its look and crunchy texture! Very much like a ginger thin! I’m pleasantly surprised with the chia seeds as normally I avoid snacks with chia seeds in as they tend to get stuck in your teeth and feel like you’re eating grit but this doesn’t have this experience at all!!! I love that crumble snap when you bite into them! Like I said in the lemon biscuit review, these biscuits bring back so many memories of my childhood, Grandma and Auntie as they taste just like the biscuits I used to make from this cookbook my Auntie got me for my birthday when I was little and I used to make them and bring them into school for my friends and also take them to my grandmas! The lemon with subtle ginger gives a lovely cosy warmth and comfort to the biscuit which just adds to the memory of family and coziness whilst I ate them with them! It’s not a tart or sour lemon is a comforting lemon drizzle lemon! The best kind of lemon!!! Just a handful of ingredients to make a incredible biscuit, baffles me! And again, you wouldn’t even question this was healthy! Baking wise,  it would be amazing in and on lemon drizzle cake and muffins! In and on a lemon bircher! With berries and yoghurt! And in ice cream sundaes! Ummumm! Now time to go gobble up the bag!

Sum up…

So I have no complaints and I’m not just saying it to be nice! I actually, genuinely love these biscuits so much!! My favourite has to be the double chocolate cookie! I must admit, I thought this would be my least but its so so good! The crumble with the chocolate chunks. ummummm! Then I can’t decide between the lemon chia as It brings me comfort but I do prefer the biscuit packs without the chia or the coconut cookie. Then almond biscotti last, not because I didn’t like it! I just preferred the texture an overall taste of the others as this one was a little more soft. but again not in bad way!!! They were all crazy good!!

Pricing, stockists and bibs and bobs…

So the big share bags RRP are £2.99 for a 160g bag that contains 20 x 8g biscuits. Such a bargain for what you get and they’re normally on offer which makes them even more of a steal.

They’re stocked at – BP Petrol stations, Planet organic, some WHSmiths, Lakeland PLC, As nature intended, Revital health stores, other independent health food shops.

Dietary – Gluten free, Dairy free, Refined sugar free, Source of fibre and Handmade.

So go get your self to the shops and stock up on these! I’ve gone through four bags in two weeks.. and I haven’t shared hahah! They’re that good! I need to stock back up actually!!


So because I just can’t get enough of these biscuits and I’ve been wanting to recreate rocky road for ages but I thought it just wouldn’t quite cut it without both biscuits and marshmallows! I thought now I’d found the perfect free from biscuit, I’d give it a shot. Blimey It worked a treat! Actually thats an understatement, it’s probably my new favourite treat recipe and I promise you, you won’t miss the original! Plus I think its better as I never really liked marshmallows… This chunk or slab of rocky road goodness cuts into nice thick mega bites which you just won’t be able to resist! It keeps at room temperature but if you have a hot house, keep them in the fridge in an airtight container.

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – cuts into 24

250g cacao butter

150g coconut sugar

150g cacao powder

35g original peanut butter

90g deep roast peanut butter or original or almond butter

200g cashew butter

165g raisins

50g pecans

30g pistachios

25g dessicated coconut

15g cacao nibs

170g almond biscuits – I used rhythm 108, roughly chopped

80g chocolate biscuits – I used rhythm 108, roughly chopped


Pop the cacao butter, coconut sugar, cacao powder and nut butters in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water and leave to do its thing, stirring now and then until melted and smooth.

Remove from the heat and pour the mix into a large mixing bowl.

Stir through the rest of the ingredients.

Line a square tin with parchment.

Pour the rocky road into the tin and then pop in the freezer to set for 1 hour.

Remove from the freezer.

Use a sharp knife cut into chunks.

Enjoy xx

Quick Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Hello! So today I’m doing my weekly run down as I didn’t a big review of my favourite biscuits by Rhythm 108 on Wednesday!

