Nut Butter Cups

Well if you hadn’t guessed already, I love nut butter, I’m slowly taming down but it’s still a big part of my life… I really should make my own but I’m waiting until I get my hands on a dehydrator so that I can soak the nuts to get rid of phytate acid which irritates the gut lining and prevents essential vitamins and minerals being absorbed! Then I can crisp them back up in my snazzy dehydrator and make some amazing combinations and flavours of nut butters that are tummy loving as well as yummy loving!! Sounds exciting right?!?

But for the meantime, my shelf of nut butters are keeping me happy, I’m just lowering my intake (sad I know) as I suffer with digestive issues!

I used to love a good old piece of chocolate dunked in nut butter or a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup or those M&M peanut butter snack bags you could get from the supermarket but obviously now being a healthy food enthusiast and wanting to nourish my body as much as possible, I don’t plan or want to go down to the supermarket to grab a bag of those, but I still do remember how delicious they were and how much I loved them and everybody else around me loved them so I thought I’d create a healthy alternative.

I’ve made my own chocolates using raw cacao powder, carob powder, coconut oil, cacao butter and pure maple syrup and then filled them with around a teaspoon of nut butter each. You can fill them with any nut butter you have lying around but I chose Meridian peanut and coconut and Meridian almond and coconut (two of the best) and Pip and Nut crunchy maple peanut butter (it’s limited edition so get your hands on this fast) and also their almond and coconut and honey cinnamon cashew butter (one of my favourite nut butters ever) so yeah! A wild mix! I liked the idea of filling them randomly with different nut butters as it meant you got that whole chocolate box/Revels surprise when you ate one as you have no idea what’s inside! Fun for kids and adults alike! Also the perfect bite size pick me up to curb those cravings!

You could make these in ice cube moulds or bun cases but I managed to get my hands on these cute little cases from Ocado! They look so dinky. Follow the link if you want to buy them too!

So there’s three amazing layers – chocolate made from purely cacao, nut butter and then chocolate made from carob! Now if you don’t have any carob, don’t worry just use cacao! The only reason I used carob if I’m being honest was because I ran out of cacao.. But they were still incredible and highly addictive so just use whatever’s easiest for you!

Ingredients – 40-60 mini nut butter cups 

Layer one –

60ml coconut oil

20g cacao butter

30g raw cacao powder

2 tbsp maple syrup

Layer two –

The nut butter layer

Meridian –

Almond and coconut

Peanut and coconut

Pip and nut –

Almond and coconut

Maple crunch

Honey cinnamon cashew

Layer three –

feel free to use cacao!

90ml coconut oil

30g cacao butter

10g raw cacao powder

35g carob powder

1 tbsp maple syrup



Fill half a pan that is large enough to fit your glass bowl in with boiling water.

Place the coconut oil and cacao butter into the glass bowl and then pop it over the pan of boiling water, over a low heat and leave to simmer away until it’s all completely melted.

Take the bowl off the heat and whisk in the cacao powder and maple syrup.

Half fill each heart case with the liquid chocolate, keep going until all the chocolate has gone. How many you make will depends upon the size of your case/mould.

Pop in the freezer whilst you make the top the layer of chocolate.

In the same bowl you used to make the first batch of chocolate, repeat the method using the ingredients for layer three. Whisking in both the maple syrup and carob/cacao at the end. Put to one side whilst you do layer two.

Take the chocolates out the freezer, by this point they should have set.

Put 0.5 tsp to 1 tsp of nut butter in each case, again the amount of nut butter will depend on how large your case is. If it’s larger go for 0.5 tbsp to a tbsp instead! Basically you want a layer of nut butter to cover the chocolate so this all depends on preference! If you want just a blob in the centre so that you can’t see the nut butter from the outside, do a smaller blob and then press it down to ensure the it won’t stick out when you pour the chocolate over the top.

Once you have popped a blog of nut butter on each, fill each case with your new batch of chocolate. Any remains can make more nut butter cups or just solid chocolates! The more the better eh? And no waste…

Pop in the freezer for 30 minutes or so and dive in as you please.

Also yummy on top of ice cream!

Enjoy xx




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