Qnola tester tubs



Almond and vanilla 

A taste of Christmas! The hint of cinnamon is incredible! Not overpowering or too subtle! Just right!! Fell in love with this as soon as the box of all the little tubs arrived! Such simple yet beautiful packaging! Great to keep and take on the go or refill the boxes with snacks or more qnola for another day! I wanted to keep it simple when tasting these little tubs! Yogurt and bluebs that’s it! And I’m so glad I did! It’s so flavoursome! It contains quinoa, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, almonds, coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, chia seeds, vanilla powder, cinnamon and salt! That’s it! Grain, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! And so so so delicious! As soon as I took a bite I wanted to get on the web and order a full bag! It’s quinoa puffs so it’s a bit like puffed rice if you have ever had that before yet more nutty and flavoursome and nutritious! I imagine this would be just as yummy with milk and a chopped up banana! I know I said it’s the taste of Christmas which I LOVE but I would still eat this all year round! As its so so so so so yummy! I can’t get over it guys! The best granola/rawnola/qnola I’ve had all year! And I’ve had my fair share of healthy breakfast cereals! Almond and vanilla is such a likeable flavour too so if you are undecided which flavour to try! Try this! I’m sure you’ll love it! And all your friends and family too! I’m trying to savour every bite! Very unlike me! That’s how good this is! Can’t get over it! Go get buying!



So summery and best of all pink! I would have never guessed beetroot if the box hadn’t plainly written beetroot! To be honest I’m kind of glad because I don’t know how I would have felt if it did.. Haha! It’s coconut! And you guys know how much I adore coconut! I put coconut flakes on pretty much everything, cook with coconut milk and oil and buy a whole lot of coconut tasting snacks! This is a little girls/boys dream breakfast! If you would have handed me a bowl of pink cereal when I was little, I would have gobbled it up without knowing it was healthy! So all the mums reading this, why not try this beetroot qnola?! So nutritional, nutty, coconut and PINK! Even I love that I t’s pink and I’m 19 sooo.. So it contains quinoa (obviously) coconut in many forms (obviously) pistachio nuts and, may I add, the prettiest pistachios EVER! They add a bit of pink too!!!! Beetroot powder (obviously) chia seeds and pink Himalayan salt! That’s it!! Incredibly good for you, packed full of flavour and texture! It also makes pretty patterns in your yogurt and probably milk too if you tried! And and and it’s PINK! Another love from me!


Ginger and goji

It reminds me of proper homemade ginger biscuits! I must admit I’m not a ginger girl but this wasn’t bad! It was subtle and had other things to nibble on such as coconut, sunflower seeds, goji berries and sesame seeds! This one is probably the prettiest out of all of them as it’s got splashes of red and black running throughout and you know how I love pretty breakfasts! I imagine this would taste good sprinkled through homemade chocolate for presents! Especially round Christmas time! They could be ginger bread man shape! They would be really cute! So yeah if you like a bit of soothing and warming ginger in a morning this one is for you! Paired with cooling creamy yogurt and you’ve hit it right on the head! It only contains quinoa, coconut, sunflower seeds, goji berries, coconut oil, sesame seeds, ginger and salt! You can’t get healthier than that can you??



It’s strange, a little spicy, cheesy and stuffing like but I love it! It weirdly works really well with plain natural yogurt! It’s a strange combination but it really does work! I imagine it would be gorgeous sprinkled over roasted veggies/risottos/salads! It’s also great for someone looking for a cheese alternative! Sprinkle it over your sweet potato or pizza for a bit of crunch and cheesy hit! I don’t think it’s a smoothie blend but hey I’ve not tried it! But it is a yogurt blend too! So different but interesting, exciting and yummy! You know you could just eat this one on its own too! As an afternoon snack in the sun or as a nibble starter for guests! It’s just delicious! It’s also this vibrant yellow/orange which I love! When it comes to photos this one is on your side guys! Just saying! And it contains only the healthiest and yummiest ingredients – quinoa (as you should know by now) sunflower and pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, Tamari, sesame seeds, turmeric (for colour), rosemary (subtle yet yummy), basil (gives an Italian spice feel), pink Himalayan salt, chia seeds, reishi and chilli flakes! I think I’m going to buy a bag of this just to see how well it goes with a variety of other dishes and sides! Let’s get experimental! So yeah to sum up its not sweet or a normal breakfast flavour but it’s delicious! And for the those who like experimenting, finding new things or are savoury at heart this is for you! Orrrr if you want a healthy snack alternative, cheese alternative, even crouton alternative this is for you! So really it’s for everyone!


Coconut and cashew

Aka coco pops! It just tastes like coco pops! Not as sweet obviously because it’s cacao and not cocoa but it’s better because it contains coconut and I love coconut! You know I looooove yogurt! Oh and there’s little nibs of cacao too! Even better right! I ate mine with yogurt and bluebs! Fair test and all but I bet it would be amazing with milk and have more of a coco pop effect! Or sprinkled in with popcorn and the little nibs would melt abit! It would also be amazing with peanut butter nice cream and chocolate or berry smoothies! Frozen in banana pops! The list goes on! For all those mums and dads out there looking for a healthier alternative to coco pops! This is your one! Or all those adults out there… Either way! You’ll love this! Not too bitter and not too sweet! The just the right amount of everything! Get buying!


So that’s it guys! My full review! I was so impressed with every single one of these delicious tubs! So much so I’ve ordered some bags! Hope you find this list useful! Maybe even persuade you to order a bag too!

Thank you for reading,

leitchy xx

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