Raspberry and Mint Compote Porridge

Morning guys! I officially had one of the loveliest Saturdays ever! So I went down to London on a early ish morning train to see my gorgeous and incredibly thoughtful and generous group of girls for my birthday lunch. The tube wasn’t running when I got there (the line I needed) so I had to walk but It was ok as I had time. I met Laura and Yas before in Planet organic, we had a wonder before heading to Farmacy to meet the girls for lunch. I booked the private room as there was 12 of us. The most gorgeous layout, decoration, furniture and setting. Slowly all the girls joined and I was shocked by how many cards and gifts I was given. I wasn’t expecting anything as going out for a meal was enough in my opinion. I also felt quite emotional and very grateful as I lost my friendship group when I was ill and I hadn’t received gifts, cards, birthday wishes and I hadn’t been out for a meal to celebrate with friends in years. I couldn’t believe everyone was there for me and everyone was being so kind and thoughtful. I still can’t get over it now and I still can’t stop smiling.

I received a handmade and personalised apron off of Laura which I’ve been wearing pretty much all week, even when I’m not cooking haha! Also a set of thoughtful cards to open at different stages when I’m feeling a certain way. I received a gorgeous, ginormous mug from a Sheffield brand off of Yas which again, I’ve not stopped using!! Perfect size for a cuddle on the sofa, don’t want to stand up again for another drink cuppa. I got a beautiful notepad off of Leila and a plaque with an inspirational quote on that I’m going to hand on my wall. The notepad will probably be filled by the end of the month as I’m such a pen to paper person when it comes to anything! Lucy gave me a large jar of Kombucha (I’m obsessed) and Amy got me another gorgeous mug (a girl can never have too many mugs) and a whole load of teas which I’m quickly making my way through! So far my favourites been the apple and cinnamon tea by tea pigs. Gem got me a gorgeous blue friendship bracelet with a gold patterned design which I haven’t taken off and Rebecca got me a gorgeous glass shell dish to put my jewellery in and a load of food and Canadian treats as I won her giveaway last week! Celine got me a gorgeous personalised spoon which I’ve already mentioned. Such lovely lovely lovely gifts which I’m still overwhelmed by. I was just happy to be celebrating with girls my own age again and us all enjoying the same food, each others company, we all have the same interests and we all don’t look at each other when we take photos of food as we all stood up straight away and just cracked on with it hahah! I received some beautiful cards with the most heartwarming messages and also a card which everyone signed which I’m going to keep forever, truly beautiful. Food wise, I mean its farmacy, its always incredible! I went for the Mexican bowl which was guacamole, corn chips, rice, purple sweet potato, black beans, spicy something (haha), sour cream and I think that was it? anyway, incredible and then for pudding OOOOMMMGGG I had the best sticky toffee pudding, yes best! Healthy or not, I’ve ever ever had!!! I wasn’t sure whether to go for it as I thought it could’ve been a disappointment and a new the ice cream sundae was to die for. The waiter convinced me by saying if I didn’t like it, he would bring me the sundae seen as it was my birthday! And oh my he wasn’t wrong in saying its the best dessert on the menu!!!! a slight crisp outside with a moist, treacle like inside!! Surrounded by toffee sauce and topped with a sugar crisp and nice cream!! I could eat it everyday and never get bored! I need to get myself down to London, just for that!! Then, just to make the day EVEN more special, the waiter came in with a slice of cake, with a candle in and everyone sang happy birthday!! The plate was decorated in chocolate which read happy birthday and I couldn’t stop smiling!! A beautiful end to the best day ever. We then had a quick wonder round planet organic before hugging, parting ways, thanking everyone and slowly wondering through hide park with Celine and Rebecca before I had to catch the tube to the station to get home. Thank you ladies for a magical day. It’s one I’ll never forget.

Sunday was chilled. Lot’s of lovely food (pancakes, smoked salmon eggs and miso cod with charred leeks) I also made cookies and then we went for a walk before coming home a watching a film!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too! This week is back to recipe developing, chocolate making and getting excited about the next range!

Today I’m sharing a super easy, fruity but warming porridge dish! The mint and raspberry pair so well together and the creamy yoghurt and nut butter take the tang of the raspberries. Sweetened with honey and topped with flaked almonds for crunch!

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves one

Compote –

65g fresh raspberries

4g chopped mint leaves

a splash of water

Porridge –

30g rolled porridge oats

20g barley flakes

a pinch of salt

200ml oat milk

To serve –

2 tbsp full fat live yoghurt/coconut yoghurt

0.5 tbsp toasted flaked almonds

0.5 tbsp almond butter

1 tsp raw honey


Pop the compote ingredients in a small pan with a splash of water and bring to a low simmer until thickened – about 5 minutes, mashing as you go.

Meanwhile, pour the porridge ingredients into another small pan and stir over a low heat until thickened, pour into a bowl.

Pour the thickened compote on one side of the porridge and dollop the nut butter and yoghurt on the other side.

Scatter the almonds down the center.

Drizzle with honey to finish.


Leitchy xx

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