Rhythm 108 dessert bars

Coconut macaroon


Ive actually never had a coconut macaroon so I can’t compare but this bar is Incredible! Sweet coconut dream! It tastes like a sticky toffee bounty bar! Incredible right?? There’s delicious flecks of chewy coconut and date throughout! Moist, chewy and we’ll just incredible! It’s got that whole flapjack vibe going on! But not a dry flapjack! The best, ooey, gooey, soft and sweet flapjack! So a bounty, sticky toffee pudding, flapjack bar! Not too sweet and not drying in any way! You can taste the nutty and creamy hints from the cashews with the added creaminess from the milk! When reading the pack ingredients I didn’t think I’d be able to have this warm but I’ve been proven wrong and wish I had too so I could try! It would taste like a coco count sticky toffee pudding and with cool and creamy nice cream or coconut milk ice cream it would be incredible! All that’s in this bar is dates, cashews, coconut flakes, milk, amaranth, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar! That’s it! To create a combination of he best sweets ever all in one bar! These guys are defiantly my favourite health brand out there! Every time I try a new product I’m more and more hooked! Once I’ve ran out of snacks and treats I’ll deffo barely he reordering a load of different bars from these guys! And then I can try them all hot and cold! A source of calcium and fibre, one of your five a day, organic and gluten free! There’s no refined sugars and even the sugar in the bar is pretty low! Just so so so delicious! What’s not to like about one coconut, my favourite thing and two sticky toffee pudding, aka my favourite dessert ever! All in one bar!!! My idea of perfection!!



Gooey, moist, chocolate indulgence! Rich but not too rich! I bet this would taste incredible warm! There’s tiny nuts throughout it which add texture but not that texture that gets stuck in your teeth! Just right! It reminds me of those pure dark chocolate brownie like fridge cakes you can get! Also luxury truffles and raw chocolate cakes! So indulgent and rich but incredibly creamy at the same time! These bar feels so luxury yet so healthy and pure! Not dry and not squishy! Just right! These guys know how to get it just right! The right amount of walnut and cashew and the right amount of rich luxury chocolate! You wouldn’t know it was healthy which Is very rare! It looks like a brownie as well as tasting one which again is rare! Accept it doesn’t leave you feeling sickly, bloated or ‘guilt’! Which you should never feel after anything you eat but still! You need to try these guys! I need to try this warm which means I NEED to order some more of these! With banana nice cream I think it would be incredible! The healthiest chocolate and brownie fix ever! Low in sugar for what it is, one of your five a day, a source of calcium, gluten free, high in fibre and no refined sugars! I’m falling more and more in love with these guys with every product I try! I want to get a this up, serve it with nice cream and drown it in nut butter!!!


Banana bread


Guys.. This reminds me of banana and honey ice cream milkshakes And my grandmas banana bread we used to make when I was little! Isn’t it funny how flavours and foods trigger memories! That’s another reason why I love creating recipes, I want people to associate my meals and snacks etc with special times in there life or day trips, holidays etc! Anyway! This bar is heavenly! Sweet and sticky toffee pudding like in flavour and texture! Aka a banana sticky toffee pudding with almond chunks! I need a lifetime supply of these bars delivering to me tomorrow! Honestly incredible! My new favourite snack ever! So indulgent! I bet this warm would be incredible! With homemade nice cream! Oh my! You NEED to try this! And then you’ll understand the pure enjoyment I’m getting out of eating this incredible bar of pure goodness! All that’s in it is dates, almonds, banana, milk, amaranth and apple cider vinegar! That’s it! I need to try this warm! Luckily I bought two my mistake but hey it’s the best mistake I’ve ever made! Gluten free, no added sugar and a source and fibre and gluten! As well as being the most delicious and indulgent healthy treat I’ve had all month! I’m in love! Please buy one of these bars so you can experience the tastiness! Oh and it’s one of your 5 a day

