Chocolate Porridge with Orange Crumble

I’ve experimented with textures and flavours in this one and I must say, I’ve impressed myself.

Lots of chocolate and orange love xx

Ingredients – serves one

Porridge –

1 tbsp cacao powder – I used Aduna

50g rolled porridge oats

200ml oat milk

0.5 tsp almond extract

a pinch of salt

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp almond butter

Crumble –

1 tbsp almond butter

half a clementine, sliced

2 tsp granola – I used cinnamon spiced

Toppings –

2 tbsp full fat live yoghurt

half a clementine, segmented, sliced

2 tsp cacao nibs


Mix the crumble ingredients together in a bowl until combined.

Pour the porridge ingredients into a pan and stir over a low heat until thickened.

Pour into a bowl.

Dollop the yoghurt and crumble in the middle of the bowl.

Scatter over the orange and nibs.

Dig in.

Leitchy xx

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