NutriBombz – Review


Remember Jelly Tots? Sugary little taste bombs of flavour. Well thank them but healthy and one flavour. Lovely and chewy and really do take some chewing so not a snack that’s gone in a second. A satisfying chew. Look and taste like sugar. But aren’t. How clever is that? I love them and kids will too. A healthy treat bursting with flavour. I wonder if they do other fruits too?
Try them.

Salted Caramel Protein Boost

Omg absolute heaven! It tastes just like caramel, proper salted butterscotch caramel! I thought the chia would be too much but it actually adds a nice subtly crunchy texture to to bite. Absolutely incredible. Smooth, silky and so so indulgent. I can imagine this one melted into porridge or used in place of caramel on a healthy nice cream sundae would be ace! I can’t get over how so few ingredients can create such a like for like taste and flavour. Favourite from the pack so far! I will not be sharing this one!!

Carrot and Walnut Cake

Sweet, sticky, spicy and rooty! Just what you expect a carrot cake to taste like! A moist and gooey toffee like spiced cake bite with a subtle nutty texture run throughout. Topped with a bitter crunchy walnut that creates a perfect pairing and beautiful contrast with the sweet and smooth base. Just the right size to have with a cuppa mid afternoon as a pick me up. I also love how natural the ingredients are and how there’s only a few. Perfect handbag size to have handy on the go too! Love love love!

Oaty Raisin Flapjack

Crumbly yet soft with a strong taste of sweet and tart apricots, a subtly zing from the baobab and depth from the rich raisins. Nice and oaty and the perfect balance of crumbly and moist. The cashews and flaxseed add a nice nuttiness and enhance the nuttiness of the oats. The perfect rainy afternoon snack to keep me going until tea. I also love the dry and crumbly topping contrast against the more moist and compact bite. Yum! Not too sweet either. Perfect to calm cravings.

Raspberry, Almond Biscuit Cupcakes


Good morning! So I’m switching it up a little today! I normally tell you all about what I got up to at the weekend but because I’m going down to London with work and to see my girls, I thought I’d give you a massive run down on Friday instead!

The reviews are back…

So today I’m sharing a review for the first time in yonks! Reviews were actually one of the first things I started doing on here. I’d review my favourite snacks, ‘live’ as I called it, as I would type whilst I nibbled. So today, I’m bringing it back and I will now be reviewing my favourite snacks again! This way you kind find out the low down on the best snacks (well my favourites anyway) before you buy! Nourishing snacks aren’t cheep as they’re full of expensive ingredients, so we accept that BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t still get annoyed when the snack we spent our dosh on tastes shocking and ‘healthy’. I think we’ve all been there. So I’m going to guide you through my very experienced pallet of snack tasting and tell you what I love and what I’m not a big fan of.

Rhythm 108…

Today I’m starting with my favourite snack brand out there at the moment, Rhythm 108. I’ve been eating, enjoying and thoroughly loving their snack bars and biscuits for a good year and a half now and I just can’t get enough! Before their new bags (which I’ll talk about more later) they had and still have a range of dessert bars – Apple pie, Banana muffin, Choco walnut brownie, Coconut macaroon and lemon cake. These bars can be enjoyed as they are, in their naturally delicious state orrrrr even more incredible, warmed so they go more dessert like, indulgent, comforting, the flavours are intensified and they are all round magical! Try making the experience more heavily by drizzling in nut butter or serving with ice cream/yoghurt. As well as their wonderful dessert bar range, they have a biscuit range! Now I love their dessert bar range (check out my reviews here) but oh blimey I adore their biscuits more than you know (check out my review here) I can’t tell you how many biscuits I go through! It’s pretty ridiculous really but hey! It’s no bad addiction! Low in sugar and only containing natural ingredients (Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, No refined sugar, a source of fibre and Handmade!)  Amazing! I think my favourite out of the two biscuits (chocolate hazelnut and lemon ginger) is probably the lemon as they remind me so much of my Grandma and just make me feel so calm and comfy. But the chocolate is still insanely good. The best afternoon pick me up ever. I didn’t think I’d ever have that same crunchy, crumbly, sweet but not too sweet and happy biscuit experience ever again but rhythm have pulled it off! You would never ever ever think these were just made with whole food ingredients and ingredients you can recognise and actually pronounce. Honestly, if these were in my Grandmas biscuit tin, alongside the malted milks, hobnobs, custard cremes and bourbons, you honestly wouldn’t be able to guess which one was wholesome. It tastes, looks and feels like a proper biscuit and I think I’d definitely go as far to say I prefer them!!!! They’re a perfect tea dunker too!!! And and and they are cheep as chips (now I’m in the food business, I’m wondering if they’re took cheep)