Lemon cake


It tastes like lemon drizzle! My favourite cake ever!!! It actually tastes like lemon drizzle! Moist, nutty,the perfect mix between sweet and sour with bits of lemon throughout! And flecks of juicy date throughout! The texture is on point and it’s so so so delicious! I need this bar in my daily diet! A gooey lemon cake like bar with a nutty tone and the odd chunk throughout and then chewy bits of lemon zest! Utter perfection! This with a cuppa! I’m telling you! It doesn’t taste healthy, but it so light, fresh and flavoursome! If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t be able to distinguish this from a buttery lemon drizzle! It’s so buttery, sweet and light and lemonnnnny! The perfect afternoon pick me up! The cashews make this so creamy and cake like! I’m amazed guys! Truly amazed! This is one of my favourite snacks ever! This and their lemon biscuits! They just know how to do healthy! So fresh and so delicious! You could use all their bars and create a healthy afternoon tea! I need to do that..

Apple pie


It actually tastes like apple pie! Sweet datey nutty goodness with chunks of apple throughout and the sweet taste of my favourite thing ever, cinnamon!! This bar is a dream! I don’t know how but they have managed to create a pastry taste! When I was little me and my brother used to argue over who got the biggest piece of pastry and the leftover I would cook in a dough like pastry ball and just demolish! Anyway I love this bar as much as I love pastry if not more and that’s saying something! It’s like a blondie in texture and then it’s got chunks of almond and chewy apple throughout! Super sweet and buttery! So so so delicious! There’s nothing I’d change or add to this bar! Oh and I warmed it up and it’s heavenly! So comforting, soothing and delicious! These guys are geniuses! You neeeeeed to please please please try their products! The best out there I’m telling you! Super natural and super indulgent and will guarantee put a smile on your face! I need to try this properly with ice cream or healthy custard or yogurt in winter for the full effect with a mug of spiced apple tea! Just so good guys! I can see it now round the Christmas tree and watching Christmas films! Just perfect!

Mighty bee


It tastes like bacon! Smoky, tomato bacon! With a mix of sun dried tomatoe in there and BBQ crisps! I’m not getting coconut but tbh I wasn’t expecting it strangely! I guess the coconut adds the sweetness! Super delicious! Chewy, well, jerky like.. That chew is so satisfying! It’s really spicy but I like spice! To me it’s bacon! Spicy BBQ bacon! You can’t really go wrong can you?! And it’s one of your 5 a day! It’s gluten free, refined sugar free and high in fibre! All that’s in it is coconut (obvs) sun dried tomato, dates, smoked paprika, cayenne, garlic, salt, Oregon, onion, basil and that’s it! Sooooo flavoursome and I’m so so glad I ordered three packs of this stuff! It’s delicious! The perfect jerky/biltojngie replacement! You could use it in sandwiches, have it with eggs and avocado in replacement for bacon, have it in salads, on top of Chicken! Possibly is endless! You need to try this! It’s worth the money!

Hazelnut and cacao

Coconut goodness! This one actually tastes like coconut which I loooooove! You can taste the hazelnut and cacao too quite strong which gives a Nutella, farrero roche feel! But in strip form with the most satisfying chew! It’s probably s good job these are in portion sizes or I’d happily sit there and eat a whole box! This one would be great to top yogurt and porridge and all things sweet with! In place of granola or flakes on ice cream! I imagine it would also work really well with banana! You could shove this in a banana split in place of a chocolate bar or biscuit! Speaking of biscuits and chocolate bars, it would be a great replacement for them! So nutty and sweet! It would also be amazing dipped in nut butter! You know anything dipped in nut butter! It’s me were talking about but coconut to create the most amazing combination ever! My three favourite things, nut butter, choc and coconut!!! And then crumbled over nice cream or porridge! A dream come true! Or a yogurt topper! But these little packs of goodness are also yummy on there own! A awesome chocolate fix which is low in sugar and high in nutrition! Just coconut, hazelnuts, dates, coconut sugar, raw cacao, cashews, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutritional yeast! That’s it! Super healthy and super delicious! Yeah you can tell this ones healthy where as the other one you couldn’t but it’s still really good!

