Emily’s Fruit Crisps



Sweet crunchy and incredibly moreish. No added nothing! Completely 100% apple! So natural, they even say it may contain pips! Eh? Can’t get more natural than that! But I’m not going to lie.. if I came across a pip, I wouldn’t be happy.. but I didn’t, so its ok! I mean imagine swallowing an apple pip.. not going to be pleasant is it? Anyway, this delicious, beautiful bag of crisps, actually tastes like apple and you feel like you’re eating an apple too if that makes sense. It’s crunchy unlike dried apple, so it feels more real.. you get my drift? Anyway, it’s yummy! Plus it’s red dried apples and you know how much I love my sweet red apples! Aside from the delicious apple crisps, let’s talk about packaging! Presentation on point or what?? I’d buy this bag of goodness just for the packaging! It’s beautiful! The watercolour design of apples and flowers is just gorgeous! Definitely the nicest and prettiest packaging I’ve ever come across! Design is on point! So I was happy when the inside tasted good too or it would have been a bit of a let down. But yeah loved it! No mess, not sticky unlike apples and you can pop it on your desk and take your time, unlike an apple, it goes brown and you don’t want the stickiness of an apple to end up on your pen, laptop and everywhere else! One negative.. gets stuck in your teeth a bit but I can get past that! I’ve had a lot worse! and to be honest it was enjoyable in a weird way!



Yes guys! Just yes! Oh I do love banana and I do love it when things that say they taste like banana actually taste like banana rather than those foam banana fake flavoured things! You know what I’m saying? These taste like gorgeous ripe banana, the best banana, the banana you want to make the best nice cream out of and the banana that makes your porridge taste so sweet and delicious! They are incredible! They are better than banana in some way, why you ask? You can take these on the go! If you have ever tried to pack a banana in your bag and it just ended up badly bruised or worse squished at the bottom of your bag, you will love these! You can have the sweet taste of a banana but in crisp form! Plus they are 100% natural and they curb those crisp cravings from the vending machines at work! So an all round winner! Oh and their packaging is incredibly tropical and beautiful too! Presentation on point and flavour on point! Im happy! A definite regular re-purchase in the future!



Crunchy and moreish! They sort of remind me of boiled sweets in a weird way.. But in a good weird way! Tropical and sweet and yummy! Only downfall is they are quite subtle in flavour unlike the other two and don’t really taste strong like pineapple does! You don’t feel refreshed and juicy! But they still taste yummy! They just don’t scream pineapple but it’s still there! And they are still sweet like pineapple! Also they get stuck in your teeth a lot more than the others, but other than that they are a nice little snack! My least favourite out of the three but I wouldn’t say no if someone offered me a bag! They sorted my sweet tooth right out!

So I hope you guys found this informative! Maybe you’ll go and purchase one of these beautiful bags of goodness soon too! I’d go banana!

See you soon!

Leitchy xx

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