May favourites

Another little blog series which I’ll be posting on the last Tuesday of every month is my monthly favourites! There will be no subject/theme to these favourites, they’ll just be everything I’m loving this month! From food, to fashion, to books, to workouts, to skincare etc. etc. You get the drift.


I can’t explain how much I adore Meridian foods new coconut peanut butter! If you’re up to date on my blog, you’ll know from my nut butter post, I’m overly obsessed..

I especially love it in my PB&J smoothie!! Oh and a new recipe which I’ll be sharing in June, My chocolate banana bread! It’s crazy good!


Back day! I hated back day for a good couple of months, so much so, I just stopped training it.. but since I’ve mixed up my routines and become more motivated in the gym again, its turned into my favourite day! I especially love one arm overhead lat extensions (I think thats what they’re called) So you put two handles on the lat extension machine and you pull down one arm at a time for 12 reps and then straight into both together for 12 reps! Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


My new snazzy trousers from Topshop! If you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve seen some of my holiday pics, you may be familiar with the blue trousers. They are super comfy, super classy and super all round in my opinion! I love the black belt contrast against the light blue and I love to pair them with a simple black vest and my all white Stan Smiths.


I’ve got two!

If you live up north or if you have been to Manchester you may be familiar with the beautiful restaurant Australasia! It’s outside the Armani shop and has sort of a glass pyramid entrance. It’s the most amazing sushi restaurant, amazing combinations, so fresh and the presentation is out of this world! It’s also super classy and trendy inside! A must if you are ever in the area and are a sushi Queen/King like myself.

My second was only discovered on Saturday but I loved everything about it! Upshot expresso! It’s a little independent cafe in Sheffield and I’m so glad they are local-ish! Firstly their food is incredible! I’ve had their delicious avocado on toast with chilli jam, which is always a favourite dish of mine everywhere I go but even better with chilli jam! I’ve also had one of their open rye sandwiches with mushrooms, lemon parsley cream with ash oil! I can’t explain how good this is! It’s honestly the nicest breakfast out I’ve ever had!! And I’ve been to a lot of breakfast places in my time! Healthy or not! If you live in Sheffield, you NEED to go here! Secondly, it’s really cool inside and their presentation is on point! And you guys know how much I love my presentation! Everything’s better when it looks good! Head over to my Instagram or Twitter if you want to know what I’m babbling on about! So yeah, definitely my new favourite breakfast place and I’ll definitely be visiting more!


Hands down… Drake – One dance.

Yup, no words, just obsessed.


Whilst in Manchester, I treated myself quite a bit but I felt as though I deserved it! I have no shame, I’ve come along so much in these past few months and its worth celebrating! Anyway I bought myself the Hourglass ambient lighting pallet and I’m in love! I’ve never come across a contour pallet so gorgeous in my life!!! Its so easy to apply, blends gorgeously and stays on all day! It’s also in the most gorgeous packaging ever!!! If you love a bit of expensive makeup, like myself, this is a definite must have!!!


I loved this product since I got it for christmas and then I decided to buy the whole range. The Liz Earle, cleanse and polish, moisturiser and toner set! It leaves your skin so silky and smooth and has cleared up my blemishes a treat! I’ve also purchased a travel size cleanse and polish to take away with me because I love it so much! The most natural product I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin and smells incredible!


I am the biggest Harry Potter fan girl! I love everything about it, I’ve watched the films a billion times, I’ve been to the studios down in London, I have a Dumbledore quote on my wall and I’ve just started reading the books again! I’m now onto book 4 and I can’t get enough! I love to escape into the magical world, fully relax and read a chapter before bed. I’ve found reading before bed, rather than scrolling through my phone has really helped me get to sleep quicker and easier.


Speaking of sleep, another product I’ve been using since December time is the Deep sleep + pillow spray from this works. As it says in the name, it works! Whether its psychological or it actually works, I’m not sure.. but either way I’m sleeping again so I’m happy! I spray it all over my pillow before I go to bed and it makes everything smell of calming lavender. Not too strong either! Just the right amount.


I must have started a new diary every month when I was little, stuck at it for a week and the ended up writing ‘I got up at 7am, went to school, went to bed at 8pm’ for the following week and then chucked it in the bin. We’ve all been there..

So when I came across the five minute journal I was a bit skeptical to whether it would have the same effect. But no my friends! I’ve stuck at it for a good four months and I believe it has genuinely helped me be more mindful and positive.

You write three things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up in a morning, with one thing you want to believe/live by and three things you want to happen that day. Then before you go to sleep, you write three amazing things that happened that day and one thing that could have been better. It’s that simple and  actually takes two minutes, not five so it’s hard to lose track! Near enough impossible and thats coming from me!

They also do an app for those of you who aren’t a fan of writing, don’t want any nosy family members/flat mates reading it or for those busy bees and early morning risers.


I’m subscribed to absolutely loads of people on youtube, from fashion, makeup, foodies, health, comedy, tv shows etc. etc.

My favourite person to watch, mainly for tips and confidence has been Madeleine Shaw.

I love her monthly favourite videos to find out about new products, I’ve loved her 5 things that changed her life video where she talks about how a friend of hers told her that there is only one you and you bring something different to what anyone else does! Watch the full video for the full effect.. It’s explained better I promise! I love her videos on anxiety, bloating and IBS. The videos I love the most are on confidence! They have really helped me understand and want to learn how to love myself.

I also love her as a person, she’s so positive, informative and relatable!

Check her out for a confidence boost and some top notch motivation!


I actually can’t decide between two accounts this month!

Numero 1 – Hayley Carey. She has the most gorgeous, funny little girl in the whole wide world. I have no other words other then go give her a follow.

Numero 2 – Inherited kitchen. They are a new juice bar that have just opened up in Sheffield and they take the most beautiful pictures of their drinks! Their presentation and composition is on point! I’m yet to try it out but my brother liked it and I trust his opinion. I’ll be sure to post a picture for you guys when I go!


Photo of the month is this one of me and my Mum in Altea, Spain. I love everything about it. We’re happy, we’re on holiday and we’re relaxed.



A tv series I’ve been loving this month is The Five! It’s just started on Sky and me, my Mum and my Dad are hooked! Theres so many things going on, from kidnappings, to murders, to relationships and a million other things! Can’t beat a good old drama to sit down to watch at 9pm in the week.


So thats it guys! My may favourites! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and maybe it has inspired you to go watch/follow/buy/read/listen/eat something new!

See you Thursday,

Leitchy xx


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