Mighty bee


It tastes like bacon! Smoky, tomato bacon! With a mix of sun dried tomatoe in there and BBQ crisps! I’m not getting coconut but tbh I wasn’t expecting it strangely! I guess the coconut adds the sweetness! Super delicious! Chewy, well, jerky like.. That chew is so satisfying! It’s really spicy but I like spice! To me it’s bacon! Spicy BBQ bacon! You can’t really go wrong can you?! And it’s one of your 5 a day! It’s gluten free, refined sugar free and high in fibre! All that’s in it is coconut (obvs) sun dried tomato, dates, smoked paprika, cayenne, garlic, salt, Oregon, onion, basil and that’s it! Sooooo flavoursome and I’m so so glad I ordered three packs of this stuff! It’s delicious! The perfect jerky/biltojngie replacement! You could use it in sandwiches, have it with eggs and avocado in replacement for bacon, have it in salads, on top of Chicken! Possibly is endless! You need to try this! It’s worth the money!

Hazelnut and cacao

Coconut goodness! This one actually tastes like coconut which I loooooove! You can taste the hazelnut and cacao too quite strong which gives a Nutella, farrero roche feel! But in strip form with the most satisfying chew! It’s probably s good job these are in portion sizes or I’d happily sit there and eat a whole box! This one would be great to top yogurt and porridge and all things sweet with! In place of granola or flakes on ice cream! I imagine it would also work really well with banana! You could shove this in a banana split in place of a chocolate bar or biscuit! Speaking of biscuits and chocolate bars, it would be a great replacement for them! So nutty and sweet! It would also be amazing dipped in nut butter! You know anything dipped in nut butter! It’s me were talking about but coconut to create the most amazing combination ever! My three favourite things, nut butter, choc and coconut!!! And then crumbled over nice cream or porridge! A dream come true! Or a yogurt topper! But these little packs of goodness are also yummy on there own! A awesome chocolate fix which is low in sugar and high in nutrition! Just coconut, hazelnuts, dates, coconut sugar, raw cacao, cashews, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutritional yeast! That’s it! Super healthy and super delicious! Yeah you can tell this ones healthy where as the other one you couldn’t but it’s still really good!

Sweet teriyaki coconut with hints of ginger! I love it! I love that you can taste the coconut with this one!! It’s amazing on its own but I can see it being pared with noodles, ramen, stir fried or satay dishes! Also salads or like a Japanese fry up! Oooh giving me ideas! Super chewy and delicious! The main flavours are ginger, Tamari and sweet coconut! I now can’t decide between this one and the BBQ being my favourite!! So versatile but also incredible on its own! So so healthy and wholesome too and low in sugar which is important to me and my stomach! Such a handy pick me up! Crazy how flavoursome but natural these little bags are and again I adore the packaging! So so so delicious! And again satisfyingly chewy but not get stuck in your teeth chewy! Just the right amount of chew! And accessible to everyone as its free from pretty much everything, raw, organic and paleo and certified by the soil association annnnnd one of your five a day! And delicious!

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