New products…

Now I’m even more obsessed as they’ve just released their new share bags that are designed to be sustainable, compostable and lower the carbon footprint! Incredibly tasty and environmentally friendly! YES PLEASE!!! So the four bags they have just released are Almond biscotti ( think biscotti which you get alongside your coffee or hot chocolate or vin santo.. in Italy come Amaretti biscuits, aka my favourite biscuit ever) Double chocolate hazelnut (think those giant cookies you get in brown bags from bakeries come the ones you get in the cadburys section boxes at christmas) Coconut cookie (blimey I love coconut) and Lemon chia ginger (again reminds me of my childhood is the ultimate cosy biscuit). Time to swap your hobnobs for a big bag of these gems! You may be laughing and thinking nothing can compare but just try and I’m pretty definite you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised. They’ve made my afternoon cuppa tea break a whole lot more enjoyable.

REVIEWS part 1…

So now I’m going to share my so called ‘live’ reviews bellow. I’m starting with the almond biscotti and the double chocolate hazelnut cookie as once the bags are open, they’re best consumed within 5 days to keep them nice and crumbly and not soft. However they’ll still taste completely fine after this, they just might be a little soft. So this basically is the reviews written as I demolished the bag and they’ll also be in the order I reviewed them in too. I’m not going to change them in anyway! These were my exact and truthful thoughts as I nibbled/gobbled. Oh and I’ll review part two (lemon chia and coconut cookie) next week as I’m going away this week and don’t want them to go soft! I’ll include a cheeky sweet recipe also!

Almond biscotti…

First bite and instant crunchy, hobnob like heaven. A crunchy which then crumbles in your mouth, the depth of flavour from the almonds and sweet alcoholic hints from the almond oil is incredible. They remind me so much of amaretti biscuits, aka the best biscuit in the world come a hobnob due to the texture and crumble. I also love the deep caramel like flavours from the coconut sugar which is super comforting and reminds me of my childhood. The oats make the crumbly texture which is then quite soft in the centre which I love. I also love the odd almond chunk which has been scattered throughout the biscuit, making the textures in your mouth more exciting and incredibly moreish! This biscuit is a great dunker! You can dip it in that mug of tea without loosing it and you get the proper biscuit experience. I think what I like most is it looks and actually tastes like a real biscuit. The texture and flavour are like for like and if you shoved this in a box of unhealthy biscuits, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was actually made of healthy ingredients with no preserves. There’s that same indulgence and that same experience as a processed biscuit, without the nasties. They remind me of a proper biscuit but also taste just like biscotti but without the teeth breaking experience haha! So best of both worlds right?!? When I was younger I used to make these muffins which were vanilla with amaretti biscuits crumbled inside the cake and then they were topped with cream cheese icing, raspberries and crumbled amaretti biscuits! I will be sharing my recreation of these when I post this review!

