Cardamom Porridge with Tahini Caramel and Apple

Morning! I’ve had such a lovely weekend! I feel as though my life has improved dramatically in the past two months! Not been this happy and social in years! It’s fab! So Friday night I went out for sushi and to the cinema with my Dad! We went to see the Justice League! Very good and I recommend! Saturday I went to York to visit my oldest best friend Jo. We get on so easily, so naturally and god we make each other life and find the same things more than hilarious. Missed her lots so glad I’m so so glad she’s back in my life. So we chatted all day, I intended to do a little shopping too but we didn’t have time! We did look round the christmas market though which was lovely! That evening I had a night in alone, chilling, eating and watching Saturday night TV! Sunday I spent nearly 4 hours trying to get Peter Kay tickets.. You’ll be happy to know I did after being on my laptop from 8am until 12! And that they’re decent tickets too! Then I got dressed and ready to go visit my Grandma and then back home to see my Mum as she’d been away for the weekend and we had lots and lots to catch up on!

This week is a mad LeitchyCreates week as I’ve got to make all my advent calendars to send off on Friday! I think I’m making around 300 chocolates a day.. its doable! Can’t blooming wait for this weekend though to celebrate finishing and to see four of my favourite people!

Today I’m sharing a porridge recipe I made at the weekend! Cardamom creamy porridge topped with sweet and earthy date caramel, crunchy sweet apple, silky yoghurt, dingy berries and crispy nuts.

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves one

Porridge –

50g rolled porridge oats

0.25 tsp cardamom

a pinch of salt

200ml oat milk

Caramel –

1 date

0.5 tsp tahini


Toppings –

2 tbsp full fat live yoghurt

2 tsp toasted almonds, chopped

1 tsp freeze dried blackberries

1 tsp hemp seeds

a few pinches of cranberry powder


Mash the date into a paste, stir through the tahini and a splash of milk until smooth and thick.

Pour the porridge ingredients into a pan and stir over a low heat until thickened.

Pour into a bowl.

Dollop the yoghurt and date caramel on one side of the porridge bowl.

Scatter the apple on the other side.

Scatter over the almonds, blackberries and hemp seeds.

Sprinkle with berry powder.


Leitchy xx

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