So I actually took the weekend off and slept in until 8am which is a big achievement for me as I’m normally up at 6.30am everyday without fail. So I actually feel pretty energised this week which is amazing! So Saturday I had a sleep in and then went to meet my friend Kitty for breakfast at upshot expresso. I went for the avocado on sourdough with chilli jam and poached eggs (that chilli jam!!!!) and Kitty went for the special of the day which was poached egg, smoked salmon, broccoli and rye. Ummmummm! Always love catching up with Kitty as she just gets me and we feel so chilled around one another. Then I wondered home (in the rain) to have a lovely lunch with my Momma before we headed off to Ikea for the afternoon as I wanted storage for my room and Mum wanted stuff for her stall display (she does jewellery). We then had a pretty chilled evening, I made Pizzas and we watched freaky Friday. Sunday I had another sleep in!!! Then we had the crumble I’m sharing today, in the sun in the garden before getting dressed and ready to drive to Yorkshire wildlife park. This isn’t a zoo, it’s a conservation park and a park where badly kept animals go to get better and then the ones that can/are safe too and well enough too, are released back into the wild. It was lovely to walk around in the sun and see all the little and ginormous animals! I think my favourite were the lemurs and the giraffes. We then drove back home before having a lovely chilled evening, a lovely tea, a tidy and chill in my room and then we watched ‘what to expect when expecting’ and ate chocolate. Perfect!

Monday was super busy getting everything done as I was off to London Tuesday and didn’t want to be worrying or feeling anxious whilst I was away.

So Tuesday I had a sleep in and then met my Dad to get the train to London as he was going down with work. Once we got there, he went off to his meeting and I went to go meet one of my best friends for lunch! We went to a place called Caravan in Granary square. It was really good!! You could choose between large plates of lots of small. I ordered two small, oxtail stew in like a Asian sauce and some padron peppers with an almond salsa and my friend for margarita haha! We then chatted, walked, caught up and then went back to hers to chill for a bit before my meeting. My meeting went really well!! Things are moving fast and its so exciting and scary but good scary! I’m going to be very very busy for the rest of the year. I’ll keep you in the loop on my Instagram @leitchycreates! Expect a new chocolate bar in the range in the next few weeks, along with a restock of my bars and a few of my boxes. Feeling very happy and productive, I headed off to meet the girlies for tea to say farewell to Celine as she’s moving back to Switzerland! Seriously going to miss her so so much!! Can’t wait to see her in September!! It was so lovely to have a good giggle and natter with the girls over some delicious plant based Italian food! I was boring and went for the red pesto pasta but blimey it was good!!! I love all these girls so much and I can’t wait to spend some time with them in September!! I then went to meet my Dad before heading back to the hotel. Wednesday morning we headed to chancery lane to Good and proper tea. A breakfast place that has been on my list for a while, ever since Alexandra (the lady who wrote land and sea) put up on Instagram that she was doing a sourdough crumpet collaboration with them. Topped with whipped ricotta, baked nectarines and toasted almonds! Blimey it was good! The best crumpet I’ve ever had in my life! Like nothing I’ve ever tasted! I’ll be sure to be back for more!! I want to try all the other wonderful toppings and if anyone knows a good homemade crumpet recipe, please send one my way!!! I’ve got to recreate! The turmeric coconut latte I had was delish too!! My Dad and I parted ways again as he had a meeting so I headed to notting hill to try out another cafe that was on my list and to get some work done! He then came to meet me for lunch, do some admin with me and eat some blooming good food! The cafe was called The Dayrooms. I had a turmeric latte whilst I worked and then when my Dad arrived we ordered food. I went for the all day breakfast bowl which was paprika roasted potatoes, seed crusted avocado, ricotta and courgette fritters, creme fraiche, salsa verde, carrots and shoots and my Dad went for the truffle scrambled egg loaded croissant. We then ‘shared’ hahah, a berry cake! My Dad wasn’t a fan of the seedy berries so I ate most of it! After that we had to head to the train station. All the way back I caught up on work, headed home, got showered and into my PJS and then had a relaxing evening with my Bro and Mum. Yesterday was pretty mental making tons of chocolates and getting lots of admin done! Today will be the same and then this weekend I’m off to Manchester Saturday and then Sunday I’m seeing another bestie! I’ll be sure to fill you in next week and on Instagram!!