Double chocolate hazelnut…

I didn’t think these could beat ( match/beat but beating right this second) their lemon and ginger biscuits but I was wrong! Omg they have choc chunks! A crisp, crumbly, dark but still sweet double chocolate heaven of a biscuit! This is a REAL biscuit! Crumbly, crunchy comforting crumble with chunky, soft and smooth chocolate chunks scattered throughout! Can you think of anything better?! These bring back so many memories of going to my Grandmas and been aloud to raid the biscuit box for the best ones! Also at Christmas when we used to get a Cadbury biscuit box! You literally wouldn’t know the difference! Other than rhythm have got the balance just right and you don’t get a stodgy sickly aftertaste or a funny taste after if you know what I mean! You’re just left feeling satisfied and happy on chocolate! What I like about rhythm is you feel just as indulgent and just as satisfied as you would eating a overly processed and sugar filled biscuit! They make a whole food product sexy and indulgent without it feeling like it’s healthy! It’s so accessible! They are low in sugar and full of fibre! I just can’t get over how REAL they taste! I don’t think there’s one other brand I use daily, but rhythm I eat almost everyday! They are truly on another level and you need need to get your hands on these biscuits!!! I need to try baking with these, dunking them in tea and crumbling them on porridge! Oooh oh rocky road! Coming soon guys!! I’ve eaten a quarter of a bag writing this! That’s how good! Definitely fav share bag so far!!!


So now time to bake with these gorgeous biscuits!! Here’s the recreation of the classic I talked about in my review of the almond biscotti! Light and fluffy muffins with almond biscuits scattered throughout and then topped with a sweet yoghurt frosting, raspberries and more crumbled biscotti! Enjoy xx

Raspberry and Almond Biscotti cupcakes – makes 12 

Cupcakes –

80g melted unpasturised butter or coconut oil

75g almond biscuits (I used rhythm 108) crushed into breadcrumbs

1 banana, mashed

60g maple syrup

2 eggs

75g spelt flour

0.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda

0.5 tsp almond extract – optional

Toppings –

Frosting –

120g full fat live yoghurt/dairy free alternative

1 tbsp maple syrup

​To decorate –

12 raspberries

2 almond biscuits, crushed into breadcrumbs again


Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4 and line a 12 cup cupcake tray with cases.

Mash together the melted butter, biscuits, banana, maple syrup and eggs until combined.

Mix in the flour, bicarb and extract if using.

Once all combined, use two teaspoons to divide the batter between the cases, as equally as possible.

Pop in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes or until golden and cooked through.

Remove from the oven and pop on a wire rack to cool.

Meanwhile, mix together the yoghurt and maple syrup.

Dollop a heaped teaspoon on yoghurt on each and spread gently.

Top with a raspberry in the middle of each one.

Decorate with the crumbled biscuits,


Leitchy xx

Primal pantry

Primal pantry


Hazelnut and cacao

I can’t describe how amazing this is… It tastes like NUTELLA! And KINDER BUENO! Like actually not just a tiny bit, but full of tastes like! It reminds me of my holidays in Spain eating Kinder Bueno! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh my.. I’m obsessed and I’ve only just started eating this bar of joy! I normally don’t buy chocolate tasting energy bites because half of the time they don’t taste like chocolate at all but this however certainly does taste exactly how you’d want it to! In fact better! I don’t really know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting it to taste this good! It’s crazy how it only contains dates, hazelnuts, almonds, cacao powder, vanilla and almond oil! That’s it! Pure wholefoods and delicious goodness! This bar is my new favourite healthy snack bar I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a fair few.. Just incredible! Pure healthy indulgence! If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t guess this was healthy! The texture is spot on too! Nutty yet not stuck in your teeth nutty! Pure perfection! Primal Pantry know their stuff guys! I might have to start buying these bars in bulk.. Wow guys just wow!!


coconut and macadamia

The best bar! Chewy coconut goodness, sweet, chewy, nutty and just all round amazing! So textured and crunchy! You can taste the coconut strong which I like! I also like the chewy/crunchy texture it adds alongside the nuts! It’s incredibly satisfying! And the chewy sweet dates make this bar so satisfying, sweet, fudgey and toffee like! Just incredible! It’s just the right amount of sweetness too! It’s sweet but not sickly sweet! Also it’s chewy and crunchy but not get stuck in your teeth chewy so that’s always a win! This bar is the perfect summer snack as it’s coconutty, fresh and filling! So perfect! It only contains five ingredients too! Coconut, macacadamias, dates, cashews and almond oil that’s it! The macadamias and cashews add a nutty, sweet and creamy crunch and the almond oil adds extra sweetness and makes the bar nice and moist instead of dry and stodgy! This bar is also delicious crumbled over fruit and yogurt with extra coconut! Especially peaches and raspberries! So so good! One of my favourite snack bars ever! This one and hazelnut and cacao are definitely my faves! But you guys probably already figured that one out from my coconut and chocolate obsessions on Instagram…


