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Japanese Tamari

You guys know how much I love these little smarty like tubs! So handy when on the go! If you have been following me for a while you’ll also know I love Tamari and Japanese food! So it was pretty obvious that I was going to love these right?!? They also kind of remind of marmite!! And if any of my close friends are reading this you’ll know I used to be a right marmite lover! I even have a black and white marmite canvas in my room! I told you I was a fan.. I like to casually pour this straight into my mouth but they taste good on salads too! A definite re purchase! There’s nothing not to like! Also low in sugar! And only contain natural ingredients! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m trying to cut back on sugar to see if it helps my stomach so these are the perfect snack for me! Also has a touch of salt which is also good for my low blood pressure! All the ingredients are organic and natural, they are also gluten free, GMO free, vegan, dairy free and a good source of protein and fibre! An all round winner winner seedy dinner!


Cinnamon spice

Cinnamon is my kind of spice! I go through jars and jars of cinnamon! It’s great in porridge, granola, baking, curry, stew, tagine, popcorn, smoothies! The list goes on! I’m such a cinnamon girl! So is it obvious when I say I absolutely adore these!?! Sweet cinnamon seeds! I love seeds and I love cinnamon so it’s pretty simple when I say I love these! Not too strong and not too subtle just right! A little sweet to give it that cinnamon cookie/biscuit vibe! Absolutely love them! I’d bet they’d be great on porridge or smoothie or just eaten granola style! Stirred through homemade raw chocolate for gifts! Sprinkled on Moroccan style salads! The list goes on! Or just eaten as they are! They are pretty perfect on their own I’m not going to lie! The perfect little post workout snack! There’s a little bit of ginger nutmeg and tumeric in there too to set the whole warming and comforting Christmas vibe! Pumpkin seeds! Now we’re talking thanksgiving! Basically suitable all the time! And in everything! Full of flavour! They taste how they say! They are super duper healthy! And an amazing snack to just slot inside your bag! You could even refil it if you like! Best flavour so far! Yum! Ooh I’ve just had another idea! Sprinkled on banana bread with almond butter! Now that would be good! Or or or roll raw protein and energy bites in them! I told you the possibilities are endless!!!



Chilli smoke

Spicy! Oooh I do love a bit of spice in my life! Now if you have a delicate palate like my brother (hint hint Taylor) stay away but if you love a bit of kick! These are your guy! Smoky spicy goodness! But not like unbearable! Just a smoky tomatoey spice! Not a lip spice just a tongue and throat spice if that makes any sense.. Great tv snack! I want to try sprinkling them over salads/curries/tabouleh etc! Not a sweet sprinkle just a savoury for this one! But yeah! Not a bad thing to say! As I haven’t with any of the tubes so far! This ones low in sugar too! So gentle on the digestive system and health! Which is always a good thing! Another one to add to the repurchase in the future list!


Maca caramel

sweet but not too sweet and there’s a definite taste of caramel! This one is subtle yet such an everyday chube as it would go with pretty much everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between! The flavour is subtle making it a great flavour to experiment with whether that be sweet or savoury! From porridge to salads and tabbouleh! It’s a back you could buy and use day to day on everything where as the others are a little bit more limited! For those of you who have never heard of Maca it’s a ‘superfood’ powder full of minerals. Its quite malty in taste and has amazing health benefits. This powder works as a adaptogen and responds to different bodies’ needs. It’s been proven to increase stamina and energy! It’s also packed full of vitamin C and iron, so it helps restore red blood cells and AIDS healing a muscle repair! Making this little chube of awesomeness an amazing post workout snack!



They are 100% organic, gluten free and dairy free! it actually tasted like brownies! Most of the time, health products claiming to taste like brownies don’t, so I was pretty surprised and impressed when this little tube of goodness did. Everybody loves brownies! And everybody will love these! They also remind me of bounty bars! They are like a coconut brownie! Chocolate and coconut are my two favourite things so this tube is also one of my new favourite things as its my two favourite things combined! I bet raw brownie balls rolled in these bad boys would be a dream come true! I definitely need to try that this week.. However normally I like to eat them at all once, whether its ontop of my porridge, nice cream, smoothie, yogurt or just poured straight into my mouth, in a sort of, not really lady like fashion. They have started to sell these in supermarkets, so keep an eye out next time you’re doing your big shop! A big bag of these would be great to sprinkle on your all your sweet creations! They are so ‘clean’ and addictive! The perfect snack on the go or to make your instagrams look pretty! So chocolaty and delicious! They will sort those cravings right out! My favourite combination – Booja booja coconut ice cream, almond or peanut butter and then these sprinkled on top! Perfect whilst sat in your comfies watching TV!!

So that’s it guys! Hope you found this useful! Make sure you go grab a bag of these delicious seeds when you have the chance!

Leitchy xx


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