So today I’m sharing a crumble recipe to make the most of blackberry season! I had this for breakfast but feel free to make it for pudding too!! Try swapping the fruits or changing the nuts in the crumble! Yummy served with cool plain yoghurt/coconut yoghurt and also ice cream/nice cream!

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves two

Filling –

1 medium pink lady apple, diced

100g blackberries

0.5 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp maple syrup

half a lemon, juiced

a splash of water

Crumble –

50g ground almonds

40g almonds

10g spelt flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp maple syrup

25g butter or coconut oil

1 tbsp dessicated coconut

To serve –

Full fat live yoghurt or coconut yoghurt


Pop the filling ingredients in a small pan with a splash of water and cook over a low heat until the apples can easily be cut in half with a spoon.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Pour the compote into a small oven proof dish.

Pop the crumble ingredients in a food processor and pulse until crumbled.

Pour and crumble the crumble over the cmpote to completely cover. Pop in the oven for 10 – 15 minutes or until golden.

Remove from the oven, divide between two bowls and serve with a generous amount of yoghurt.


Leitchy xx

Raspberry, Almond Biscuit Cupcakes


Good morning! So I’m switching it up a little today! I normally tell you all about what I got up to at the weekend but because I’m going down to London with work and to see my girls, I thought I’d give you a massive run down on Friday instead!

The reviews are back…

So today I’m sharing a review for the first time in yonks! Reviews were actually one of the first things I started doing on here. I’d review my favourite snacks, ‘live’ as I called it, as I would type whilst I nibbled. So today, I’m bringing it back and I will now be reviewing my favourite snacks again! This way you kind find out the low down on the best snacks (well my favourites anyway) before you buy! Nourishing snacks aren’t cheep as they’re full of expensive ingredients, so we accept that BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t still get annoyed when the snack we spent our dosh on tastes shocking and ‘healthy’. I think we’ve all been there. So I’m going to guide you through my very experienced pallet of snack tasting and tell you what I love and what I’m not a big fan of.

Rhythm 108…

Today I’m starting with my favourite snack brand out there at the moment, Rhythm 108. I’ve been eating, enjoying and thoroughly loving their snack bars and biscuits for a good year and a half now and I just can’t get enough! Before their new bags (which I’ll talk about more later) they had and still have a range of dessert bars – Apple pie, Banana muffin, Choco walnut brownie, Coconut macaroon and lemon cake. These bars can be enjoyed as they are, in their naturally delicious state orrrrr even more incredible, warmed so they go more dessert like, indulgent, comforting, the flavours are intensified and they are all round magical! Try making the experience more heavily by drizzling in nut butter or serving with ice cream/yoghurt. As well as their wonderful dessert bar range, they have a biscuit range! Now I love their dessert bar range (check out my reviews here) but oh blimey I adore their biscuits more than you know (check out my review here) I can’t tell you how many biscuits I go through! It’s pretty ridiculous really but hey! It’s no bad addiction! Low in sugar and only containing natural ingredients (Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, No refined sugar, a source of fibre and Handmade!)  Amazing! I think my favourite out of the two biscuits (chocolate hazelnut and lemon ginger) is probably the lemon as they remind me so much of my Grandma and just make me feel so calm and comfy. But the chocolate is still insanely good. The best afternoon pick me up ever. I didn’t think I’d ever have that same crunchy, crumbly, sweet but not too sweet and happy biscuit experience ever again but rhythm have pulled it off! You would never ever ever think these were just made with whole food ingredients and ingredients you can recognise and actually pronounce. Honestly, if these were in my Grandmas biscuit tin, alongside the malted milks, hobnobs, custard cremes and bourbons, you honestly wouldn’t be able to guess which one was wholesome. It tastes, looks and feels like a proper biscuit and I think I’d definitely go as far to say I prefer them!!!! They’re a perfect tea dunker too!!! And and and they are cheep as chips (now I’m in the food business, I’m wondering if they’re took cheep)