apple pecan

Apple pecan pie goodness! And guess what… With a hint of CINNAMON! You guys know how I feel about my apple cinnamon bars! This one’s more subtle but yummy! You can taste the pecans and apple more which I love! I also love how there are chunks of pecan throughout the bar and it’s not just all one texture! It’s super satisfying and super natural with only six ingredients! I also love the simple bright green packaging! This one reminds me of those pastries you get with the raisins and custard in! You could definitely have this for breakfast in place of them! Or any time of day really! Again as I’ve said about the other bars, round Christmas I’m just going to have a cupboard full of apple cinnamon bars but that’s not going to stop me eating this bar all year round! I already have five of this bar waiting for me so I’m happy! I want to try this bar slightly warm too and maybe on top of nice cream! Especially my cinnamon nice cream! Sounds good right?! I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!


Almond and cashew

Simple and perfect! Creamy cashew and sweet almonds! The dates bind the whole thing and add a subtle but not sickly sweetness and not a sweetness that disguises the flavours from the nuts! Just right! Again I like how the nuts are in different sizes making the bar more enjoyable and exciting to eat than one texture throughout! It also allows you to taste both flavours from the nuts as there are chunks as well! Delicious! I like how the flavours are purely focused on the nuts in this bar! It makes it appropriate for any time of day any season! It’s delicious on it’s own and also dipped in more nut butter and chocolate (you need to try) it’s also delcious with milk or yoghurt and fruit as an alternative to granola! Just delicious and simple yet super flavoursome and comforting! I love it! And I love the mouse on the front even more! A definite repurchase!


brazil nut and cherry

Crunchy nutty goodness! A soft bar with chunks of sweet, buttery and creamy brazil nuts throughout! So good! With a subtle hint of cherry which adds a slightly sour but sweet taste and a fudgey texture! I’m obsessed! The cherry is subtle yet delicious as it creates that marzipan come frangipani taste and texture! The nuts add a biscuity texture yet a crunchy irresistible and buttery one which is unbelievably comforting and addictive! This one is the perfect winter treat as it just screams buttery comfort food! The almond oil and cherry combination make this bar taste more grown up as it’s got a slight liqueur taste which makes this bar perfect for after dinner or if you are wanting a frangipani or marzipan replacement! Add a little cinnamon and this would be a Christmas buttery sweet and nutty dream! I think this might be my favourite! I left it till last thinking it wouldn’t be but I’m pleasantly surprised! So delicious! So nutty and packed full of flavour and all things comforting! I love the pretty pink packaging and how unbelievably natural these are! There’s also dates in there which add to the fudgey texture and hold everything together whilst adding a toffee like texture and flavour! Just four ingredients! These bars are definitely my favourite go to energy bars! I’m amazed everytime! The flavour is just incredible!! And texture! Think rocky road, come fudge, come marzipan, come frangipani, come fruit cake! I love it!

Christmas List?

I thought so..


Leitchy xx

Ombar buttons

img_0090 img_0091

Ombar mylk buttons

They actually taste like Cadbury’s but creamier and more luxury! They just melt on your tongue! So silky and lucious! I’m in love! I was trying to savour them but it proved quite hard! So milky and just all round delicious! It’s crazy to believe that these are healthy and raw! I need 10 bags of these delivered to my house today but then again… They’d all be gone within a few hours! These are the perfect chocolate button replacement! You can eat them on their own! Top desserts, cakes, porridge! Little kids and big kids like me will love them! I want my birthday cake next year to be covered in these! That would be incredible! Ombar never fail to amaze! Their bars are so creamy and flavoursome and are delicious melted too! I’ve created all my chocolate recipes in my first book with their milk and coconut bars! Can’t complain! So luxury and so addictive! They just melt on your tongue! So creamy and leave the best aftertaste! I don’t have much to say because they are just so so so so good! One of my all time favourite snacks!! The perfect snack and chocolate fix!


