Munchy seeds

Review time!


Omega 3

Crackers! These remind me of cheese crackers! Not cheese tasting just the frackers you put cheese on if that makes any sense! Those Jacobs cream crackers boxes you get at Christmas! Any way delicious! I love the sesame taste! Definitely my new favourite seed! Thank you super seeds! I bet they’d be yummy sprinkled on cheese and cheese salads! Because this one doesn’t have a strong flavour it’s probably the most versatile! You could use it as granola, porridge toppings, salads and tray bakes! As well as baking! It’s also an awesome source of omega 3! Just sunflower seeds, pumpkin, hemp, sesame and rapeseeds! I’ll have to try experimenting with this one and tell you guys what I come up with! Such an all rounder!


Pumpkin power

These remind me of the super seeds Tamari but more subtle! They have the same Asian vibe favouring going on! Just delicious! They remind me more of Japanese cuisine actually! I can see them sprinkled on sushi or Asian inspired salads and noodles! It’s a mix of sesame pumpkin and sunflower seeds! The sesame makes it more Japanese flavoured which I love! The flavour is subtle but just the right amount of subtle making them versatile for lots of summer salads and al fresco meals as well as Asian cuisine and just eaten on the go! A big fan of how they actually fill the bag! That way you get your money’s worth and get to eat more!! I mean, win win or what? The packaging is also funky and you can see what’s inside through a little window! Great little pack to squeeze into alunchbox or bag as it squishes down! Also very light! Actually I bet salmon or sea bream rolled in these before baking would be delicious! Or sprinkled into stir fries! Just so versatile , healthy and delicious and pocket friendly! I’m pretty sure it’s two for a pound! Bargain marvin! Health benefits – high in magnesium, high in vitamin e, high in zinc and iron, a source of fibre and protein, gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians! Yum yum yum! Get in my tum!


Chilli smoke

Seedy as predicted with a hint of spice! Which is nice! Poet I know.. If you like a hint of warmth but not a full on kick these are you guys! You get that warmth but not lets down a glass of water or cough until the cows come home! I like a lot! These would be a great replacement for salted or spicy peanuts at a BBQ or when you are sat in the sun having a cheeky beverage! They’d also be great in salads or with cooling yogurt or guac in burritos or burrito bowls! Or stirred through rice salads to pimp them up and even sprinkled over curry! This little pack of goodness contains sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and apricot kernels which I’ve never heard of but they are yummy! It’s also highly in thiamin, vitamin e, zinc, iron and fibre and it’s a good source of protein so handy to slip into your gym bag and eat on the way home! Such an all rounder! I’ll definitely be repurchasing!


Hope you guys enjoyed this short but sweet review! I didn’t review the other packs of seeds they sell because they were full of sugar and my stomach wouldn’t agree! However my family said they were delicious and especially love the honey and choppy apricot packs!

Leitchy xx

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