Ombar buttons

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Ombar mylk buttons

They actually taste like Cadbury’s but creamier and more luxury! They just melt on your tongue! So silky and lucious! I’m in love! I was trying to savour them but it proved quite hard! So milky and just all round delicious! It’s crazy to believe that these are healthy and raw! I need 10 bags of these delivered to my house today but then again… They’d all be gone within a few hours! These are the perfect chocolate button replacement! You can eat them on their own! Top desserts, cakes, porridge! Little kids and big kids like me will love them! I want my birthday cake next year to be covered in these! That would be incredible! Ombar never fail to amaze! Their bars are so creamy and flavoursome and are delicious melted too! I’ve created all my chocolate recipes in my first book with their milk and coconut bars! Can’t complain! So luxury and so addictive! They just melt on your tongue! So creamy and leave the best aftertaste! I don’t have much to say because they are just so so so so good! One of my all time favourite snacks!! The perfect snack and chocolate fix!


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