Cinnamon Spiced Pancakes

I must admit, I wasn’t going to share a post today because I’ve been such a busy bee, preparing meals and desserts for various family occasions butttt seen as it’s Christmas eve eve, I thought I’d better! But this will be my last post until 2017! I might share the odd recipe on a random day because I want to share something really delicious and exciting, but I’m not making any promises! I really want to take time this year to switch off and relax and just enjoy my families company, starting today up until next year! I think it’s important to have a break, relax, not have to worry about writing stuff up, getting stuff baked on time and pleasing everyone! Plus it’s nice to actually want to take time off and mentally be ok about the whole thing and actually been able to relax for once! I’ve not been able to relax in years about anything! food, social, family, you name it! I’ve done a whole lot of worrying and overthinking these past few years so I’m very excited and grateful that I’m able to relax again. Maybe not fully, fully relax (I will still be posting on Instagram, just less) but I’m getting there and I like to remind myself of how far I’ve come, rather than how far I’ve got to go. It’s a lot more positive and all in all, a better way to think.

So with all that said, I thought I’d treat you with an amazing Christmassy Breakfast dish! or lunch.. dinner or pudding or general christmas feasting pancake recipe! It’s Christmas after all! Time to get your nibble on and indulge!

Enjoy xx


Ingredients – serves two – makes 8 pancakes

80g buckwheat flour

2 tbsp almond butter

1 tsp date syrup

1 tbsp cinnamon

0.12 tsp ground cardamom

0.12 tsp ground nutmeg

a pinch of ground cloves

190ml cashew milk

1 tsp coconut oil

coconut yoghurt

clementine, peeled and chopped

half a pomegranate

20g pistachios, toasted

1 disc of cacao paste, chopped



Preheat the oven to 100 degrees and pop a tray on a shelf to pop the cooked pancakes on to keep warm whilst you make the rest of the batch.

In a food processor blend together the first set of ingredients until combined, leaving out the coconut oil as thats for frying.

Pour the contents into a small bowl.

Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and melt the coconut oil.

Ladle palm sized pancaked into the pan using a small ladle.

Once bubbled, flip using a spatula and fry until golden on the reverse side.

Pop the cooked pancakes on the tray in the preheated oven to keep warm.

Repeat another 7 times.

Place four pancakes on each plate with a generous dollop of yoghurt, the toasted nuts, prepared fruit and chopped cacao.


Leitchy xx

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