Sweet teriyaki coconut with hints of ginger! I love it! I love that you can taste the coconut with this one!! It’s amazing on its own but I can see it being pared with noodles, ramen, stir fried or satay dishes! Also salads or like a Japanese fry up! Oooh giving me ideas! Super chewy and delicious! The main flavours are ginger, Tamari and sweet coconut! I now can’t decide between this one and the BBQ being my favourite!! So versatile but also incredible on its own! So so healthy and wholesome too and low in sugar which is important to me and my stomach! Such a handy pick me up! Crazy how flavoursome but natural these little bags are and again I adore the packaging! So so so delicious! And again satisfyingly chewy but not get stuck in your teeth chewy! Just the right amount of chew! And accessible to everyone as its free from pretty much everything, raw, organic and paleo and certified by the soil association annnnnd one of your five a day! And delicious!

Inspiral – Kale Chips

Wasabi and wheat grass

Spicy crispy seaweed you get an the Chinese! and not too spicy which I like! This one would be delicious in salads or on top of stir fries as well as it being delicious on its own! Nutty, crispy kale with spicy hints! Absolutely love! It tastes kind of cheesy too in a weird way but I’m not complaining! This would be a great cheesy cracker or breadstick alternative at a BBQ! The perfect crisp alternative! It’s not the wasabi you think of as its not mega hot but that’s a good thing because it’s not too in your face and it doesn’t make your eyes water it’s more of a warming spice! With the subtle flavourings of wasabi and a strong taste of cashew cheese! Super delicious and is now competing with the BBQ bag! They sort of remind me of cheesy tangy Doritos and just to let you know, cheesy tangy Doritos were my favourite thing ever when I was younger! I could eat a family bag in one go… So now that I’ve found a healthy alternative I couldn’t be more impressed!! Tangy cheesy, spicy goodness!

Baobab and onion

They taste just like cheese and onion crisps! But not too overpowering which you can sometimes find with cheese and onion crisps! Incredibly Moreish and nice and nutty! They leave a satisfying tang in your mouth which I love! Also a really satisfying crunch and not messy at all! I like that you can still taste the kale under the the nutty, sharp onion tones! It means you get a variety of tastes which I love! The baobab adds a sweet caramelised onion taste/ roasted onion which makes the onion not overpowering! Super delicious! I’ll definitely be repurchasing! All that’s in them is kale, cashew nuts, onion, baobab, flax, salt and pepper! That’s it!


Bacon! They taste like spicy smoky bacon! Absolutely incredible! These guys have made me fall in love with kale chips! The smoky nutty tomato taste is irrisistable and reminds me of those smokey bacon crisps I used to have when I was little that were supposed to look like bacon too!! Yet healthy ! Garlic and smoked paprika goodness! The perfect crisp replacement and picnic/buffet/BBQ snack! Or just a snack in genereL! Or sprinkled over salads and tacos! These crunchy chips only contain natural ingredients and they are all organic! It’s hard to believe these are healthy! They are incredibly addictive and I’ll definitely be repurchasing! I don’t really like kale but I’m addicted to it in chip form! It’s like Bbq’d Chinese seaweed! But not weird! Just delicious! They are and I raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo and a source of protein! I bet you could even serve these with eggs or beans in replacement of bacon with a side of cool and creamy avo or yogurt of feta! Just incredible! Low in sugar too! And the bag is compostable! Can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these! Defiantly up there with my favourite healthy snacks!

Cacao and cinnamon

They taste like Christmas!!!! Who would of thought to combine kale and chocolate and cinnamon! But it works! Really works!! Christmas in a bag! So so so so good! Nutty, sweet, crunchy! You wouldn’t know this was kale! It’s so indulgent and chocolatey! It’s like those chocolate Pringles things Cadburys used to do! These are amazing guys! Chocolate crisps that are healthy!!!! So so so good! I have nothing more to say as I am amazed! It sounds so strange but hey it works! Inspiral have won me over! All four flavours have been incredible! I don’t have one bad thing to say! Who thought chocolate could be one of your 5 a day eh?! And who thought kale could taste so good!? One of my favourite new snacks ever!! It’s kind of got a whole chocolate biscuit thing going on too!! Just delicious!

