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Raw Maca and Cinnamon

Christmas In a bite! Aka my idea of heaven! Cinnamon and Christmas all in one place! I mean!!! But not too Christmassy! They are still suitable to be eaten all day, everyday, all year round! I love these little bites of heaven! I must have bought around 10 bags these over the past few months! They are just so delicious both as a snack and as a breakfast cereal with yogurt or milk! They are nutty, chewy, incredibly addictive and you can pop them on your desk and snack away as you please! They are also in cute little circles which fill the bag, I repeat fill the bag! None of that half bag messing about business and have cute and funky packaging too! Along with being incredibly nutritious! They are raw, activated (easy on my delicate stomach! Win win!) no added sugar, are paleo and dairy free! They contain Maca which is a mineral rich superfood, quite malty in taste and is super because it works as an adaptogen, responding to different bodies’ needs! Pretty incredible eh! It can improve stamina, energy and mood! It’s also packed full of vitamin e and iron! Annnnnd it helps restore red blood cells and aids healing and muscle repair! So great after a workout! Along with amazing and tasty Maca they contain my favourite spice, cinnamon as well as buckwheat, dates, sprouted sunflower seeds, figs, raisins and almonds and that’s it! It’s crazy how such a small list of amazing ingredients can create such an amazing and totally addictive flavour! I’m currently snacking on these as I get on with some work but I also like to take them with me when I travel as they are so easy and light to pack in your bag, rip open and enjoy with yogurt and fruit! Or milk if you prefer! Definitely one of my favourite, nutritious go-to snacks! I don’t normally repurchase snacks as I love trying new things but I always come back to these, so that’s saying something guys! I also love that all the ingredients have been sprouted or activated which means they are easier to digest and as I struggle with digestive issues, it’s nice not having to worry about whether or not something is going to make my stomach flair up! Just yummy, healthy goodness!



Raw Cacao and Lucuma

My dream snack! Chocolatey, nutty, raisiny and sort of rocky roady bites of goodness! These little drops of joy actually taste like chocolate! Obviously they taste healthy, I mean that’s why I got them, but it’s good healthy. I want to eat this healthy. Not I’m just eating it because it’s healthy, healthy if you know what I mean! They have hints of all of my old favourite things!! Nutella, fig rolls, rocky road, chocolate and biscuits! Just delicious! And so so so so healthy! Oh and chocolate covered raisins! When I was little, on a Friday my mum would give me and my brother a pound to go to the old fashioned sweet shop and buy a paper bag of sweets! Chocolate raisins always appeared in mine, along with pear drops, strawberry bon bons and rhubarb and custards! So these bring back a lot of childhood memories which I love! As I’ve mentioned before, I love when food and tastes trigger memories and events, that’s what I always try to aim for when serving my food to friends and family! Perfect with a cuppa, on their own and delicious with milk! They have that whole coco pop vibe going on! Also delicious with fresh fruit and yogurt and probably everything else in-between! I’ve bought so so so many bags of these little bags of goodness and I thought the cinnamon one was my favourite as I’m a cinnamon obsessive but now I can’t decide between the two! They are just so delicious and are perfect at any time of the day! Plus they agree with my stomach as they are activated, soaked, raw and only contain organic ingredients! Also very few ingredients, sprouted buckwheat, sunflower seeds, dates, raisins, activated almonds, cacao powder, lucuma (anti inflammatory! Again, helpful with digestive issues!) and vanilla. ¬†Another thing I love about these munchie packs is that the little circles remind me of chocolate buttons, so this cacao and lucuma pack is like a pimped chocolate button! Amazing or what?! A nutty, chewy, rocky road like chocolate button!! I mean, why wouldn’t you want to try these?? And they get tastier every time! I don’t know how, but they do! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of these! Just delicious! I took a couple of these bags on holiday to use as granola, as they just squish into your suitcase, are light and super nutritious, as well as being super tasty! So versatile! I’m going to order some more now as I go away in two weeks and these are perfect to pack! Love them!

So there you have it, another review! Well, favourites really! So go buy yourself a load of these bags of goodness and thank me later!

Leitchy xx


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