Inspiral – Kale Chips

Wasabi and wheat grass

Spicy crispy seaweed you get an the Chinese! and not too spicy which I like! This one would be delicious in salads or on top of stir fries as well as it being delicious on its own! Nutty, crispy kale with spicy hints! Absolutely love! It tastes kind of cheesy too in a weird way but I’m not complaining! This would be a great cheesy cracker or breadstick alternative at a BBQ! The perfect crisp alternative! It’s not the wasabi you think of as its not mega hot but that’s a good thing because it’s not too in your face and it doesn’t make your eyes water it’s more of a warming spice! With the subtle flavourings of wasabi and a strong taste of cashew cheese! Super delicious and is now competing with the BBQ bag! They sort of remind me of cheesy tangy Doritos and just to let you know, cheesy tangy Doritos were my favourite thing ever when I was younger! I could eat a family bag in one go… So now that I’ve found a healthy alternative I couldn’t be more impressed!! Tangy cheesy, spicy goodness!

Baobab and onion

They taste just like cheese and onion crisps! But not too overpowering which you can sometimes find with cheese and onion crisps! Incredibly Moreish and nice and nutty! They leave a satisfying tang in your mouth which I love! Also a really satisfying crunch and not messy at all! I like that you can still taste the kale under the the nutty, sharp onion tones! It means you get a variety of tastes which I love! The baobab adds a sweet caramelised onion taste/ roasted onion which makes the onion not overpowering! Super delicious! I’ll definitely be repurchasing! All that’s in them is kale, cashew nuts, onion, baobab, flax, salt and pepper! That’s it!


Bacon! They taste like spicy smoky bacon! Absolutely incredible! These guys have made me fall in love with kale chips! The smoky nutty tomato taste is irrisistable and reminds me of those smokey bacon crisps I used to have when I was little that were supposed to look like bacon too!! Yet healthy ! Garlic and smoked paprika goodness! The perfect crisp replacement and picnic/buffet/BBQ snack! Or just a snack in genereL! Or sprinkled over salads and tacos! These crunchy chips only contain natural ingredients and they are all organic! It’s hard to believe these are healthy! They are incredibly addictive and I’ll definitely be repurchasing! I don’t really like kale but I’m addicted to it in chip form! It’s like Bbq’d Chinese seaweed! But not weird! Just delicious! They are and I raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo and a source of protein! I bet you could even serve these with eggs or beans in replacement of bacon with a side of cool and creamy avo or yogurt of feta! Just incredible! Low in sugar too! And the bag is compostable! Can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these! Defiantly up there with my favourite healthy snacks!

Cacao and cinnamon

They taste like Christmas!!!! Who would of thought to combine kale and chocolate and cinnamon! But it works! Really works!! Christmas in a bag! So so so so good! Nutty, sweet, crunchy! You wouldn’t know this was kale! It’s so indulgent and chocolatey! It’s like those chocolate Pringles things Cadburys used to do! These are amazing guys! Chocolate crisps that are healthy!!!! So so so good! I have nothing more to say as I am amazed! It sounds so strange but hey it works! Inspiral have won me over! All four flavours have been incredible! I don’t have one bad thing to say! Who thought chocolate could be one of your 5 a day eh?! And who thought kale could taste so good!? One of my favourite new snacks ever!! It’s kind of got a whole chocolate biscuit thing going on too!! Just delicious!

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