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These bars just keep on amazing me! This bar is super peanutty (yeah i know its a peanut bar) and delicious but not claggy like some peanut bars as its not just one texture! Its got big chunks of whole peanuts too which i love! it also has a touch of salt in which brings out the flavour of the peanuts more but not so much so you want to down a litre of water after you’ve eaten it. I also love that it only contains three ingredients, peanuts (obviously), dates and a tiny bit of salt! You know exactly what you’re putting in your body, which you guys know i love and look for! And you know its going to be delicious before you’ve even taken a bite! I also think this peanut bar has a lot more flavour and taste then others on the market. Ive tried a number of natural peanut bars and they just have no flavour! So i’d even go as far to say this is my favourite peanut bar on the market! Its also super satisfying and a good decent portion size too! Oh and i love the duck egg packaging! so bright and fresh!




Nutty chocolatey goodness! Made flavours are from the almonds and cacao! And dates! It contains dates raisins almonds cashews pea and rice protein pumpkin seeds and cacao to create a chocolatey nutty goodness! It reminds me of farrier roshes! It’s got that whole nut surrounded in chocolate vibe going on! It’s not too sweet either which I like so you can taste the nuts and cacao more! Also nutty chunks and you know how I feel about nutty chunks! They remind me of another nutty choc bar but I can’t quite put my finger on it! It also reminds me of chocolate covered nuts and raisins I used to get from the sweet shop when I was little! On a Friday after school we’d get given a pound to go to the sweet shop and get a bag of whatever sweets we wanted! I’d always choose chocolate covered raisins or peanuts, strawberry Bon bons, pear drops and rhubarb and custards! But yeah, a filling, protein packed natural fruit and nut bar with the most adorable baby pink packaging! The only protein bar I’ve found that only contains natural ingredients and not a long list of things I’ve never heard of to make it flavoursome and last a long time! Just natural goodness! Defiantly my new go to post workout snack!


Cashew date dream team! Just raisins dates and cashews! Create this delicious and nutritious bar! Firstly the bright orange simplistic packaging is beautiful and summer y! Secondly the bar is a good size! You actually feel satisfied and that you’ve had a decent sized snack once you’ve eaten it! Also I love the cashew chunks! It makes it more enjoyable to eat rather than just one texture throughout! Think snickers but cashew! Chunks are the way forward! Not stogey and it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth! You don’t want that when you’re at school or work! Just pure deliciousness! Also if you aren’t a massive but fan this is also good as it’s more raisin than anything just with a hint of nuts! So if you like dates and raisins more than you do nuts this is your guy! A great tea loaf or walnut and raisin cake/cookie alternative! It also reminds me of rocky rd and fridge cake! Basically it’s delicious! It’s crazy how three ingredients can create such a delicious snack! Definitely one to try if you like a good raisin in your life! Plus if orange things draw you in.. Oh and a little fact, cashews are a little easier to digest than other nuts!! Oh and another think, I never go and grab a handful of cashews because other nuts draw me in more but I loved this bar and I’ll definitely be repurchasing!


You know how I’m obsessed with coconut I’ve mentioned it countless times before! This bar tastes like a bounty bar, minus the chocolate, with added chewy goodness and nuts! So like a bounty/snickers! Good or what?!?! And 10 times bigger! Coconut dreams come true! Not to overpowering and not too subtle! Just right! The perfect summery morning or post workout snack! Sun shine wrapper too! This would be yummy crumbled up over yogurt and fruit for breakfast or enjoyed with milk and banana! You could also crumble it over nice cream and smoothies to make them more of a meal or just enjoy it as it as, as it’s incredible on its own! It’s got that same dedicated texture as bounty if you know what I mean! That same bite which I love! It only contains dates, raisins, cashews, almonds and coconut! So yummy and so naturally nutritious! Again I’m baffled how such a short list of ingredients can create a bar that tastes just like a bounty! Obviously there’s no chocolate but it’s got added dates and nuts so really it’s a pimped bounty, so really it’s a lot better than a bounty! It’s got more going on and has more taste and isn’t drying! Plus, you could dip it in homemade chocolate or chocolate and make your own bounty/snicker dream bar! Sounds good right?