Pana chocolate

Fig and orange

Enjoying one of many purchases from last weekend 😍 I’m finding it hard to snack at the minute as my stomach is constantly bloated but when you feel like something, you’ve got to eat it! I love chocolate orange! I think it might be my favourite chocolate flavour! At Christmas I would always get every single version of the Terry’s chocolate orange from the original to the popping candy etc and eat them all in one go! No shame! And I’ve also always loved figs! Not in the same way I do now.. I now love fresh figs with honey and cheese or yogurt and nuts! Back then in a roll form but hey I was happy then and I’m happy now! We change as we get older and that’s ok! We live and learn ☺️ eat what makes you and only you feel good ☺️ at one part of my life I wouldn’t of gone near a bar of chocolate and I’m glad I can now reach for it without panicking about calories ☺️Now I love them both in this form! Dark, melt in your mouth silky chocolate with the flavour of Terry’s but the chocolate of much higher quality and it’s got yummy chewy bits of dried figs! And oh I do love a fig in any form whether that be fresh or dried! They are sort of date like! I just love them! Such a perfect healthy alternative but in my opinion tastier, higher quality and more flavoursome version! You can’t find chocolate of this quality, creamy and silky consistency in any old supermarket! This is high end and handcrafted! 😍 Indulgent and delicious! It’s also raw, organic, handmade, low gi, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and refined sugar free! No guilt (let me just add, you should never feel guilty when treating your self or eating anything for that matter! Your body deserves self love so give it to it!!) just pure indulgence and heaven! I must have had this bar three times in the past few months! I absolutely adore it! If you want to try a flavour you know you’ll love, try this! Oh and don’t even get me started on the packaging! A cardboard box with beautiful illustrations and writing on the front! Inside the chocolate is wrapped in a gorgeous patterned paper and the chocolate itself is decorated with hearts and positive words! What a lovely gift for someone or your self! Love love love!

Coconut and goji
I am a coconut obsessive… This is my idea of of heaven! Dark creamy artisan chocolate with an essence of coconut and little flakes and coconut running thoughout and then firey red and sweet goji berries scattered around! To create the most perfect mid week treat! I love the variety of textures! It makes this so addictive and enjoyable to eat! I want another 10 bars! Coconut flakes are my favourite topping ever! I add them to pretty much everything as they go with pretty much everything whether it be sweet or savoury and they look pretty! Goji berries however I never liked until now… I never new what to pair them with/how to incorporate them into my recipes! But I must admit they look stunning against the rich dark chunks of heaven! So bright and vibrant! They’d look great on choc smoothies and in summer tabouleh bowls! Soft sweet and nutritionally super! I’m a changed woman after this bar! That’s how good it is! And I was unsure about this one! Oh how wrong I was!! Its just as good as the rest! I don’t know how these guys do it but they manage to amaze me every time! I will never go back to eating supermarket chocolate! EVER! It’s probably a good job I don’t live in Australia because I’d just live off of this.. My caffeine and sugar levels would be out of this world!! Speaking of sugar though it’s actually quite low considering it’s a chocolate bar!! So that’s a plus too write! I have no complaints guys! Red raisin like dots of colour which are packed full of nutritional gold and coconut! I never have anything bad to say about coconut! Just perfect!

Hemp and nib
Im eating this on national chocolate day! I say it’s fitting no? And definitely not disappointing! want to say minty but there’s no mint in it? But that’s no bad think! Crunchy minty nutty goodness! But again no nuts… Dark choc lovers dream bar! A bar of dark chocolate with nutty hemp and crunchy nibs through out! Strangely refreshing and palette cleansing! Fancy word eh? But again I don’t know how but it just is! I love how this bar still manages to be silky smooth and crunchy at the same time! Pana chocolate have some skill! I’ve just looked at the ingredients and I can see cinnamon! It’s funny some bites I see where the cinnamon is coming from but I’m still feeling mint! That’s no bad thing but the way! I love mint! Refreshing and cooling, you can’t go wrong! This bars combination of flavours and textures is the perfect after dinner treat and would work well after anything you had eaten! Probably not the best idea to have cacao at night because of caffeine but hey! That’s when I fancy chocolate, every Wednesday/Thursday night it seems! My mid week cravings! Strange how it hits the same time every week… But I always choose Pana chocolate and they never fail to disappoint! I’ve never tried this bar before but I’m impressed as always! If someone was to offer me a piece/bar of course id take it! Every bar j try makes me love these guys more and more! So healthy, natural and raw! Love!