New products…

Now I’m even more obsessed as they’ve just released their new share bags that are designed to be sustainable, compostable and lower the carbon footprint! Incredibly tasty and environmentally friendly! YES PLEASE!!! So the four bags they have just released are Almond biscotti ( think biscotti which you get alongside your coffee or hot chocolate or vin santo.. in Italy come Amaretti biscuits, aka my favourite biscuit ever) Double chocolate hazelnut (think those giant cookies you get in brown bags from bakeries come the ones you get in the cadburys section boxes at christmas) Coconut cookie (blimey I love coconut) and Lemon chia ginger (again reminds me of my childhood is the ultimate cosy biscuit). Time to swap your hobnobs for a big bag of these gems! You may be laughing and thinking nothing can compare but just try and I’m pretty definite you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised. They’ve made my afternoon cuppa tea break a whole lot more enjoyable.

REVIEWS part 1…

So now I’m going to share my so called ‘live’ reviews bellow. I’m starting with the almond biscotti and the double chocolate hazelnut cookie as once the bags are open, they’re best consumed within 5 days to keep them nice and crumbly and not soft. However they’ll still taste completely fine after this, they just might be a little soft. So this basically is the reviews written as I demolished the bag and they’ll also be in the order I reviewed them in too. I’m not going to change them in anyway! These were my exact and truthful thoughts as I nibbled/gobbled. Oh and I’ll review part two (lemon chia and coconut cookie) next week as I’m going away this week and don’t want them to go soft! I’ll include a cheeky sweet recipe also!

Almond biscotti…

First bite and instant crunchy, hobnob like heaven. A crunchy which then crumbles in your mouth, the depth of flavour from the almonds and sweet alcoholic hints from the almond oil is incredible. They remind me so much of amaretti biscuits, aka the best biscuit in the world come a hobnob due to the texture and crumble. I also love the deep caramel like flavours from the coconut sugar which is super comforting and reminds me of my childhood. The oats make the crumbly texture which is then quite soft in the centre which I love. I also love the odd almond chunk which has been scattered throughout the biscuit, making the textures in your mouth more exciting and incredibly moreish! This biscuit is a great dunker! You can dip it in that mug of tea without loosing it and you get the proper biscuit experience. I think what I like most is it looks and actually tastes like a real biscuit. The texture and flavour are like for like and if you shoved this in a box of unhealthy biscuits, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was actually made of healthy ingredients with no preserves. There’s that same indulgence and that same experience as a processed biscuit, without the nasties. They remind me of a proper biscuit but also taste just like biscotti but without the teeth breaking experience haha! So best of both worlds right?!? When I was younger I used to make these muffins which were vanilla with amaretti biscuits crumbled inside the cake and then they were topped with cream cheese icing, raspberries and crumbled amaretti biscuits! I will be sharing my recreation of these when I post this review!

Double chocolate hazelnut…

I didn’t think these could beat ( match/beat but beating right this second) their lemon and ginger biscuits but I was wrong! Omg they have choc chunks! A crisp, crumbly, dark but still sweet double chocolate heaven of a biscuit! This is a REAL biscuit! Crumbly, crunchy comforting crumble with chunky, soft and smooth chocolate chunks scattered throughout! Can you think of anything better?! These bring back so many memories of going to my Grandmas and been aloud to raid the biscuit box for the best ones! Also at Christmas when we used to get a Cadbury biscuit box! You literally wouldn’t know the difference! Other than rhythm have got the balance just right and you don’t get a stodgy sickly aftertaste or a funny taste after if you know what I mean! You’re just left feeling satisfied and happy on chocolate! What I like about rhythm is you feel just as indulgent and just as satisfied as you would eating a overly processed and sugar filled biscuit! They make a whole food product sexy and indulgent without it feeling like it’s healthy! It’s so accessible! They are low in sugar and full of fibre! I just can’t get over how REAL they taste! I don’t think there’s one other brand I use daily, but rhythm I eat almost everyday! They are truly on another level and you need need to get your hands on these biscuits!!! I need to try baking with these, dunking them in tea and crumbling them on porridge! Oooh oh rocky road! Coming soon guys!! I’ve eaten a quarter of a bag writing this! That’s how good! Definitely fav share bag so far!!!


