June favourites

So its that time of the month again where I tell you all about what I’ve been loving! From food to fashion, and much more! Hope you guys enjoy this rather long read.. Let’s get started!


I’ve been using this yogurt for about 6 months and regularly but never really thought about mentioning it before! I don’t know why as I use it most days in pretty much everything but hey ho! The collective natural straight up yoghurt! I’ve thought about it more so this week as I’ve had it most days with my granola but I love it in everything! Smoothies, on toast with berries, with tomatoey eggs, with sweet potato fries, with eggs and guac, with salmon, on curries/stews! The list goes on! It’s such an all rounder and it’s the only yogurt I’ve found that is full fat and healthy! With nothing added to it! It gets a big thumbs up from me all day every day! And it’s cheep too! So get buying!


Goes well with –

Apricot and cranberry granola 



My favourite I’ve come up with this month is either my Moroccan spiced aubergine which I haven’t shared yet but that also has a dollop of the collective yogurt on! Or my Cinnamon and almond smoothie bowl  or my raw almond buckwheat porridge! There’s actually loads but them three in particular have amazed me! The aubergine one was just so easy yet so flavoursome, pretty and enjoyable! The two breakfast recipes both use Pip and nut almond butter and I love the illusion they both give like you’re eating a whole jar of almond butter in one go! Both so silky and creamy too!

My favourite recipe that I’ve cooked which hasn’t been mine is the Hemsley and Hemsley sisters chicken tinola from their first book! It reminded me so much of the chicken stew my mum used to make the day after we’d had a Sunday roast! So warming, comforting and soothing! Packed full of flavour and incredibly nourishing too! I’m so glad I’ve got some leftovers in the freezer! They use bone broth for stock and it honestly makes a world of a difference to both the flavour and your health! For more information head over to their blog or buy their first book and they will tell you all about the amazing benefits of bone broth and other yummy things!


Hmmmm this is such a hard one because I’m always trying out new snacks to review but my favourite snack, not treat, snack would probably be punch foods super seeds! I’m currently making my way through all their smartie like tubes full of deliciously flavoured seeds but my favourite so far is probably the chilli smoke as I love spicy food! You can eat it as it is or sprinkle over salads or currys etc. Next to that would probably be cinnamon! As I’m also addicted to cinnamon and go through jars and jars of it a month! I love this one as it is, with chocolate, sprinkled on to porridge or yogurt and tagines! My full review for these super nutritious and handy tubes will be up in the next couple of weeks! You can also buy big bags of the seeds and refill your tube to take to work/school with you the next day! Super useful and environmentally friendly!




If you know me, you’ll know I love herbel tea! I have a whole cupboard devoted to herbel tea! It’s pretty ridiculous really as I only bounce around 2/3 flavours but hey you never know what might tickle your tastebuds one day might not the next! That’s all I’m saying! But as of this week my favourite tea is Taylor’s sour cherry! And no not because my brother is called Taylor but because this tea is just so so so soothing and delicious! There’s cherry in there and I think liquorice… My mum said she couldn’t taste liquorice but I could so! I also love sweet rhubarb and spiced apple from the same brand, especially in the winter months! I’ve yet to try their other flavours but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!



I love organising, slightly obsessive some might say, but that’s no bad thing! I have a diary which I never use, I make a ton of lists and go through notepads like there’s no tomorrow but my favourite organisational piece is my weekly planner! I have no clue who it’s by but I picked it up in Paperchase around Christmas time and I use it religiously every week! I write the meal plan, what I’m doing, who I’m meeting, to do lists, things I need to remember etc. etc. I think I use it more than my diary because I can fit so much more on it, other people can read it too, it’s constantly on view so I don’t need to flick through pages and I never forget things! It’s basically our house planner as everyone looks at it! But yeah, love it and I’ll be sure to purchase another when I run out of pages! Which is looking like pretty soon. Birthday list maybe?

Nut butter 

You guys know I love nut butter! I can get through a jar in under two weeks! So I thought it was pretty suiting that I devote a title to my beloved obsession! This months jar of choice has got to be Pip and nuts honey cinnamon cashew butter! I’ve filmed a little overnight oats recipe using this bad boy and oh my, it’s jaw dropping and I’ll make sure I share it soon but in the meantime, go buy yourself a jar of this so you too can experience the deliciousness! It’s just incredible guys, like I say about everything else… Incredible… But this truly is really incredible!