100% Natural Brownie Bars


Coconut brownie

Rich chocolate with a slight coconut sweetness and chewy in texture! Super indulgent and rich and super delicious too! The chia adds a satisfying crunch and the coconut adds a subtle sweetness and a chewy texture too! I love how it doesn’t taste healthy (in a good way) and how chunky, rich and brownie like it actually is! Just pure chocolatey goodness! It’s not dry or moist, it’s just the perfect balance! It tastes like a pure chocolate chunk brownie! One of those that you have to keep in the fridge so it didn’t melt away! I don’t think I’m describing this very well but believe me it’s delicious! The cashews add a nutty creaminess and the chocolate after taste is smooth rather than powdery and bitter, unlike other bars I’ve tried! There’s also sunflower seeds in there which add a little more crunch and depth and coconut oil to bind it all together with the dates and add a subtle sweetness and flavour too! The chia seeds bind the bar together but don’t get stuck in your teeth like I’ve found with other bars! Super rich and indulgent and super natural and nourishing too! I also love the baby blue paper packaging with dark blue simple writing! Everything about this bar is simple but delicious and the perfect Monday night chocolate fix! It’s also a decent size and would keep you satisfied through till your next meal! Definitely one to try!


Goji and acai

Sweet chocolate chunky goodness with nice subtle flecks of goji and bitter acai throughout! My idea of heaven! The sweet and sour notes of the goji and acai work really well next to the dark rich luxury chocolate and add beautiful specks of colour too! Along with lots of superfoods goodness! This bar is super nutty which I love as I’m obsessed with nuts! The nuttier the better right?! I also like how the nuts have been chopped both small and in larger chunks for a variety of textures! I also love how the goji and acai isn’t overpowering as it’s easily done and I think too strong is too much! The dates add sweetness but not overpoweringly so! You don’t feel sickly or bloated after! You feel energised and are left wanting to buy more of these delicious bars! The cashews add both smooth nuttiness and crunch and a subtle sweetness too! There’s nothing not to like about this bar! Super chocolatey! It tastes like a real bar and you’re not just eating it because it’s healthy you’re eating it because it’s incredible! It’s full of nutritious ingredients which all have amazing benefits on your health! I would have never have thought of combining cacao, acai and goji but it really really works! I’m loving this mother and daughter team more and more everytime I try a new bar! You two know your stuff! And are now one of my favourite brands at the minute! Oh and this packaging is super pretty too! This time baby blue with pink writing! I love it!


Raw choc with raw cacao

Thick bitter yet sweet chunky crumbly chocolate brownie with a nutty crunch! Heaven! The chocolate is very dark, indulgent and rich! Perfect really! With a subtle sweetness making this brownie super grown up and luxury! The thick chunky brownie has a mixture of sunflower seeds, cashews and nibs to create the most desirable texture! You get a sweet nutty and creamy crunch and a bitter sharp crunch all at the same time! Love it! The chocolate actually tastes like chocolate, not healthy chocolate, but proper rich and grown-up indulgent chocolate! Like them brownies which are basically just chocolate! Perfection! I bet this would be absolutely incredible warm with a dollop of coconut yoghurt or nice cream! The perfect Friday night food or breakfast… just me?! I love the paper packaging with the bold, bright and clear logo on the front with a clear title! Super natural and pretty! Basically I love it all! I’ve eaten two in the past two days! Unfortunately I’ve now run out! Roll on Christmas! You need to try this one guys!


Rose salt

Again I’m super impressed! Chunky rich crumbly, dark and intense chewy brownie with a slight saltiness that enhances the earthy chocolate and the nuttiness! It’s more like a chocolate fudge bar than a brownie, which I love, as it’s a nice change and completely different to the previous bars I’ve tried from the range! I think it’s the perfect post workout pick me up and Monday morning treat! It satisfies all them cravings and it’s not heavy or sickly! You feel energised and ready to tackle everything! It’s perfect on it’s own, warm, crumbled over sundaes, crumbled over smoothies and everything in-between! The perfect gift for a friend or yourself! Simply delicious!


Now go and write these bars down on your Christmas list before you forget!!

Leitchy xx