Lemon and Poppy Seed Porridge


Pretty right? You’re looking at my gorgeous bowl of lemon and poppy seed porridge and lucky for you, I thought I’d share the recipe with you! This is part of my dessert to porridge series! I used to love a good lemon drizzle cake or lemon and poppy seed muffin, so buttery, light and fresh! This porridge is sweet with a subtle lemon hint, not bitter, just subtle and comforting! Lemon drizzle brings back a lot of memories for me in a weird way! I once made a lemon drizzle cake for my cousin’s wedding! They asked everyone to make a cake and bring one with them for the dessert course, instead of having a wedding cake, which was a lovely idea! There was also a little competition too! I didn’t win but I got told it was close… that’s all I’m saying! I made a mean lemon drizzle! It was also the one cake we always had in the house, either that or chocolate banana bread! So it was pretty crucial I made a lemony porridge right?! And yes! The chocolate banana bread porridge is coming your way soon!

This isn’t like a drizzle cake! It’s more like a lemon and poppy seed muffin, which I’ve also always loved and enjoyed making or eating as a treat when I’m out at a cafe with friends and family!

I’ve topped the porridge with creamy full fat yogurt, I guess you could say it acts as the buttercream or icing! Blueberries, because they work well with lemon, almonds for crunch, and poppy seeds for the poppy seed element and they look super duper photogenic too! I also saved some zest back for decoration and pure Instagram purposes.. but that isn’t necessary if you are just making this for yourself! However, it was me, I’d still save some back.. can’t beat a bit of presentation and it feels more special! Self love guys!




Let’s talk about health! Everyones idea of healthy is going to be different! Someone who has two pieces of fruit a day and a MacDonalds for tea may consider themselves as healthy. However someone who eats a ton of fruit for breakfast and various healthy fats, pseudo cereals and grains throughout the day and then ends the day with a healthy chocolate bar, may consider themselves as unhealthy! I think there’s a fine line between healthy and too healthy. Looking at those two examples I’d say the first has a much healthier mindset whereas the second has a healthier diet but way too restrictive. However, you need both to be healthy. You could eat all the vegetables and healthy fats in the world and still be unhealthy. If your mindset isn’t healthy and all the time you’re worrying about ‘cheating’ or if you are feeling guilty about ‘unclean’ foods, then that isn’t healthy. You need a balance. I’m not saying I’m balanced! I’m far from perfect! But nobody’s perfect! I think we forget that sometimes! We need to remember to be kind to ourselves. I’m still on the journey to having both a balanced mindset and body! But I’ve come a hell of a long way! I was once the MacDonalds girl and I was once on the too healthy side too! There was a point when I struggled to reach my five a day and there was a point where I wouldn’t go near fats of any kind, avoided oils, counted every calorie that came in and out of my body and rarely treated myself! My body has been through a hell of a lot, and then I ended up with a load of digestive issues and only in the past month has it started to all settle down! I’d say now, my body is the healthiest it’s ever been and so is my mindset! I now eat to feel the best I can! I’m also a lot happier in myself too! Healthy eating is not a diet, which I’ve only realised within the past nine months! I now know my body and know what it needs to feel its best! Healthy eating is a lifestyle. Everyones idea of healthy is going to be different but it should never be something hard, challenging or depriving! Healthy eating is eating in a way that makes you feel like a superhero! Whether that’s small and often, whether that’s plant based, eating meat, fish and dairy etc. you are the only one who knows! Just remember to be sensible and respect your body! I’m guilty of disrespecting my body but I now know where I went wrong and now want to feel the healthiest and happiest I can both mentally and physically! I’m not going to punish myself or regret for not knowing enough and getting ill because everyone makes mistakes! But I can learn from my mistakes and by doing so turn out stronger and more knowledgable! I just need to do me! and I am now doing me! One quote I really like and believe in is ‘health is not a size it’s a lifestyle’. It’s such an important message! Healthy eating is taking care of yourself, not because you wish to look different but because you respect your body and want to feel like a superhero 24/7. There’s no right or wrong way to be healthy, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from anything and there’s no such thing as perfect! It’s simply what works best for you! So please don’t compare yourself or wish for better or criticise yourself in anyway! Eat to make you feel like a superhero and be happy! Same goes for exercise, move your body not because you wish to look different but because you respect it and want to feel your best! It’s more enjoyable that way anyway! ‘Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. not a punishment for what you ate’ Another quote to take in to acount! I’m guilty for punishing my body and slaving over the cardio machines a few years ago! Sorry for quoting left right and centre but it’s such an important message and it’s easy to see exercise as a way to punish yourself! If you don’t enjoy a certain type of exercise, why do it? Find something that works best for you and something you look forward to. Try something new! It will benefit you so much both mentally and physically!

Right! I think thats enough for one day! Lets get making some delicious porridge! It’s time to eat lots of delicious and nutritious porridge that makes you feel good and most importantly, like a superhero! Remember to count nutrients and not calories! And let’s all be superheroes together!



Ingredients – serves one.

1/2 cup quinoa flakes – feel free to buckwheat flakes or oats

1 cup almond milk

1 1/2 tsp raw vanilla powder – extract will work too

the zest of 1 lemon

1 tbsp 100% pure maple syrup

20 blueberries

4 heaped tsp full fat live yoghurt/coconut yogurt for a diary free alternative

a small handful of almonds, chopped – preferably soaked overnight

1/2 tsp poppy seeds


Place the flakes, milk, zest and vanilla in a pan and place over  a low heat until thickened.

Stir through the maple syrup and pour into a bowl.

Dollop on the yoghurt and scatter over the blueberries and chopped almonds.

Sprinkle over the poppy seeds and extra lemon zest if you like a good bit of presentation.


Leitchy xx




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