Sour cherry and vanilla
So creamy and sweet! This reminds me off milk chocolate but on the darker side of milk! It’s heavenly and may even be my favourite so far!! It tastes like melted chocolate, that silky fondue choose we all know and love and like chocolate icing! I’m honestly amazed! Then there’s pieces of sour cherry throughout! The sour cherry next to the creamy vanilla chocolate is to die for! I can’t get over the flavour and taste of the chocolate! It’s just so creamy and indulgent and the perfect combination of vanilla and dark chocolate! They have got the favouring perfect! It’s just so silky and delicious! The cool, creamy chocolate sort of reminds me of ice cream in a weird way too! So creamy and smooth! It’s got that whole Lindt truffle feel if you know what I mean! And I was and still am the biggest Lindt fan! And now I’ve found a healthy replacement! I couldn’t be happier! That cool, creamy, silky, melt in your mouth, indulgent, want to eat 10 bars in one go thing going on! It’s just incredible! Definitely my favourite! Have I said this about every bar? Well guys they just keep giving! Honestly.. I’m never going back to shop bought chocolate ever! This is the perfect gift for both your self and a loved one! There’s actually not one bad thing I can say about this bar! It’s just perfect! Ever so perfect! So buttery and just, you just need to try it ok! Think truffles, silky, milk truffles but in bar form and healthy and natural and free from pretty much everything! I mean what’s stopping you buy this really?!? I’m in love! And so will you be! It’s the best one! My Thursday night dreams have come true and it’s certainly brightened my mood!

Think Terry’s chocolate orange but 10 times better and creamier and indulgent and just delicious! Creamy, dark and silky chocolate with the right amount of orangey goodness! It just melts on your tongue! Pure perfection! It’s all your Jaffa cake and terry chocolate orange dreams in one! Yet again, more flavoursome and creamier chocolate and more delicious and a thousand times better for you! So if you love a bit of guilty chocolate orange in your life! This is s perfect and better replacement! I’m eating this on a hot day and the chocolate is at the perfect consistency! It’s just melting on my tongue! So indulgent! The taste is so simple yet it packs so much punch! It needs nothing adding and nothing taking away! You don’t need to eat it with anything, it’s perfect on its own! And one you can just keep coming back to every time! There’s nothing not to like, it’s just perfect guys! These guys are insanity clever! They just know how to create the perfect bar! Such a luxury chocolate bar!

Basically healthy after 8 chocolate! But so much more creamy and indulgent! Basically a luxury after eight chocolate bar but thicker, creamier and way more delicious! Yes, that is possible! It just melts in your mouth! So cooling, calming, palette cleansing and a great after dinner treat! If you like strong minty things this is your guy! It doesn’t blow your head of, it’s just right! Not subtle, strong but not too strong! These guys just know how!! I think this is up there with my favourite bar! Either this one, orange or cinnamon! The simple one ingredient ones are my favourite! It’s just so flavoursome and crazy how something this good and indulgent can be healthy! It’s mad guys! Raw, organic, handmade, low gi, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and refined sugar free! So so so so so so good and so healthy! The perfect Monday night, movie night treat! It’s just perfect! You NEED to try this! I have it my dad for farther a day and he’s ft a massive sweet tooth and said this was the nicest chocolate bar he’s ever had! Healthy or not! And that’s saying something… You need to try this guys that’s all I’m saying! So refreshing!

