Livias kitchen raw millionaire bites






Raisin and almond

Oh my word… That’s all I’ve got to say! Soft with a crunchy top base and gooey raisins running through out! A thick layer of date caramel in the center! Heaven in a bite! One who doesn’t love millionaire shortbread!! But this is better as its got a thicker layer of caramel and it doesn’t crumble in your hand! Two they are in bite size so you can chuck it all in in one go! Ans three it’s super duper duper super healthy!!!!! I mean, why wouldn’t you buy these?!?! They are also in a handy tub to take on the go or to seal and eat throughout the week! But I mean.. are they going to last more than one day??? Certainly not in my house!! The chunks of almond and raisin throughout are just heavenly and give that fruit cake/mince pie/rocky road/fridge cake vibe! I’m just hooked! Do you think these are suitable to eat on top of nice cream and for breakfast?!?!? I think I might just have too.. No shame! I’m hooked!!! Such an amazing substitute for the heavenly millionaires shortbread we all know and love but with the added health benefits and the flavours of other tea time treats and cakes we love! So really they are better right?! Oh and they are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, all natural and a source of fibre for those who are interested! Get stuck in! Perfect swap for any share bag of chocolate from the supermarket! Just delicious!




Salted caramel

Heaven! Pure heaven! A thin biscuit base! A sweet ooey gooey date layer topped with a thin layer of raw chocolate! The best Friday end of week, afternoon snack! Just incredible and super crazy that these are healthy! Just the right amount of ‘shortbread’ and chocolate and good old thick layer of sweet salted date goodness but not too salty! Just the right amount of salty! They remind me of those millionaire shortbread bites thortons and Marks and Sparks make but not sickly or too sweet and dangerously addictive! They may be in a tub but whether I control my self and pop the lid back on is another question! The size is perfect! You can just chuck one in your mouth and fall in love with every bite and then chuck another in and keep going until you feel enough is enough which will probably be when there’s non left… So simple yet so delicious! You could trick people with these! They look and taste like the real deal but better in my opinion and no not because I know they are healthy but because they aren’t sickly! They are just super delicious and the perfect afternoon pick me up with a good old cup of tea! Couldn’t be more impressed! Well I new I already liked them having taking advantage of the samples at good roots London but still…


It’s like a cake version of a Jaffa cake but better, more moist, more favour some and more luxury! The buttery biscuit base next to the strong orange gooey irrisistable caramel is to die for! And the chocolate gives it that whole Jaffa cake feel! So so so good and it might even be my favourite! So flavoursome, indulgent and it brings back loads of Childhood memories of Christmas and Terry’s chocolate oranges and cosy Christmas mornings opening my stocking full of various chocolate orange and how excited and happy I was! I love them! I love all the various textures together! Buttery, gooey and then crisp dark chocolate! Yum! I’m also amazed how you can taste each individual layers flavours! So incredible! And so healthy! Pretty amazing really! There’s also almond essences in there which I love as I’m an almond Holic and it gives a more grown up indulgence taste! The maple adds just enough sweetness next to the sweet but tart orange and the flavours couldn’t be more spot on! I’m for sure expecting a tub of this in my stocking this year in replace for my chocolate orange! They’re are so much more luxury and special and the perfect gift for a loved one or your self.. I couldn’t recommend these more and my cupboard will defiantly stocked up with these from Halloween through to January! There’s nothing not to like! Even my dad who doesn’t like chocolate orange loved these! And that’s saying something!! All that’s in these bites of heaven are date paste, gluten free oat flour, dark chocolate made from cacao mass, coconut sugar and cacao butter, maple syrup, raw coconut oil, orange zest and orange oil! Unbelievably natural and unbelievably delicious!







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