Basil Hummus, Avocado and Pea Toast

Good morning!

So as you know, I went to Copenhagen on Thursday until Sunday. We arrived Thursday afternoon after being delayed 2 hours but hey, I bought a turmeric latte from Pret, some healthy crisps and I was happy reading my book. We also got lunch from Pret as we wouldn’t be there until 2pm. So we arrived very smoothly, I caught the train to central and then another train to the hotel we were staying at. First impressions were that everything was so clean, modern and efficient. Also the health scene was through the rough. I was seeing chia puddings, smoothie bowls, raw cakes and desserts everywhere, I mean, EVERYWHERE. We dropped off our cases, freshened up and headed off to a food market called Torvehallerene. A indoor food market full of seasonal, regional and healthy produce. There were fresh bakeries, fruit and veg stands, juicy bars, wine bars, healthy salad bars, porridge stands, fish and meat counters and more. Basically a foodie like myself’s heaven. So we wondered round there, sampling the odd thing and then sat down with a tub of olives and a drink. We then wondered round the pretty streets, in some gorgeous (but rather pricey) design shops. I bought a few notebooks as I get through them rather fast. After we’d got our bearings, we headed to the station and headed off for dinner. We decided to keep things chilled on the first evening as we’d been up since 2.30 am. I found a organic natural pizza place I wanted to try, so we headed off there for an early tea. The area we had to walk through to get there was a little dodgey but luckily it was busy haha. Anyway, we headed inside and it was dark with low hung lights, wooden benches and cool music. Very trendy and quirky, we loved it. I ordered a organic cold pressed raspberry and apple juice and my Mum and I both went for the Swiss pizza, which was comte cheese, apple, caramelised onions and bacon. Topped with a fresh rocket, parmesan and roasted pepper salad. Absolutely incredible. So so fresh and flavoursome. Also light, for a pizza as it was on a super thin crust! Really recommend the Neighbourhood Organic Pizza if you’re in Copenhagen.

Then on Friday we got up and caught a couple of trains to an area called Nordhavn. I wanted to visit a porridge cafe I follow on Instagram, called Grod. They were the first porridge cafe in the world and now have a few cafes around Copenhagen. We went to the original, so that we could explore the quirky design area around it too. It was so cute inside, with wooden tables, indie music playing and candles lit. My Mum and I both went for the caramel, apple and roasted almond porridge. I added yoghurt, cacao nibs and coconut flakes and my Mum added strawberries. The menu changed seasonally and they only use regional ingredients. I also had a gorgeous chai latte and my Mum had a hot chocolate, which I tried and it was delicious. When we left, I bought a bowl and mug as I’m obsessed with ceramics and also some freeze dried blackberries to decorate my porridge creations with.

We then wondered round the area, mum bought some bits and we had a wonder round a lovely park. Then it started chucking it down, so we headed to the train station to get to place I wanted to visit for lunch called souls. A gorgeous and again, very trendy vegan cafe. I went for the viking salad with vegan meatballs, lentils, smoky kidney bean dip and kraut. Mum went for a hummus and pesto sweet potato sarni. She also tried their homemade lemon and raspberry ade and I had a chocolate fudge cake, you know, for research purposes…

We then jumped on a buss and had a wonder round some more design shops and also to the canal with all the colourful buildings and old boats. I obviously took loads of pictures. That evening we went to the meat packing district near our hotel. I had booked a gorgeous fish restaurant before we went away. We both ordered three medium dishes for main, so I went for the plaice with nettle, kohlrabi and almond puree, the lobster with pea, green strawberry, parsley and bean puree and the seared squid with celeriac, black garlic, blueberry and pine. INCREDIBLE. We also shared a danish cheeseboard – a herby goats cheese, a brie like cheese, a blue cheese (my fav) and a strong cheddar, some rye crisp bread and sourdough with whipped seaweed butter.

Sunday we had planned to go to Nicecream Copenhagen buttttt it didn’t open until 12pm, so I switched around some plans and we headed off to the centre, to go to 42 raw. I had a turmeric latte (my new fav thing) and my Mum and I both went for the buckwheat pancakes with chocolate sauce, coconut cashew cream, banana, apple, blueberries and goji berries. Gotta have pancakes at the weekend. I was super impressed with their dessert selection, the blueberry crumble bar took my fancy, so I got one to take away for later (Which I ate in bed that evening, it didn’t disappoint)

We then went shopping, a holiday must. I bought a few tops, more notepads and some new gorgeous trainers. For lunch and a refuel we went to another organic and natural cafe called Hafina bar. I did want the fennel, chicken and pesto sandwich but there was no bread I could have and I didn’t want to risk getting ill so I went for the vegan mezze plate. Falafels (aka the best falafels ever) hummus, red pepper dip, lime avocado dip, sweet potato, raw crackers, salad, salsa and kraut with a gorgeous raspberry kombucha and my Mum went for a tuna, hummus, avocado and tomato sandwich.

