In this section of my blog, you will find reviews of different healthy food and drink products on the market from various brands! I’ve done this so that you guys can flick through and decide which healthy treats and snacks you might like to try before buying them! That way I can show you what’s available and what’s good!


Monthly top ten

This section of posts will be the shortest in length as they are simply a list of my favourite things that have happened that month! This section is more for me to look back on in the future as a little memory of my year so far and to show myself how far I have come both mentally and physically! But it’s a nice little read for you guys too and maybe it will motivate you to sit down at the end of the month and think about all the positive things that have happened!


Monthly favourites

This section of posts will be the longest! It’s a more in depth section of my monthly top ten! I’ll talk about absolutely everything I’ve loved that month from food to fashion to tv and events etc! It’s definitely a section to read on a slow Sunday morning with a big cup of tea and a comforting bowl of porridge! This section will allow you to get to know me more as a person and it might also influence you to try a few new products, restaurants, places etc.