Jax coco coconut chip review


Sea salt

It’s that shortbread/Viennese whirl from Marks and Sparks taste again! I’m in heaven again! They just taste like biscuits! Shortbread biscuits except incredibly healthy! Just coconut, coconut sugar and sea salt! You’ll think I’ve gone completely off subject but bear with me a minute. When I was little I used to get ill a lot but now come to think of it I’ve probably always suffered with stress in the form of ibs! Anyway, I’d only eat plain things like toast, pasta, oatcakes and biscuits! Either cow biscuits (malted milks) or them sugar coated nice biscuits. The point of that story which I’m sure you thoroughly enjoyed was that these taste like nice and cow biscuits! I just wouldn’t dunk them in my cuppa! But they would be an amazing substitute for anyone trying to cut back on the biscuits or if your looking for a biscuit replacement for a child! They’d also be great to take to the cinema or as a crisp replacement at a picnic as they reseal! But I’ve never done the reseal or share part… Way too addictive and delicious! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this bag (full bag may I add) regularly! I think I’ll buy a few bags to travel with this year too!! Already obsessed! Also great for low blood pressure!!


Chilli and lime

These have quite a large kick in not going to lie but I lovvvvvve them! They remind me of Thai curry! Just delicious! I bet they’d be delicious sprinkled over Thai curry or in a Thai chicken salad too! Just coconut, coconut sugar, chilli powder, lime, garlic, onion, paprika, pepper, salt and coconut oil! So natural and so so so tasty! The perfect crisp replacement! You can eat the whole bag in one go without any guilt whatsoever! Unlike crisps they are full of satisfying goodness from the coconut and spices! I love how you can reseal the bag and save them for later or take on the go! Also useful if you are travelling or if you want to keep them in your bag to sprinkle on top of salads and meals for extra spice and a nutritional hit! They’d also work well at a BBQ or picnic, again replacing crisps! They are just so Moreish! Once you’ve started its hard to stop! But then again, why stop? They are amazing for you and they are delicious! Again, I love the packaging! So bright and summery! They are low in sugar and high in good old healthy fats! What’s not to like?!



I was quite shocked with how spicy these were.. But I LOVE THEM! So sweet and they make my lips burn which I strangely love.. And once you start, you can’t stop! (They make your nose tingle too.. )They have a sort of cracker thing going on which I like! I guess that’s because the coconut is toasted! I also like how the wasabi kicks you for a few seconds and then it’s gone! You know what they remind me of? Broken up Marks and Spencer’s Viennese whirls but spicy!! You will either understand or won’t or think I’ve lost it but honestly these are delicious and incredibly incredibly addictive! Pricey but worth it if you live for a bit of spice in your life! However if you have a delicate palette like my dear brother.. I’d give these a miss! Oh and I also love how the bag is resealable so you don’t have to eat them all at once but I never get the chance to reseal because they are so tasty! Also I really want to try them in salads or sushi or as part of a Japanese meal! Yum!

So there you have it guys! Another delicious review! It was honestly my pleasure! Now go grab a bag of these beauties! I’m all about the sea salt!!

Leitchy xx

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