Macadamia mash

I eat yoghurt most days, whether it be with fruit and nuts, parfait form, on top of porridge or with granola! It’s so easy to flavour and goes with pretty much everything, savoury or sweet.
One of my favourite ways to eat it is in a parfait form/layers. That way you get to experience various flavours and textures which all compliment one another and look pretty too.
In this recipe I’ve played about with the texture of the blueberry and kept some whole and some mashed, mainly for presentation values but it makes the parfait more exciting to eat too as it confuses the senses.


100g blueberries
1/2 tbsp honey
150g full fat live yogurt/coconut yogurt
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
20g macadamia nuts
10g sunflower seeds
5g coconut flakes
1/2 tbsp honey

Serves 1

Firstly roughly mash the blueberries with 1/2 tbsp honey with the back of a fork and transfer to a glass/ jar.
Mix together the yogurt and vanilla and pour over the mashed blueberries.
Toast the nuts, seeds and coconut in a dry pan over a high heat until golden (toast one at a time).
Pour the toasted nuts, seeds and coconut ontop of the yogurt and drizzle with the remaining honey.


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