Primal pantry

Primal pantry


Hazelnut and cacao

I can’t describe how amazing this is… It tastes like NUTELLA! And KINDER BUENO! Like actually not just a tiny bit, but full of tastes like! It reminds me of my holidays in Spain eating Kinder Bueno! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh my.. I’m obsessed and I’ve only just started eating this bar of joy! I normally don’t buy chocolate tasting energy bites because half of the time they don’t taste like chocolate at all but this however certainly does taste exactly how you’d want it to! In fact better! I don’t really know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting it to taste this good! It’s crazy how it only contains dates, hazelnuts, almonds, cacao powder, vanilla and almond oil! That’s it! Pure wholefoods and delicious goodness! This bar is my new favourite healthy snack bar I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a fair few.. Just incredible! Pure healthy indulgence! If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t guess this was healthy! The texture is spot on too! Nutty yet not stuck in your teeth nutty! Pure perfection! Primal Pantry know their stuff guys! I might have to start buying these bars in bulk.. Wow guys just wow!!


coconut and macadamia

The best bar! Chewy coconut goodness, sweet, chewy, nutty and just all round amazing! So textured and crunchy! You can taste the coconut strong which I like! I also like the chewy/crunchy texture it adds alongside the nuts! It’s incredibly satisfying! And the chewy sweet dates make this bar so satisfying, sweet, fudgey and toffee like! Just incredible! It’s just the right amount of sweetness too! It’s sweet but not sickly sweet! Also it’s chewy and crunchy but not get stuck in your teeth chewy so that’s always a win! This bar is the perfect summer snack as it’s coconutty, fresh and filling! So perfect! It only contains five ingredients too! Coconut, macacadamias, dates, cashews and almond oil that’s it! The macadamias and cashews add a nutty, sweet and creamy crunch and the almond oil adds extra sweetness and makes the bar nice and moist instead of dry and stodgy! This bar is also delicious crumbled over fruit and yogurt with extra coconut! Especially peaches and raspberries! So so good! One of my favourite snack bars ever! This one and hazelnut and cacao are definitely my faves! But you guys probably already figured that one out from my coconut and chocolate obsessions on Instagram…


apple pecan

Apple pecan pie goodness! And guess what… With a hint of CINNAMON! You guys know how I feel about my apple cinnamon bars! This one’s more subtle but yummy! You can taste the pecans and apple more which I love! I also love how there are chunks of pecan throughout the bar and it’s not just all one texture! It’s super satisfying and super natural with only six ingredients! I also love the simple bright green packaging! This one reminds me of those pastries you get with the raisins and custard in! You could definitely have this for breakfast in place of them! Or any time of day really! Again as I’ve said about the other bars, round Christmas I’m just going to have a cupboard full of apple cinnamon bars but that’s not going to stop me eating this bar all year round! I already have five of this bar waiting for me so I’m happy! I want to try this bar slightly warm too and maybe on top of nice cream! Especially my cinnamon nice cream! Sounds good right?! I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!


Almond and cashew

Simple and perfect! Creamy cashew and sweet almonds! The dates bind the whole thing and add a subtle but not sickly sweetness and not a sweetness that disguises the flavours from the nuts! Just right! Again I like how the nuts are in different sizes making the bar more enjoyable and exciting to eat than one texture throughout! It also allows you to taste both flavours from the nuts as there are chunks as well! Delicious! I like how the flavours are purely focused on the nuts in this bar! It makes it appropriate for any time of day any season! It’s delicious on it’s own and also dipped in more nut butter and chocolate (you need to try) it’s also delcious with milk or yoghurt and fruit as an alternative to granola! Just delicious and simple yet super flavoursome and comforting! I love it! And I love the mouse on the front even more! A definite repurchase!


brazil nut and cherry

Crunchy nutty goodness! A soft bar with chunks of sweet, buttery and creamy brazil nuts throughout! So good! With a subtle hint of cherry which adds a slightly sour but sweet taste and a fudgey texture! I’m obsessed! The cherry is subtle yet delicious as it creates that marzipan come frangipani taste and texture! The nuts add a biscuity texture yet a crunchy irresistible and buttery one which is unbelievably comforting and addictive! This one is the perfect winter treat as it just screams buttery comfort food! The almond oil and cherry combination make this bar taste more grown up as it’s got a slight liqueur taste which makes this bar perfect for after dinner or if you are wanting a frangipani or marzipan replacement! Add a little cinnamon and this would be a Christmas buttery sweet and nutty dream! I think this might be my favourite! I left it till last thinking it wouldn’t be but I’m pleasantly surprised! So delicious! So nutty and packed full of flavour and all things comforting! I love the pretty pink packaging and how unbelievably natural these are! There’s also dates in there which add to the fudgey texture and hold everything together whilst adding a toffee like texture and flavour! Just four ingredients! These bars are definitely my favourite go to energy bars! I’m amazed everytime! The flavour is just incredible!! And texture! Think rocky road, come fudge, come marzipan, come frangipani, come fruit cake! I love it!

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