Forget about the gym, this moth I’m loving a countryside walk! Whether it be a long one in the day or a short one in the evening I’m loving them! As its warmer and lighter they are just so enjoyable and you can take your mind off of things, clear your head, do some exercise and have a good old natter in the doing so! Also you can bring a pack up which I love to prepare (obviously) or a flask of hot chocolate/smoothie! Enjoy it sat on a mountain or a bench in the sun! Just perfect! Try skipping the gym and going for a walk instead this summer! Get some fresh air and make the most of the summer months!


Hmmm I don’t really have a fashion favourite this month! I guess if I had to choose it would be a top from Zara! Most of my wardrobe is from Zara but this I’ve worn a couple of times this month as it can be dressed up or down and worn in the evening and day! I wore this to Good Roots London with a  jacket and jeans. It was useful as it was dressy when my coat was off but casual when my coat was on, if that makes sense! And I’ll be able to wear it in the summer with shorts or light jeans!


This is between two amazing and new restaurants! New I mean new to me! Firstly a sushi bar in Beverly near Hull called Ogino. It was so modern and classy inside for one, and two I had the nicest sushi I’ve ever had and believe me I’ve had a lot of sushi in my time! I’ve been to a number of restaurants in Sheffield, London and Hawaii and this was honestly the freshest and tastiest sushi ever! For starter I had a salmon nigiri selection and each piece had a different catch of salmon/prepared in a different way with various toppings! It was just so fresh, simple but they all tasted completely different! So flavoursome and healthy! For main I had a selection of nigiri again and some sashimi. Again all the chefs selection, catch of the day and all seasonal. As well as it being so so so tasty it was also presented really well on the most gorgeous plates and the waiter was very polite. It was just a really nice and resonable meal! You could also get hot dishes as well and there was a wide selection of traditional Japanese desserts! I really do recommend it if you live near Hull! Secondly the Grain store at Kings Cross, London. We went here after we’d finished up at Goodroots festival as it was close to the train station! Even though we had eaten our way through the day we still managed to fit this gorgeous meal in! We arrived a little early than our booking as it was raining and we didn’t really want to go trailing round shops for an hour so we sat down and had a drink for a bit! I had some fresh apple juice from a local farm and it tasted a whole lot better than any carton juice I’ve had before! Apple juice doesn’t really taste like apples but this actually did! Talking from someone who used to be obsessed with apple juice! Drinking litre cartons a day because I didn’t like the taste of water! Not great I know.. Anyway we had drinks and then made our way over to the table. It’s so big inside and the whole kitchen is on view so you can have a nosey at what the chefs are up to which I love. It’s also done out really well with white furniture and they have that whole French theme going on too which I love! Everything in this restaurant is seasonal and fresh so I knew my healthy day was going to continue! For starter I had roasted artichokes with a light sourdough sauce and chunky green salsa and it was incredible! I’ve never had real artichokes before, by that I mean I’ve never had artichokes that aren’t from a jar! They tasted completely different but ever so delicious! Then for main I had the fish of the day which was stone bass. I’ve never even heard of stone bass and I can’t compare it to any other fish as it had its own unique taste! It was so chunky, I loved the texture and it was full of flavour! Hopefully I’ll be able to try this fish again one day! It came with borlotti beans, thinly sliced raw courgette and a olive oil, fennel, lemony sauce. So fresh, delicious and flavoursome. If you are visiting London for the day I really do recommend this! It’s about five minutes from the station and it’s so fresh, light and delicious. I’ll definitely be going again next time I’m in London! I really really want to try their brunch! It sounds amazing!


