NutriBombz – Review


Remember Jelly Tots? Sugary little taste bombs of flavour. Well thank them but healthy and one flavour. Lovely and chewy and really do take some chewing so not a snack that’s gone in a second. A satisfying chew. Look and taste like sugar. But aren’t. How clever is that? I love them and kids will too. A healthy treat bursting with flavour. I wonder if they do other fruits too?
Try them.

Salted Caramel Protein Boost

Omg absolute heaven! It tastes just like caramel, proper salted butterscotch caramel! I thought the chia would be too much but it actually adds a nice subtly crunchy texture to to bite. Absolutely incredible. Smooth, silky and so so indulgent. I can imagine this one melted into porridge or used in place of caramel on a healthy nice cream sundae would be ace! I can’t get over how so few ingredients can create such a like for like taste and flavour. Favourite from the pack so far! I will not be sharing this one!!

Carrot and Walnut Cake

Sweet, sticky, spicy and rooty! Just what you expect a carrot cake to taste like! A moist and gooey toffee like spiced cake bite with a subtle nutty texture run throughout. Topped with a bitter crunchy walnut that creates a perfect pairing and beautiful contrast with the sweet and smooth base. Just the right size to have with a cuppa mid afternoon as a pick me up. I also love how natural the ingredients are and how there’s only a few. Perfect handbag size to have handy on the go too! Love love love!

Oaty Raisin Flapjack

Crumbly yet soft with a strong taste of sweet and tart apricots, a subtly zing from the baobab and depth from the rich raisins. Nice and oaty and the perfect balance of crumbly and moist. The cashews and flaxseed add a nice nuttiness and enhance the nuttiness of the oats. The perfect rainy afternoon snack to keep me going until tea. I also love the dry and crumbly topping contrast against the more moist and compact bite. Yum! Not too sweet either. Perfect to calm cravings.

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