Top Ten Things That Happened This Month – November

  1. Going on my last course at Nama foods, Raw baking and meeting lots of lovely people and again learning so so much.
  2. Having one of the nicest meals of my life at 45 Jermyn Street, paired with a super Christmassy and amazing visit to Fortnum and Masons.
  3. My brother and his girlfriend coming home for a couple of days.
  4. Seeing Fantastic Beasts – I love Harry Potter just a little too much.
  5. Starting my own healthy treat business.
  6. Getting so much lovely feedback at my two events I’ve done this month selling my treats and seeing the same people come back the second time. Also receiving orders!
  7. Being contacted asking about selling through potential cafes and catering events.
  8. Getting sent new products by brands to review and brands wanting to collaborate.
  9. Thanksgiving! Our second Thanksgiving! We love food and love any excuse to celebrate and have a delicious and big meal and to be grateful. It was delicious and I’m super proud of myself for making my first Celebratory roast dinner all by myself, stress free! Cant wait to recreate on Christmas day but with a Turkey and a few extra trimmings!
  10. My stomach feeling fine with all the harder foods to digest, feeling happy and more confident and I’m putting on healthy weight.

Leitchy xx

Top ten things that happened this month – October

  1. Going out to my favourite restaurant in Sheffield for my Mum’s birthday – Vero Gusto
  2. Going on my second course at Nama Foods – fermentation
  3. Launching my .com website (which your’re on now)
  4. Going to see Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall talk about his new book and ways to prevent waste
  5. Meeting my friend Holly for a good old catch up and natter
  6. Dad getting a new job!
  7. Getting a trial shift at one of my favourite cafes!!
  8. Going on two more courses at Nama – raw cake making and raw pastry!
  9. Meeting Celine and Gemma at the Mae Deli for tea and having the best chat and food!
  10. Spending four whole days in London and visiting all the foodie spots and feeling right in my element!

Leitchy xx

Top ten things that happened this month – July

  1. Getting sent my first load of free products – Thank-you ever so much Raw Gorilla and The Collective!
  2. Sending off all my proposals for my book one to literary agents
  3. Going pot painting and have a good old catch up with my best friend
  4. Experimenting with cooking more, no longer using the scales, and just being more free with the way I cook
  5. Realising I want to move and explore and experience new things in this world
  6. Weirdly, my Dad losing his job..
  7. My stomach improving every day and no longer having to deal with bloating and pains as much
  8. Realising which foods trigger my IBS and learning how to food combine. As a result I have stopped taking both of my IBS medications which I am chuffed about
  9. Getting my own little desk space/office to do all the things I love in one place
  10. Going out for delicious posh Italian food with my Dad


Leitchy xx

Top ten things that happened this month – June

  1. My brother turning 21 and going out for the best sushi I’ve ever had!
  2. Meeting Deliciously Ella, Livias Kitchen and the Hemsley and Hemsley sisters at Goodroots festival.
  3. Not panicking at all in London and thoroughly enjoying myself and eating all day long with no worries about food or anything else in the world.
  4. At Goodroots London I went to a number of talks and a lot talked about nutrition and how even natural sugars should be kept as low as possible! This will help when it comes to my stomach!
  5. Not having to go to the doctors for six months!
  6. I finally stopped taking 4 of my tablets! Eating fermented food is working!
  7. Getting sent free yogurts and granola off of brands I’ve loved for ages!
  8. Famous chefs starting to like and comment on my recipes more!
  9. My brother coming home from university!
  10. I’ve started to educate myself in nutrition and learn about food combining, fermentation and many other foodie things!


Hope you guys enjoyed this short but sweet post! Maybe it will inspire you to look back at your month too and pick out your favourite things!