So now time to bake with these gorgeous biscuits!! Here’s the recreation of the classic I talked about in my review of the almond biscotti! Light and fluffy muffins with almond biscuits scattered throughout and then topped with a sweet yoghurt frosting, raspberries and more crumbled biscotti! Enjoy xx

Raspberry and Almond Biscotti cupcakes – makes 12 

Cupcakes –

80g melted unpasturised butter or coconut oil

75g almond biscuits (I used rhythm 108) crushed into breadcrumbs

1 banana, mashed

60g maple syrup

2 eggs

75g spelt flour

0.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda

0.5 tsp almond extract – optional

Toppings –

Frosting –

120g full fat live yoghurt/dairy free alternative

1 tbsp maple syrup

​To decorate –

12 raspberries

2 almond biscuits, crushed into breadcrumbs again


Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4 and line a 12 cup cupcake tray with cases.

Mash together the melted butter, biscuits, banana, maple syrup and eggs until combined.

Mix in the flour, bicarb and extract if using.

Once all combined, use two teaspoons to divide the batter between the cases, as equally as possible.

Pop in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes or until golden and cooked through.

Remove from the oven and pop on a wire rack to cool.

Meanwhile, mix together the yoghurt and maple syrup.

Dollop a heaped teaspoon on yoghurt on each and spread gently.

Top with a raspberry in the middle of each one.

Decorate with the crumbled biscuits,


Leitchy xx

Chicken, Tomato, Courgette and Basil Bake

Hello my lovely lot. Today I’m sharing a super simple, summery, flavoursome Italian chicken bake. You literally shove everything in a roasting tin and let it do its thing.

Let me know how you get on!

Jordan xx

P.s try mixing up the grain and using spelt, pasta or quinoa.


4 chicken thighs, skin on and bone in

200g baby courgettes

240g tomatoes, quartered

1 large lemon, juiced

0.5 tsp dried thyme

24g basil, chopped

salt and pepper

100g pearl barley, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed


shavings of parmesan to serve


Preheat the oven to Gas mark 7.

​Pop the first set of ingredients in a roasting dish, chicken thighs, skin up.

​Season well and pop in the oven for 50 – 60 minutes – or until the chicken is golden and crisp.

​Meanwhile cook the barley in a pan of boiling water for 20 – 30 minutes or until soft, drain and divide between two bowls.

Remove the tray from the oven and pop two thighs in each bowl.

​Side with the courgette and tomato mix.

​Scatter with the parmesan shavings.

​Serve and dig in!!


Leitchy xx

Raspberry and Mint Compote Porridge

Morning guys! I officially had one of the loveliest Saturdays ever! So I went down to London on a early ish morning train to see my gorgeous and incredibly thoughtful and generous group of girls for my birthday lunch. The tube wasn’t running when I got there (the line I needed) so I had to walk but It was ok as I had time. I met Laura and Yas before in Planet organic, we had a wonder before heading to Farmacy to meet the girls for lunch. I booked the private room as there was 12 of us. The most gorgeous layout, decoration, furniture and setting. Slowly all the girls joined and I was shocked by how many cards and gifts I was given. I wasn’t expecting anything as going out for a meal was enough in my opinion. I also felt quite emotional and very grateful as I lost my friendship group when I was ill and I hadn’t received gifts, cards, birthday wishes and I hadn’t been out for a meal to celebrate with friends in years. I couldn’t believe everyone was there for me and everyone was being so kind and thoughtful. I still can’t get over it now and I still can’t stop smiling.

