Inspiral Coconut Chips

Now I might not have pictures of smoky BBQ.. but at least I’ve got pictures for raspberry!! Can’t be perfect all the time..



Crunchy buttery biscuity coconut smoky bacon goodness! I’m in love after one bite! We all know I love coconut more than anyone and after trying insirals kale I knew I had to give their coconut a go too! All that’s in these crunchy clusters and chips of joy are coconut, blossom nectar, nutritional yeast (added B12 and cheesy goodness) lime, paprika and salt! That’s it! They taste like a mixture of smoky bacon and the most perfect coconut cracker or crisp! I love the satisfying crunch and I love how strong the coconut taste is! The bag is also pretty full and not messy at all so they are the perfect on the go snack! Packed full of flavour and incredibly addictive and satisfying! They would also be great sprinkled over salads as a replacement for meat, croutons, nuts, seeds and cheese and on top of courgetti and even curries! So versatile, so delicious and not spicy too so everyone will love these! The paprika is sweet rather than spicy and more smoky! Super delicious! And the lime adds a nice refreshing subtle tang! Love love love! Deffo one of my new all time favourite snacks!



Inspiral have done it again! These are incredible! Crunchy raspberry dream! It’s got that whole pavlova thing going on! Or like a healthy version of those sweet strawberry sugary cluster cereals you get which taste amazing but aren’t that great for your health! So so good! Just raspberries, coconut, blossom nectar, beetroot, baobab and vanilla! The beetroot gives the deepest purple pink to the clusters which makes these clusters look gorgeous sprinkled over desserts and breakfast dishes! The baobab makes these clusters extra sweet and fruity! I just love them! Coconut and raspberry are my go to dessert and breakfast ingredients! I put them in everything so the combination of the two is my idea of heaven! They taste so sugary and sweet yet healthy! I need to try these in parfaits or sprinkled over yogurt and smoothies! I bet the pink dye will run off and make everything look incredible! And taste incredible too! The raspberry is the strong flavour coming through but I love how you can also taste the buttery crunchy coconut too giving it a biscuit like texture and flavour! They also remind me of raspberry macaroons! So really I’ve found a replacement for cereal, pavlova, meringue, macaroons and biscuits! Just incredible! Inspiral know there stuff! You need to try them!


Leitchy xx

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