New Nakd Bars





It actually tastes like carrot cake! Cinnamon sweet goodness with little pieces of carrot and nuts throughout and raisins! So so good! One of my favourites actually! Chewy cookie like in texture and incredibly delicious to taste! The perfect snack anytime of day and even better as it’s got those sweet hints of cinnamon throughout! You can’t taste the nuts, but they more add crunch and depth! But that’s no bad thing! And no you can’t taste the carrot, it just adds sweetness! So natural, so tasty and you need to get your hands on this before it sells out if you are a carrot cake lover! It’s limited edition! This one would be yummy broken up with yogurt or milk to create that cream cheese icing thing and delicious warm with a cuppa or some nice cream! I love it and you will too! Incredibly natural and incredibly delicious!



This ones is so good! Apricot jam goodness! With crunchy nuts throughout to create a biscuit bar! So tangy, fruity and delicious! The perfect morning fix or cheese board accompaniment or yogurt topper! It’s got quite a sour tang which I love but not too sour! And the nutty crunch is incredibly satisfying! This one would be perfect anytime of day and year! It’s a nice change from normal nut and fruit bars as it’s got more of a crunch and stronger flavour! Just an all round good two biter bar and it’s got jazzy orange packaging to match! Live!



One of my favourite bars! Crunchy peanut goodness! It reminds me of those bars you can get from Italian markets which are nougat and peanut or peanut and toffee! So so good! Fudgey date bar but you wouldn’t know it was dates they just add sweetness with chunks of buttery peanuts throughout in different sizes! It’s not stodgy like peanut butter (I’m not offending peanut butter! I love the stodginess!!) I also like how it’s slightly salted to give a irresistible salted peanut caramel like taste! There’s nothing not to like! It’s the perfect balance between sweet and savoury! Not sickly sweet and not too nutty! It’s delicious on its own but I really want to try it stirred through my peanut butter jelly smoothie to make a cookie dough like dream smoothie! I bet it would also taste good with chocolate smoothies! It’s unbelievably natural, just peanuts, dates and salt! That’s it! It’s basically all the peanut bars you can think of but healthy style! Just a dream! Definitely one of my favourite Nakd bars ever!


Leitchy xx

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