I received a handmade and personalised apron off of Laura which I’ve been wearing pretty much all week, even when I’m not cooking haha! Also a set of thoughtful cards to open at different stages when I’m feeling a certain way. I received a gorgeous, ginormous mug from a Sheffield brand off of Yas which again, I’ve not stopped using!! Perfect size for a cuddle on the sofa, don’t want to stand up again for another drink cuppa. I got a beautiful notepad off of Leila and a plaque with an inspirational quote on that I’m going to hand on my wall. The notepad will probably be filled by the end of the month as I’m such a pen to paper person when it comes to anything! Lucy gave me a large jar of Kombucha (I’m obsessed) and Amy got me another gorgeous mug (a girl can never have too many mugs) and a whole load of teas which I’m quickly making my way through! So far my favourites been the apple and cinnamon tea by tea pigs. Gem got me a gorgeous blue friendship bracelet with a gold patterned design which I haven’t taken off and Rebecca got me a gorgeous glass shell dish to put my jewellery in and a load of food and Canadian treats as I won her giveaway last week! Celine got me a gorgeous personalised spoon which I’ve already mentioned. Such lovely lovely lovely gifts which I’m still overwhelmed by. I was just happy to be celebrating with girls my own age again and us all enjoying the same food, each others company, we all have the same interests and we all don’t look at each other when we take photos of food as we all stood up straight away and just cracked on with it hahah! I received some beautiful cards with the most heartwarming messages and also a card which everyone signed which I’m going to keep forever, truly beautiful. Food wise, I mean its farmacy, its always incredible! I went for the Mexican bowl which was guacamole, corn chips, rice, purple sweet potato, black beans, spicy something (haha), sour cream and I think that was it? anyway, incredible and then for pudding OOOOMMMGGG I had the best sticky toffee pudding, yes best! Healthy or not, I’ve ever ever had!!! I wasn’t sure whether to go for it as I thought it could’ve been a disappointment and a new the ice cream sundae was to die for. The waiter convinced me by saying if I didn’t like it, he would bring me the sundae seen as it was my birthday! And oh my he wasn’t wrong in saying its the best dessert on the menu!!!! a slight crisp outside with a moist, treacle like inside!! Surrounded by toffee sauce and topped with a sugar crisp and nice cream!! I could eat it everyday and never get bored! I need to get myself down to London, just for that!! Then, just to make the day EVEN more special, the waiter came in with a slice of cake, with a candle in and everyone sang happy birthday!! The plate was decorated in chocolate which read happy birthday and I couldn’t stop smiling!! A beautiful end to the best day ever. We then had a quick wonder round planet organic before hugging, parting ways, thanking everyone and slowly wondering through hide park with Celine and Rebecca before I had to catch the tube to the station to get home. Thank you ladies for a magical day. It’s one I’ll never forget.

Sunday was chilled. Lot’s of lovely food (pancakes, smoked salmon eggs and miso cod with charred leeks) I also made cookies and then we went for a walk before coming home a watching a film!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too! This week is back to recipe developing, chocolate making and getting excited about the next range!

Today I’m sharing a super easy, fruity but warming porridge dish! The mint and raspberry pair so well together and the creamy yoghurt and nut butter take the tang of the raspberries. Sweetened with honey and topped with flaked almonds for crunch!

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves one

Compote –

65g fresh raspberries

4g chopped mint leaves

a splash of water

Porridge –

30g rolled porridge oats

20g barley flakes

a pinch of salt

200ml oat milk

To serve –

2 tbsp full fat live yoghurt/coconut yoghurt

0.5 tbsp toasted flaked almonds

0.5 tbsp almond butter

1 tsp raw honey


Pop the compote ingredients in a small pan with a splash of water and bring to a low simmer until thickened – about 5 minutes, mashing as you go.

Meanwhile, pour the porridge ingredients into another small pan and stir over a low heat until thickened, pour into a bowl.

Pour the thickened compote on one side of the porridge and dollop the nut butter and yoghurt on the other side.

Scatter the almonds down the center.

Drizzle with honey to finish.


Leitchy xx