It then started chucking it down again so we walked up a round tower which had a road spiralling all the way to the top. Apparently someone royal (I don’t know the full story or who..) Road a horse and cart all the way to the top. Well we walked, got to the top, ran round with our brollies, fighting against the wind and rain, quickly took pictures and headed back down. Not ideal but you know haha. We had done enough shopping and sightseeing by this point, so we jumped on the train and headed to the nice cream shop I wanted to go to for breakfast. Now.. so the whole thing is vegan, 100% natural, refined sugar free, gluten free and organic etc. They do acai sundaes and peanut butter sundaes, lollies and tubs. I went for a tub as I wanted to try three flavours. So they are banana based but you would’ve never of guessed. They taste, no joke, like proper Italian authentic gelato. INCREDIBLE. I want for blueberry with blueberry swirls and cookie crumble, lemon with toasted cashews and white chocolate and the vanilla with brownie pieces and peanut butter caramel. Oh my… so so so so soooooo good! My mum went for the cookie sandwich with peanut in the middle. Blown away. We then wondered to the Carlsberg factory to see the elephants and have a wonder round the neighbourhood.

That evening, we set off early to walk through the botanical gardens and beautiful rose garden before our meal. The restaurant I had booked was actually in the botanical garden in a lovely summer house. We had some unripe peaches in olive oil, whilst we chose our food. They tasted like olives but with no stone and the same texture as an unripe peach. The stone was apparently in there but soft as they harden up as they ripen. So intriguing. We then had some freshly baked sourdough with whipped butter. For starter I went for white asparagus with spinach, spinach foam and poached eggs and Mum went for elderflower mackerel. For main I went for juicy iberico pork with fresh raw peas, olive sauce and cauliflower puree and Mum went for the butter poached mackerel. Beautiful surroundings and food.

Pre bed dessert.

Sunday was our last day, we got up, packed up and checked out. We caught the train back to the food market where Grod had a stand. We got there just in time as the tables filled up fast. This time I went for the mixed grain porridge (oats, quinoa and chia) with vanilla apple compote, roasted almonds, yoghurt and freeze dried raspberries and Mum went for the same. We also both got lattes, me chai and mum coffee.

We found nearly all the shops were closed Sunday, so we had a wonder, a cuppa in a cute coffee shop and then headed for lunch as we had to head back to the hotel for one to pick up our cases. I saved the best healthy cafe until last. underground and decorated so beautiful with vine. I decided to get my tea to take for a pack up on the plane too. For lunch I went for the creamy curried courgetti with fennel and chilli and Mum went for the middle eastern bowl which I took for the plane home. For dessert I demolished a raw cake tapas board for two… the lime cheesecake was out of this world and the banana bread mousse was lovely but the mint choc cake didn’t have much flavour, neither did the chocolate buckwheat bark. I still felt inspired by presentation though and the cheesecake.

So after that, it was a bit of a mad run to the train station and then off to the airport and back to a big to do list. But I had the best time, I now want to bike everywhere, buy a house hahah and decorate it with all danish designer ware and open a porridge cafe. hahah! Lovely holiday, a little pricey but I loved it.

So this week is back to lots of work but I’m feeling inspired and ready to tackle it all!

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite  open sandwich creations ever. It’s very green, very nutritious and blimey its delicious.

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves two

2 large slices of sourdough

Hummus – you only need half the batch

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed

100g basil

1 small clove of garlic

1 tbsp olive oil

0.25 cup water

30g light tahini

30g peanut butter – I used ManiLife 

0.5 tsp salt

half a large lemon, juiced

Toppings –

100g peas, soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes and drained

1 avocado, halved, peeled and finely sliced

a handful of pea shoots, chopped

2 tsp hemp seeds


Blend the hummus ingredients in a food processor until silky smooth, scraping down the ingredients that have travelled up the sides and blending again.

Pour half in a bowl and pop in the fridge.

Toast the bread and put a slice on two plates.

Pour the drained peas into the hummus, saving a few to scatter over at the end.

Mix the peas and hummus together.

Spread the two slices of sourdough with the hummus and pea mix.

Top with the sliced avocado.

Scatter over the pea shoots and remaining peas.

Sprinkle with hemp seeds.


Leitchy xx

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