Creamy silky chocolate with chunks of cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts throughout! Heaven or what? I can’t get over how creamy this chocolate is! Everytime I try a new flavour I say it’s my favourite! Every now just wows me! This one is so milky and silky with chopped nuts throughout that chew nicely and don’t get stuck in your teeth! The variety of nuts makes this bar so much more exciting to eat as every bite and every piece has the same silky chocolate surrounds but a completely different flavour within with every bite! Just so so so delicious! Me being the nutaholic I am, this bar is a dream come true! It’s like a farro Roche but in bar form! Actually it reminds me of my favourite chocolate ever! Italian bache! Oh my… I’m in love! I can’t believe there’s a healthy alternative out there!! Today is a good day! So incredible! I’m trying to savour every piece but it’s so hard when it tastes this good!! I’m starting to have a bar a day… Is that bad? Or is it ok because it’s healthy? Maybe we should only worry when I start to eat more than one a day.. Oh and one more thing! The box packaging is my favourite! Illustrations of the nuts inside! So funky and arty! Like pop art! Love it!

Turkish delight! I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of flower dented things but this wasn’t too bad! Super delicious creamy chocolate of star quality as normal and a subtle rose/Turkish delight taste! Super gorgeous packaging and a lovely calming bar of chocolate! It wasn’t my favourite but I’ve never liked flower tasting things and I didn’t mind this so that’s saying something!!!!

Raw cacao
Rich, slightly coconutty, incredibly creamy and incredibly delicious chocolate! Chunky, soft, dark but not as dark as you would think! But that’s no bad thing because it means it’s not bitter in any way! This bar is just coconut butter, cacao powder, dark agave nectar, coconut oil, carob, cinnamon and salt! That’s it! It tastes like hot chocolate in bar form! So creamy and luxury! Not as creamy as some of the other bars but not in a bad way! This bar is still incredible just in a different way! You can taste the hints of coconut and cinnamon but ever so subtle! The main taste is rich chocolate but not dark! I mean it’s dark but not too dark! I’m not a dark dark chocolate lover so trust me, it’s just the right amount of dark! This is probably the most versatile bar I’ve tried so far! You can eat it as it is, top pretty much everything and melt it down! A strong bar with a luxury taste but a taste that would work with everything whether that be porridge, smoothies or chili con carne! Or hot chocolate as I said! This is hot chocolate in a bar!


A lot darker and harder than all the bars I’ve tried so far! But still mega creamy and delicious! Plus as its more solid it means it lasts longer as it doesn’t all just melt away on your tongue so there’s a positive! Also it’s not bitter dark! There’s sweet creamy hints from the agave and cacao butter! This bar is super low in sugar for a chocolate bar! It says it serves three but let’s be honest.. Who makes a six piece chocolate bar feed three people.. Not me anyway and not when it tastes this good!!! This bar is like the raw cacao one meaning it’s a lot more versatile and a smaller amount satisfies you where as with the others they are so flavoursome and creamy you just devour the whole thing! But that doesn’t mean to say that this bar isn’t addictive and as delicious as the rest because it is! It’s just more dark and classy and less is more sometimes! Does that make sense? This bar would be yummy with nuts and dried fruit as an after dinner treat or even with cheese and honey! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried! Super rich and indulgent and ever so tasty!!


I mean you guys know how much I love cinnamon so it’s pretty obvious that I was going to love this! In fact I kinda already new I was going to love this as I’ve tried it twice before… Save the one you know till last right! Anyway super creamy, super strong and cinnamony and super rich and just all round indulgent! It’s not sweet cinnamon, it’s strong cinnamon! That strong cinnamon you get in those German biscuits around Christmas time! Not one for those who don’t love cinnamon! I however am obsessed! Super strong but not like cough your head of strong! Just the right amount! So festive but also able to have all year round! So yummy and so cinnamony! It just floods back all the thoughts of Christmas German markets and all things Christmas! But it’s still yummy enough to eat all year! Especially if you are a cinnamon lover like my self! The perfect next to the fire, Christmas songs playing, board games on the go and Harry Potter playing in the other room snack! That’s all I’m saying! Accompanied by a cinnamon hot Maca milk! Just picture it…


Raw Bite




These bars just keep on amazing me! This bar is super peanutty (yeah i know its a peanut bar) and delicious but not claggy like some peanut bars as its not just one texture! Its got big chunks of whole peanuts too which i love! it also has a touch of salt in which brings out the flavour of the peanuts more but not so much so you want to down a litre of water after you’ve eaten it. I also love that it only contains three ingredients, peanuts (obviously), dates and a tiny bit of salt! You know exactly what you’re putting in your body, which you guys know i love and look for! And you know its going to be delicious before you’ve even taken a bite! I also think this peanut bar has a lot more flavour and taste then others on the market. Ive tried a number of natural peanut bars and they just have no flavour! So i’d even go as far to say this is my favourite peanut bar on the market! Its also super satisfying and a good decent portion size too! Oh and i love the duck egg packaging! so bright and fresh!




