June snack review


Salted caramel and lucuma coconut chips

Very salty! But not like you’re eating the sea, just salty! But still incredibly morish! Salted caramel? Hmmmm! You can taste salt, coconut and sort of a raisin vibe! I wasn’t sure about them at first but I still polished them off! They got strangely nicer with every bite! Would I buy again? Probably not! They aren’t worth the price.. But they are yummy – it’s just there’s other products on the market just as nice for a smaller price! Poet and I didn’t know it! However I bet they’d be nice on a chocolate dessert as they would bring out the flavour! Also good for low blood pressure sufferers like myself! But again there’s cheaper alternatives..


Wasabi coconut chips

I was quite shocked with how spicy these were.. But I LOVE THEM! So sweet and they make my lips burn which I strangely love.. And once you start, you can’t stop! (They make your nose tingle too.. )They have a sort of cracker thing going on which I like! I guess that’s because the coconut is toasted! I also like how the wasabi kicks you for a few seconds and then it’s gone! You know what they remind me of? Broken up Marks and Spencer’s Viennese whirls but spicy!! You will either understand or won’t or think I’ve lost it but honestly these are delicious and incredibly incredibly addictive! Pricey but worth it if you live for a bit of spice in your life! However if you have a delicate palette like my dear brother.. I’d give these a miss! Oh and I also love how the bag is resealable so you don’t have to eat them all at once but I never get the chance to reseal because they are so tasty! Also I really want to try them in salads or sushi or as part of a Japanese meal! Yum!


Hardi hood salted caramel cheesecake

Honestly the nicest healthiest cheesecake EVER!!! One it actually tastes like the salted caramel we all love and know! Two it tastes like cheesecake!! Not just a nice raw treat! ACTUAL CHEESECAKE we all know and love!! And three it’s honestly the nicest raw dessert I’ve ever had and it looked incredible (love presentation guys) and I could eat 10 at once! Three free samples and one square wasn’t enough! And I’m so sad I don’t live in London so I can’t eat this all day everyday (as a treat once a week as you know it would probably get boring all day everyday) but that doesn’t mean to say I wouldn’t give it a bash if I had the chance… Just incredible! They also had a choc cherry which I had a bit of and that too was incredible! Oh and donuts! How could I forget donuts, brownies and caramel slice (I think) except I didn’t get to try them! And by then, I’d eaten a whole lot of samples.. A whole lot!!!


Strawberry and yogurt pieces Cow and Gate

Super sweet freeze dried strawberries that don’t get stuck in your teeth, and meringue like yogurt pieces! Can’t go wrong really can you?!? I mean I don’t even like meringue but I LOVED these! So natural and delicious! And incredibly addictive! These are probably aimed at babies and toddlers but if you are looking for a healthy alternative to meringue/strawberries and cream! These are your answer! So affordable too! We’re talking around 50p! I bet they would be yummy sprinkled on top of yogurt too! Such a treat but a treat you can have all day everyday! Yummy, healthy and affordable! Meringue lovers, get buying!!! Same with the banana pack! Freeze dried soft banana chips that don’t get stuck in your teeth and the little gems of yogurt meringue! Yum! Not filling, I must admit but a great dessert option or pre-meal snack!


Kale chips sun dried tomato

I’m not the biggest kale in salad person or smoothie and all that but I do love a good kale chip!
Especially these sun dried tomato ones from Daylesford Farm! They basically taste like that crunchy seaweed you get at a Chinese restaurant, but not salty and probably a lot better for you! In fact I know they are a lot better for you! These are the perfect little snack! They sort of taste like ketchup so it’s like you are eating ketchup chips! But healthy! And a lot nicer in my opinion! I bet they would be yummy in a salad too! All they contain is kale, cashew nuts, tomato powder, deactivated yeast flakes, sun dried tomatoes and Himalayan salt! So natural and delicious!! I write my reviews whilst I’m eating the product and I’ve just realised what they taste like!!! Heinz baked beans!!!! So Heinz baked beans flavoured crisps that are healthy! Can’t go wrong can you?? These will definitely be a repurchase!! Organic, nutritious and delicious! And and and gluten, soya and dairy free! All round winner and I love the paper bag packaging too! Yum!


Snact Apple & Raspberry Fruit Jerky

It’s in the name! Fruit jerky and that’s what it is! It reminds me of fruit winders or fruit flakes which I used to have in my pack up when I was little! Except not filled with sugar and a million other ingredients I’ve never heard of! These are 100% fruit! Just apple and raspberry purée! I also love their concept! They use the ugly fruit which people tend to chuck away as a way of reducing food waste as they are just as nutritious as any other fruit! Love it! Healthy and environmentally friendly! And a nice little snack too! Oh and cheap! So an all round winner!


