Nourish Coconut Macaroons


Passion fruit

They actually taste and feel like macaroons! You guys know how much I love coconut so my idea of heaven! Crunchy, chewy and sweet coconut with sweet passion fruit notes throughout! Subtle, cooling and tropical! Sweet but not overpoweringly so and light but satisfying at the same time! Cake like round balls of goodness! There’s notes of vanilla and there’s a subtle creamy butteriness too! The ground almonds add a marzipan/bakewell tart taste and texture and the seeds add a subtle crunch too! They are not dry or overly noisy, they’ve achieved the perfect balance! There’s bite but they aren’t drying or cloggy in anyway! I also love how low in sugar they are! Normally healthy snacks that taste good are quite high in sugar so it’s a nice change! These balls are incredible on their own but they could be broken up and crumbled over coconut yoghurt or smoothie bowls! With a tart berry like raspberry or something creamy like nice cream! So good! I also love that they stay together and don’t crumble everywhere whilst you are eating it, so you can eat in a lady like manner on the go! These would be a perfect addition to any lunchbox or afternoon tea and perfect as a mid morning/afternoon sweet, but low in sugar, snack to keep you going through long days at work! So delicious, light and fresh! There’s nothing not to like! The brown packaging which is resealable is super simple and informative too! I love how you can see the macaroons through the little window! You can see how delicious and yummy they look before buying them!¬†Definitely one to try! Warning! You might eat the whole bag in one go!



Raspberry and white chocolate

Crumbly coconut with subtle hints of sweet and tangy raspberries and creamy cooling white chocolate throughout! The little specks of raspberries add a subtle yet just the right amount of taste and the white chocolate adds a creamy coolness and enhancing the whole sweet coconut taste! Just like macaroons! They remind me of little snow balls haha! They aren’t sickly sweet or really that sweet which I like! You don’t feel like you’ve just consumed a bag of sugar! Always a good thing! The vanilla and maple add a subtle sweetness and enhance the flavours of the white chocolate really nicely! The ground almonds also add sweetness as well as adding to the crumbly coconut texture we all know and love! These would be yummy crumbled over porridges, mousses and ice creams and also enjoyed as a little healthy pick me up! The white chocolate isn’t that prominent but I’m not a massive white chocolate fan so really, I was pleased!! In a good way!! But you can still taste it and it adds a really nice cool and creamy sweetness to the whole coconut bite! I think I’ll be crumbling these over my coconut and raspberry eton mess like pudding to create and super coconut and raspberry power dessert for the next couple of days! Drizzled in almond butter!¬†an absolute dream!


Leitchy xx