Nutty chocolatey goodness! Made flavours are from the almonds and cacao! And dates! It contains dates raisins almonds cashews pea and rice protein pumpkin seeds and cacao to create a chocolatey nutty goodness! It reminds me of farrier roshes! It’s got that whole nut surrounded in chocolate vibe going on! It’s not too sweet either which I like so you can taste the nuts and cacao more! Also nutty chunks and you know how I feel about nutty chunks! They remind me of another nutty choc bar but I can’t quite put my finger on it! It also reminds me of chocolate covered nuts and raisins I used to get from the sweet shop when I was little! On a Friday after school we’d get given a pound to go to the sweet shop and get a bag of whatever sweets we wanted! I’d always choose chocolate covered raisins or peanuts, strawberry Bon bons, pear drops and rhubarb and custards! But yeah, a filling, protein packed natural fruit and nut bar with the most adorable baby pink packaging! The only protein bar I’ve found that only contains natural ingredients and not a long list of things I’ve never heard of to make it flavoursome and last a long time! Just natural goodness! Defiantly my new go to post workout snack!


Cashew date dream team! Just raisins dates and cashews! Create this delicious and nutritious bar! Firstly the bright orange simplistic packaging is beautiful and summer y! Secondly the bar is a good size! You actually feel satisfied and that you’ve had a decent sized snack once you’ve eaten it! Also I love the cashew chunks! It makes it more enjoyable to eat rather than just one texture throughout! Think snickers but cashew! Chunks are the way forward! Not stogey and it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth! You don’t want that when you’re at school or work! Just pure deliciousness! Also if you aren’t a massive but fan this is also good as it’s more raisin than anything just with a hint of nuts! So if you like dates and raisins more than you do nuts this is your guy! A great tea loaf or walnut and raisin cake/cookie alternative! It also reminds me of rocky rd and fridge cake! Basically it’s delicious! It’s crazy how three ingredients can create such a delicious snack! Definitely one to try if you like a good raisin in your life! Plus if orange things draw you in.. Oh and a little fact, cashews are a little easier to digest than other nuts!! Oh and another think, I never go and grab a handful of cashews because other nuts draw me in more but I loved this bar and I’ll definitely be repurchasing!


You know how I’m obsessed with coconut I’ve mentioned it countless times before! This bar tastes like a bounty bar, minus the chocolate, with added chewy goodness and nuts! So like a bounty/snickers! Good or what?!?! And 10 times bigger! Coconut dreams come true! Not to overpowering and not too subtle! Just right! The perfect summery morning or post workout snack! Sun shine wrapper too! This would be yummy crumbled up over yogurt and fruit for breakfast or enjoyed with milk and banana! You could also crumble it over nice cream and smoothies to make them more of a meal or just enjoy it as it as, as it’s incredible on its own! It’s got that same dedicated texture as bounty if you know what I mean! That same bite which I love! It only contains dates, raisins, cashews, almonds and coconut! So yummy and so naturally nutritious! Again I’m baffled how such a short list of ingredients can create a bar that tastes just like a bounty! Obviously there’s no chocolate but it’s got added dates and nuts so really it’s a pimped bounty, so really it’s a lot better than a bounty! It’s got more going on and has more taste and isn’t drying! Plus, you could dip it in homemade chocolate or chocolate and make your own bounty/snicker dream bar! Sounds good right?