Apple cinnamon

Omg, this is definitely my favourite! Cinnamon!!!!! And apple and nutty! Christmas in a bar! I’m in love and I’ve only taken one bite! So so flavoursome, warming and delicious! It reminds of apple cinnamon cakes, cinnamon swirl pastries and just the smell of cinnamon desserts and sweets at Christmas markets and cooking round that time of year! But that doesn’t stop me wanting to eat it all year round! So sweet, nutty and fun! You can really taste the variety of nuts and textures! There’s big chunky bits and chopped bits! Just imcredible! There’s also chunks of apple and raisins which I love! It reminds me of all things American and donuts and churros and cinnamon bagels! Basically all my favourite things in one bar but healthy! So my idea of heaven and definitely up there with one of my favourite healthy snacks ever! It’s crazy how healthy this is but how delicious it is too! I definitely need to order a box of this! A perfect post workout snack or afternoon pick me up with a good old cup of spiced apple tea! I even prefer this over the coconut and that’s saying something.. Just dates, apples, raisins, almonds, cashews, vanilla and cinnamon! So wholesome, so natural and so incredible! And it’s red packaging fits with the festive taste and apple! Love love love! Defiantly a healthy snack you must try it you get the chance! I think round Christmas this might become my go too! I’d love to try it crumbled over yogurt and my cinnamon nice cream bowl too! I bet that would be heavenly! Oooooh and I must try it warm!!!! I can imagine it tasting absolutely unbelievable with healthy ice cream or nice cream!!!


Raw Cacao

Chocolate! Nutty chocolate goodness! Sweet chocolate like brownie bar with chunks of nut throughout! So really it’s an indulgent luxury brownie but healthy… Why wouldn’t you??? As I always say, I bet this warm is magical! It’s the perfect chocolate fix and the perfect lunchbox treat! I love it post workout or if I’m fancying something chocolatey but wholesome! So indulgent, not too dark! Just fudgey and delicious! The chunks of nuts are so satisfying and add the perfect crunch next to the gooey sweet chocolate brownie! There’s nothing not to like about this bar! It doesn’t taste healthy, it’s not sickly, it’s delicious and doesn’t leave you feeling over full or bloated! The packaging is gorgeous and colour coordinated as per usual! It’s a decent size so you know it will keep you going until your next meal! I need to try this warm and I need to try this crumbled over yogurt with all the nut butter one girl needs or with milk and chopped banana! Just delicious and definitely one of my favs!


Spicy Lime

Strange but it works! Very Thai! Sweet, warming and refreshing! It’s more lime than anything with sweet hints of ginger! Then there’s crunchy cashews and almonds throughout! I wasn’t sure at first bite but I actually love it! It’s so unusual but so delicious! It’s got that whole sour sweet thing going on but not the sour that makes you close your eyes! If you know what I mean? Just a refreshing sour that is balanced with the warming ginger and a tingle of chilli! So you will like this even if you aren’t a big spice fan because it’s more warming than anything! I must admit, I thought this bar was going to be discussing but I’ve been proven wrong! It’s super delicious, there’s nothing like it out there and it’s super good for you! It only contains gooey sweet and delicious dates and raisins, lime juice, cashews, almonds, ginger, chilli and citrus oil! I love it! Defiantly one to try if you love savoury things and love trying new and unusual healthy but delicious things! Oh and I love the illuminate green packaging! So simple and eye catching!


Vanilla berries

Sweet vanilla goodness! It reminds me of tea loaf! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically Christmas cake without all the festive spices! So fruit cake! Basically a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts! So rich and indulgent! And most importantly satisfying and a great energiser!! Just so wholesome and delicious! The vanilla is subtle but you can taste it! I’d say the main flavours are raisins and almonds and cranberries! There’s also cherries, mulberries (which I’ve never had before, vanilla, dates, cashews and that’s it! You get a different flavour with each bite! So fun and so flavoursome! I like how there’s different sized nuts as well! Texture is always key! The sourness from the cherries and cranberries balances out beautifully with the sweet dates and raisins! There’s nothing not to like about this bar! Perfect with a cuppa and it’s got the prettiest lavender packaging! I find it crazy how the bars contain similar ingredients except for one or two but all taste completely different! I wouldn’t say any taste the same! They are all super delicious and varied! I had this after slaving at my laptop all day and i felt super energised and refuelled after! Where as before I ate it I wanted to curl up and have a nap! Super delicious and definitely one you need to try if you have the chance!


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