Lemon and Fried Strawberry Bircher

Good morning you wonderful bunch! Can you believe it’s May on Monday?! Crazy right?! This year is flying by! I guess that’s a good thing, I’d rather it be flying than dragging! It means I’m loving what I’m doing!! So this week is another busy one! I’m ordering my third cookbook! I say cookbook.. it’s not published and probably won’t be any time soon! Neither are the other two! I just like to write up all my recipes and take pretty photos so that they’re all in one place and I can remake all my favourites. So that’s super exciting! I’m also designing some mini cookbooks that will be available to buy on my stalls on hopefully on my website too. They’ll contain five of my favourite bakes and a little about me section! Exciting to see them in the flesh! I’ll let you know when they’re available! I’ve also decided I want to do a personal training course! I’ve always been interested in fitness! I was actually planning on becoming a personal trainer before I got ill but the food side was something I loved more and something I could do from home. Don’t panic, I’m not stopping my food blog or business! I love them way way too much! I just want to do something else I’m super passionate about, it’s another way to help people and I wanted an active chatty job as well as my own business, as being my own boss and the only one behind Leitchycreates, it can get a little lonely. So I’m going to train as a personal trainer this summer and hopefully get a job doing that part time! Super excited! also nervous but the good kind! and then spend the other half of my time on my blog and business! They both link and I can promote both! So thats all super new and another challenge I’m looking forward too! I’ve obviously got my product I’m working on and that should be announced the end of this week or early next. It might be a while until its up and running though but I’ll share with you what it is very very soon!!! I’m also planning some events around Sheffield which will be foodie based and my take on a original we all love! Excited to share that soon too!!! I think that’s all my news… I’ll add anything I’ve missed on Friday! So yeah, all very exciting! Got my fingers in a lot of pies and I’m excited to see what happens next! I finally feel like I’m on the right path and things are finally kicking off!!!

So today I’m sharing one of my favourite breakfast preparation dishes. I go down to London monthly and it’s always on a super early train, so I’ve been creating some bircher recipes and chia puddings in jars, that I can take with me and eat on the go. These would  be great to prepare at the start of the week if you’re busy and up early for school/work/off on holiday etc. This one is super sweet, fresh and filling! It reminds me of lemon biscuits/drizzle cake. A comforting sweetness rather than a bitter one! It’s topped with fried strawberries, toasted coconut and pistachios, a good dollop of creamy coconut yoghurt and some chopped chocolate almonds. I have used Octo chocolate almonds. A gorgeous brand, that creates high end raw chocolate products in the most beautiful packaging. I love the coated almonds as you get that indulgent chocolate hit that satisfies those cravings and makes things exciting and you get the sweet crunch from the almond. Almond and chocolate are such a good combination! I’ve been chopping up these almonds and scattering them over everything! I also used them in place of mini eggs at Easter, on my crispy buns! So so good! I think I’ve only got a few left, so I’ll be ordering again very soon! I think I’m going to try some new things too, as well as my favourite ever chocolate bar in the whole world ever! The salted pistachio white chocolate! Words cannot describe how good that bar is! Seriously! You neeeeeeeed to try it!

Enjoy my LeitchyTribe!



1 mashed banana

2 tbsp almond butter

50g buckwheat flakes

2 tsp chia seeds

1 lemon zest

150ml milk

1 heaped spoonful of vanilla coconut yoghurt

50g starwberries, chopped

5g dessicated coconut

8g pistachios, chopped

2 chocolate almonds/a piece of raw chocolate, sliced – I used Octo



Mash the banana in a bowl until smooth.

Stir through the almond butter and zest until smooth and a paste has formed.

Stir through the flakes, chia and milk. Whisk with a fork to remove any lumps.

Cover and pop in the fridge overnight or for 1 hour.

At this point, if you’re planning to take it on the go, tansfer to a jar with a lid.


Give the bircher a stir and add milk if too thick.

Dollop with a big spoonful of coconut yoghurt.

Toast the coconut followed by the pistachios in a dry non stick pan, over a medium heat until golden. Pour the toasted nuts over the bircher.

Pop the strawberries in the pan and fry until slightly charred/golden.

Pour the strawberries over the bircher and then scatter with the chopped chocolate almonds.

Screw on the lid and take on the go or dig in!!


Leitchy xx

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