Apple cinnamon

Omg, this is definitely my favourite! Cinnamon!!!!! And apple and nutty! Christmas in a bar! I’m in love and I’ve only taken one bite! So so flavoursome, warming and delicious! It reminds of apple cinnamon cakes, cinnamon swirl pastries and just the smell of cinnamon desserts and sweets at Christmas markets and cooking round that time of year! But that doesn’t stop me wanting to eat it all year round! So sweet, nutty and fun! You can really taste the variety of nuts and textures! There’s big chunky bits and chopped bits! Just imcredible! There’s also chunks of apple and raisins which I love! It reminds me of all things American and donuts and churros and cinnamon bagels! Basically all my favourite things in one bar but healthy! So my idea of heaven and definitely up there with one of my favourite healthy snacks ever! It’s crazy how healthy this is but how delicious it is too! I definitely need to order a box of this! A perfect post workout snack or afternoon pick me up with a good old cup of spiced apple tea! I even prefer this over the coconut and that’s saying something.. Just dates, apples, raisins, almonds, cashews, vanilla and cinnamon! So wholesome, so natural and so incredible! And it’s red packaging fits with the festive taste and apple! Love love love! Defiantly a healthy snack you must try it you get the chance! I think round Christmas this might become my go too! I’d love to try it crumbled over yogurt and my cinnamon nice cream bowl too! I bet that would be heavenly! Oooooh and I must try it warm!!!! I can imagine it tasting absolutely unbelievable with healthy ice cream or nice cream!!!


Raw Cacao

Chocolate! Nutty chocolate goodness! Sweet chocolate like brownie bar with chunks of nut throughout! So really it’s an indulgent luxury brownie but healthy… Why wouldn’t you??? As I always say, I bet this warm is magical! It’s the perfect chocolate fix and the perfect lunchbox treat! I love it post workout or if I’m fancying something chocolatey but wholesome! So indulgent, not too dark! Just fudgey and delicious! The chunks of nuts are so satisfying and add the perfect crunch next to the gooey sweet chocolate brownie! There’s nothing not to like about this bar! It doesn’t taste healthy, it’s not sickly, it’s delicious and doesn’t leave you feeling over full or bloated! The packaging is gorgeous and colour coordinated as per usual! It’s a decent size so you know it will keep you going until your next meal! I need to try this warm and I need to try this crumbled over yogurt with all the nut butter one girl needs or with milk and chopped banana! Just delicious and definitely one of my favs!


Spicy Lime

Strange but it works! Very Thai! Sweet, warming and refreshing! It’s more lime than anything with sweet hints of ginger! Then there’s crunchy cashews and almonds throughout! I wasn’t sure at first bite but I actually love it! It’s so unusual but so delicious! It’s got that whole sour sweet thing going on but not the sour that makes you close your eyes! If you know what I mean? Just a refreshing sour that is balanced with the warming ginger and a tingle of chilli! So you will like this even if you aren’t a big spice fan because it’s more warming than anything! I must admit, I thought this bar was going to be discussing but I’ve been proven wrong! It’s super delicious, there’s nothing like it out there and it’s super good for you! It only contains gooey sweet and delicious dates and raisins, lime juice, cashews, almonds, ginger, chilli and citrus oil! I love it! Defiantly one to try if you love savoury things and love trying new and unusual healthy but delicious things! Oh and I love the illuminate green packaging! So simple and eye catching!


Vanilla berries

Sweet vanilla goodness! It reminds me of tea loaf! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically Christmas cake without all the festive spices! So fruit cake! Basically a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts! So rich and indulgent! And most importantly satisfying and a great energiser!! Just so wholesome and delicious! The vanilla is subtle but you can taste it! I’d say the main flavours are raisins and almonds and cranberries! There’s also cherries, mulberries (which I’ve never had before, vanilla, dates, cashews and that’s it! You get a different flavour with each bite! So fun and so flavoursome! I like how there’s different sized nuts as well! Texture is always key! The sourness from the cherries and cranberries balances out beautifully with the sweet dates and raisins! There’s nothing not to like about this bar! Perfect with a cuppa and it’s got the prettiest lavender packaging! I find it crazy how the bars contain similar ingredients except for one or two but all taste completely different! I wouldn’t say any taste the same! They are all super delicious and varied! I had this after slaving at my laptop all day and i felt super energised and refuelled after! Where as before I ate it I wanted to curl up and have a nap! Super delicious and definitely one you need to try if you have the chance!