Monthly Favourites – October


Hmmmmmm…I think It has to be my porcini mushroom porridge! Well I say porridge.. It’s more of a risotto if I’m being honest but it’s perfect for when you are wanting something quick but delicious for breakfast or if you are coming in late from work and are wanting something super flavoursome, comforting and again quick and easy! You fry everything a little first, throw in the flakes, milk and various other things, stir for about 3 minutes and taaaadaaaah you’ve got the quickest risotto ever!! You need to try this one! I’ve also created an onion one, a pea one and a pumpkin one! All incredible, super low in sugar and so satisfying and delicious!


It has to be my little late night snack! Pretty much a healthy eton mess! So good! So I mix together coyo vanilla yoghurt as it’s thick and more ice cream like in consistency and taste with frozen raspberries to create a little eton mess thing and then I either top in with a healthy cereal like beetroot Qnola or something I’ve baked, like a crumbled up biscuit and then a generous dollop of activated nut butter – Favourite being roasted cashew butter! Check my Instagram story around 7pm – 8pm and you’ll see my snack bowl in full action!


This month I’ve been doing a lot more baking! With The Great British Bake Off and after Livia’s afternoon tea last month and experimenting with raw and vegan a lot more I’ve been loving coming up with new creations from muffins, to raw bites, to crumbles, to chocolate and biscuits! My favourites being biscuits and cookies! Especially my maca cookies and peanut butter jelly cookies! But I’ve also made lemon and coconut which again were incredible, more like an oat biscuit, so sweet and refreshing and chocolate chunk biscuits using coconut and the best – ombar chocolate! So snack wise I’ve been snacking on all my baked goods!

Nut butter

So as I’ve mentioned on a few posts this month, I’ve been activating my own nuts, dehydrating them, roasting them and then blending them with a little salt and making my own various nut butters this month! By activating them I’m removing the acid that irritates the stomach lining, making them harder to digest and allowing vital minerals and nutrients to be absorbed! It might be quite time consuming but you can make double the quantity for the same price as a shop bought version, it is better for you and you can be so experimental with different nut combinations both raw and roasted! My favourites have been cashew, almond and hazelnut and maple spread!


Hmmmmm, probably squash! I love a good old roasted squash! Especially red kuri and butternut squashes! I love going to my local grocers and seeing all the different squashes in a variety of shapes and sizes, colours and patterns! So pretty and super delicious and comforting too! So buttery and sweet! I’ve been loving them roasted in wedges and added to salads or enjoyed for breakfast with a little almond butter and raspberries! In curries, risottos and even on pizzas! So versatile and always incredibly delicious and satisfying!


Now it’s getting cooler I’m loving wearing a chunky knit with either smart/casual trousers or a little skirt! My favourite combinations are a black and white or grey and black skirt, normally patterned with a plain chunky knitted jumper, tights and my boots! Looks classy but cosy!


It has to be Vero Gusto! The best Italian in Sheffield if not England! Amazing staff, environment and food! We went for my Mum’s birthday! For starter I had a trio of fish, I think (it was the 1st of the month) it was seabass, monkfish and scallops! So chunky, fresh and flavoursome, yet so simple and beautifully presented! Then for main I had steak with truffle mushroom sauce! The BEST steak I’ve ever had ever! Ok… I’ve not had that many steaks in my life but my Dad had it too and he also said it was incredible and he’s had a lot of steaks! Just so tender, flavoursome and the sauce was just amazing! Then we shared two cheese boards, I demolished the parmesan and there were two other cheeses I can’t remember what they were but my parents loved them and we all had a lovely time! Definitely one to try if you haven’t already!


Friends – Bon Iver


Probably nut butter making you know! That and nut milk making! It’s just satisfying and varied! Yeah it takes a while to soak, dehydrate, crisp up and blend but it’s all little things that add up to about 30 minutes of your time and its so rewarding and it tastes so much better!! Especially nut milk!! When you go back to trying shop bought, it tastes so watery and flavourless! Whereas when you make your own, you can make it so creamy and flavoursome! Hazelnut is my favourite by far! I made it with 2 cups of water and it was like full fat milk! So creamy! It made my hot chocolate and maca latte taste incredible!!


I’ve just started reading Bloom by Estee Lalonde! It’s really interesting! I’ve watched her youtube channel for a while now and I’ve always liked listening and watching her blogs, she seems like a real genuine and down to earth person! Her book reflects this, it’s really beautifully laid out, well written and super motivational, positive and relatable! Especially when she talks about anxiety and depression! Proper lovely book and I look forward to reading it before I go to bed!


Hmmm this is always a hard one!! Probably eating naked! Or Anna Gardell! Same person, two names. She sets all her photos out on a plain marble backdrop and then presents the bowl or ingredients in the most beautiful way! I especially love her breakfast bowls, they look stunning, really stunning and sound delicious too! She also normally gives the recipe too guys!! Her salads and savoury bowls also look and sound incredible! The photographs are such high quality and the styling is just beautiful! Such a pretty feed and one I will always follow!




Well theres no question about it! This one has to be The Blacklist! My family and I have been fans for a while now but for some reason, when season three came on it only started recording from episode 9, so we couldn’t watch it because we obviously wanted to watch it from the start and we couldn’t find the first 9 episodes anywhere! But a few weeks ago, sky put season three on catch up so thats basically what we spend on evenings doing now! Watching 3 episodes of the blacklist or more and eating my eton mess super dessert!


Can an event be a whole weekend?! It is in my eyes anyway! The weekend just gone plus yesterday and today! So Saturday, was an early one, train to London, raw cake making course all day with the fabulous Nama and then meeting up with Celine and Gemma at the deli for tea to talk all things foodie! Such a lovely and enjoyable day! Sunday more foodie restaurants and business around london! This was carried through to Monday! Plus lots of shopping of course! And then I know today hasn’t happened yet butttt more foodie spots, shopping and then tonight me and mum are off to Nama again for their raw pastry course! Exciting!!!


Baking!!! It has to be!! In spirit of the bake off I tend to bake something on a Wednesday so we can eat it whilst we watch! But as soon as the box of bake goods has been emptied, I’ve tended to bake something else! So far this month I’ve baked four lots of cookies, three lots of raw bites, a set of raw chocolates, some raw quinoa puff chocolate bars and a raw banana slice! Which is pretty incredible if I say so myself! A cashew biscuit base, vanilla nice cream and then a cashew caramel layer on top! So so so so good! Super indulgent and the perfect treat whilst watching Harry Potter! Check out my what I eat in a day 13 to see!!

Hope you enjoyed reading what I loved this month!

Leitchy xx



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