Raspberry Butternut Squash breakfast bowl

I love squash, it’s buttery, sweet and perfect in both sweet and savoury dishes as it’s so comforting and well, sweet! I’ve seen the Hemsley sisters and various other foodies I follow on Instagram using squash in breakfast recipes whether it be in porridge or instead of carrot in carrot cake porridge and carrot cake itself! So I thought, hey! Why not give it a bash?! And guys it’s incredible! Think carrot cake, that works! Except this is better than carrot cake… Trust me!

I’ve roasted the squash until it’s all buttery and sweet and golden and all round delicious and then mashed it together with butter to make it even more buttery, sweet and nutritious! Healthy fats are good people! Don’t forget that, and never be scared of them! Unpasteurised butter is a healthy fat from animals! And it’s so so so so tasty and makes everything taste better! We need fats! They are essential for our health! Both inside and out! Anyway, so I’ve added the butter and then I top it with a variety of delicious toppings and there you have it! A sweet but not sugary breakfast! That is yummy, incredibly nutritious, so unbelievably comforting and delicious – both hot and cold!

So let’s get cooking!

Ingredients – Makes 1 portion 

400-500g butternut squash

1 knob of butter – around 1 tbsp

a handful of raspberries – I used frozen so I could sprinkle them over the top

1 tbsp smooth almond butter

a small handful of sunflower seeds – preferably soaked overnight

a small handful of coconut flakes

1-2 tsp hemp seeds


Preheat oven to 230 degrees.

Half the butternut squash, leaving the top and bottom on and place on a baking tray. Pop in the oven for around 45 minutes/until golden and squidgy and beautiful.

Take out the oven and scoop the buttery flesh into a bowl. Mash the squash with the back of a fork until smooth. Add the butter and leave to melt and then stir through the squash.

Transfer the mashed squash to a bowl.

Dollop with almond butter and scatter over the raspberries.

Sprinkle over the sunflower and hemp seeds.

Sprinkle over the coconut flakes to finish.

Enjoy hot or cold! A great one to prepare the night before and take on the go or reheat in the morning!

Enjoy xx



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