Fig and Orange Pana Chocolate

Enjoying one of many purchases from Good Roots! I’m finding it hard to snack at the minute as my stomach is constantly bloated but when you feel like something, you’ve got to eat it! I love chocolate orange! I think it might be my favourite chocolate flavour! At Christmas I would always get every single version of the Terry’s chocolate orange from the original to the popping candy etc and eat them all in one go! No shame! And I’ve also always loved figs! Not in the same way I do now.. I now love fresh figs with honey and cheese or yogurt and nuts! Back then in a roll form but hey I was happy then and I’m happy now! We change as we get older and that’s ok! We live and learn! Eat what makes you and only you feel good! At one part of my life I wouldn’t have gone near a bar of chocolate and I’m glad I can now reach for it without panicking about calories! Now I love them both in this form! Dark, melt in your mouth silky chocolate with the flavour of Terry’s but the chocolate of much higher quality and it’s got yummy chewy bits of dried figs! And oh I do love a fig in any form whether that be fresh or dried! They are sort of date like! I just love them! Such a perfect healthy alternative but in my opinion tastier, higher quality and more flavoursome version! You can’t find chocolate of this quality, creamy and silky consistency in any old supermarket! This is high end and handcrafted! Indulgent and delicious! It’s also raw, organic, handmade, low gi, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and refined sugar free! No guilt (let me just add, you should never feel guilty when treating yourself or eating anything for that matter! Your body deserves self love so give it to it!!) just pure indulgence and heaven! I must have had this bar three times in the past few months! I absolutely adore it! If you want to try a flavour you know you’ll love, try this! Oh and don’t even get me started on the packaging! A cardboard box with beautiful illustrations and writing on the front! Inside the chocolate is wrapped in a gorgeous patterned paper and the chocolate itself is decorated with hearts and positive words! What a lovely gift for someone or yourself! Love love love!


Simply Salted

Who doesn’t love popcorn? It’s a movie must have! It’s sticky or salty or drizzled in chocolate and sprinkles and it’s just so addictive and easy! But not so good for you in the health department.. What if I told you there’s a such thing as healthy popcorn that tastes just as good! Just corn, coconut oil and salt! And totally delicious! You get a subtle saltiness which I love as I find too salty too much! And can be too sickly! The coconut oil probably balances it out as it’s slightly sweet. The bag is full which I also love because I find bags of food can be quite disappointing when you open them to find half a bag full! I also love the cloud like packaging! It’s light, fresh and modern! Simple yet effective! It’s just a delicious gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and high fibre snack! Cheap and accessible too! Try grabbing a bag of this next time you go to the cinema! So so sooo much better for you than those processed high sugar bags you get when you’re there! Oh and it’s organic! Meaning toxin free! Woo oh! But let me just warn you.. It’s incredibly addictive!! I’m throwing pieces into my mouth as I write this!


Salted Maple

This one reminds me of a mixture of Rice Krispy marshmallow bars and that Butterkist popcorn you get but the toffee flavour! Both of which I used to love when I was younger! This however is a lot, and I mean a lot, better for you! All that’s in it is popcorn, maple syrup, coconut oil and Himalayan salt! I mean why would you say no to this!? It’s the less salty and sweeter version of the other bag! Both delicious and both nutritious! Even though this one contains maple syrup it’s still in a really small amount so your blood sugar levels won’t spike! So no tiredness after! AKA you won’t fall asleep in the cinema! Well not because of what you ate anyway.. Pink Himalayan salt not only looks pretty but is one of the purest, if not the purest salt out there! It contains the same 84 minerals that are naturally found in your body! It’s unrefined and full if iodine! And it’s delicious! I love how they have made the bag pink like the salt! Such a simple yet effective idea! Now I’m going to carry on stuffing my face with popcorn and you better be running to the shop to grab yourself a bag too!


Ape salted coconut curls

The perfect snack for a low blood pressure person like myself! And for a coconut fan girl like myself! Just coconut and natural sea salt. It tastes like biscuits and shortbread weirdly but I’m not complaining! It’s that Viennese whirl from M&S thing going on again! It brings back lots of childhood memories! Absolutely love! So natural yet so delicious! Perfect for a day outside with a cool drink in the sunshine! Part of your 5 a day, no added sugar and high in fibre! I’ll deffo surely be buying more


Coconut and Goji Pana Chocolate

I am a coconut obsessive… This is my idea of of heaven! Dark creamy artisan chocolate with an essence of coconut and little flakes and coconut running thoughout and then firey red and sweet goji berries scattered around to create the most perfect mid week treat! I love the variety of textures! It makes this so addictive and enjoyable to eat! I want another 10 bars! Coconut flakes are my favourite topping ever! I add them to pretty much everything as they go with pretty much everything whether it be sweet or savoury and they look pretty! Goji berries however I never liked until now… I never knew what to pair them with/how to incorporate them into my recipes! But I must admit they look stunning against the rich dark chunks of heaven! So bright and vibrant! They’d look great on choc smoothies and in summer tabouleh bowls! Soft sweet and nutritionally super! I’m a changed woman after this bar! That’s how good it is! And I was unsure about this one! Oh how wrong I was!! Its just as good as the rest! I don’t know how these guys do it but they manage to amaze me every time! I will never go back to eating supermarket chocolate! EVER! It’s probably a good job I don’t live in Australia because I’d just live off of this.. My caffeine and sugar levels would be out of this world!! Speaking of sugar though it’s actually quite low considering it’s a chocolate bar!! So that’s a plus too right! I have no complaints guys! Red raisin like dots of colour which are packed full of nutritional gold and coconut! I never have anything bad to say about coconut! Just perfect!

So guys, that’s my snack review from the month of June! Minus the ones I’ve reviewed as a collection from a particular brand, which can be found under the lifestyle section of my blog! Hope you liked it,

Leitchy xx


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