I think we can all guess what my favourite event was this month! Goodroots festival! If you don’t know already by all my instagrams, tweets and YouTube videos! It’s a healthy food festival where a number of healthy chefs had stalls and were doing talks. There were loads of food stalls and healthy snack stalls, natural makeup and clothes stalls. The list goes on. I ate some incredible food! My favourites being Nama foods blueberry cheesecake and raw pizza. Also, Livias Kitchen raw millionaire bites, my favourite is the almond and raisin! Pana chocolate were there and I mean that’s my favourite raw chocolate brand ever so of course I had to try and buy every single flavour they had on offer. I tried the most amazing raw salted caramel cheese cake from Hardi Hood (you can here more about that in my next snack review). Some amazing cookies from Rhythm 108 and some delicious chocolate peanut butter humous from Chicp! Just think bean brownie batter! All incredible! I also went to the Hemsley and Hemsley sisters talk, mainly on gut health but that was really useful for me as I suffer with digestive problems and ever since I’ve been following their rules about food combining and what to eat and what not to eat I’ve already seen a million improvements! I also went to the Green kitchen stories chat where they showed us how to make one of their smoothies from their new book! Go buy it if you haven’t already! Then I went to a chat all about how to turn a blog into a business and I learnt so much, it was really inspirational and reasuring and helped me feel more confident about what I’m doing and where I want to be in the future! Everyone came across really well and I even managed to get photos with Livia, Ella Woodward and Melissa Hemsley! I hadn’t felt that happy and confident in ages. I went through the day without any worries about food or anything else for that matter and just felt this all round buzz off of everyone around me and it was nice to feel included in a little community! Where everyone was trying to promote health and wellbeing! I already can’t wait for next year!


Too good by Drake and Rhianna

It has a nice little summery beat, very singable and good to clean to…


Hobbie Stuart. Purely for his bubbly and friendly personality and absolutely amazing covers of all the songs I’m loving at the minute. Go check him out for positive energy and really good songs.


You guys know I’m a massive Hemsley and Hemsley fan! I’ve got both their books, their spiralizer, I’ve watched their TV show and I use their book pretty much every day without fail! Ever since going to their chat about gut health I realised what I was doing wrong. Basically eating grains that were hard to digest, bad food combining, eating way too fast and eating way too much natural sugars. So I’ve decided to stop eating grains, learn about food combining and cut down on my natural sugar intake. Even though it’s natural, it still had the same effects on our body. So healthy treats are basically still treats. Anyway they also talked about two key things, one kimchi and two bone broth. Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented food. It’s basically sauerkraut but with a little bit more of a kick! Fermented foods help digestion as they are putting good bacteria back into your stomach to heal your gut lining and aid digestion. Just what I need! So I’ve cooked myself up my first batch of kimchi and it’s ready for me to use throughout this month! Secondly bone broth, again amazing for digestion, packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals and many other things! It’s also so so SO much nicer and better for you than stock! And so easy and hassle free! You just shove your leftover bones from roasts and chicken thighs etc. into a pan, cover with hot water, add a few vegetables, apple cider vinegar and bay leaves, if you like, and leave to simmer with the lid on for 6-12 hours. And there you have it! Drain it and use it instead of stock! It honestly adds so much more depth and flavour to a dish and is so nourishing for you too! Both of these things are new too me and I can already see the difference with my stomach and it’s only been a week! I can’t recommend them more!


My all time favourite cookbook would have to be the Hemsley and Hemsley’s first book – the art of eating well. I’ve learnt so much about nutrition from it and there hasn’t been one recipe I haven’t liked! I use it daily and all the family and guests love it too! Second would have to be a purchase I made at Goodroots! Livias kitchen cookbook! I only bought this because after trying her millionaire bites and buying all the tubs I was pretty sure I was going to love this cookbook too! I’d never tried a recipe off of her blog before like I normally do before buying a book. I was just hooked as soon as I’d tried her bites! And I’m so glad I did! Last week (the first week of buying it) I cooked four recipes out of it, in one week… That’s how much both my family and I love it! They are so indulgent yet healthy! And best of all they don’t taste healthy, if you know what I mean! They are also really easy too! A must buy for anyone looking for healthy alternatives to their favourite desserts or anyone wanting to try healthy baking and need something to satisfy their sweet tooth! I recommend both! They are now the two books I couldn’t live without!


Sophie from Luckystaranise. So colourful, bright, fresh and well presented photos. They are a vegetarian food photographer, everything she makes/photographs looks incredible. Everything looks so delicious and well presented. Such a positive and healthy feed and I love it!


My photo with Melissa Hemsley as it shows how happy I was at Goodroots and how all my worries just seem to blow away that day!


So that’s my favourites of the month of June guys! I hope you found it interesting and informative! Maybe you’ll go check a few of my favourite things out too!

Thank you for reading,

Leitchy xx

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