Raw Gorilla New Munchies


Apricot Baobab and tiger nut

Chewy nutty goodness! The apricots add a chewy texture as well as flavour! You can really taste the sunflower seeds and buckwheat which pair together to create a crunchy seedy taste and texture which I love! The apricot is subtle yet just right, adding sweetness and chew without being overpowering or too tart! It just enhances the flavour of the nuts and seeds and creates the best texture! The chewiness makes this snack last longer which is always a plus right?! But not so chewy it gets stuck in your teeth or hurts your jaw! No no! Just the right amount! I couldn’t tell you whether you can taste the tiger nut because I’ve never had one on it’s own but there is a slightly wheaty/wheatabix/bran taste about them which I’ve never had before so I’m guessing that’s them! Anyway it’s delicious! These would be perfect with milk poured over in replacement for sugary breakfast cereals you find in supermarkets! They’d work perfect with fresh fruit as the flavour is so versatile! And the little circle bites act like little clusters so kids will love them too! And me! I love a good cluster! They also, in a strange but amazing way, remind me of fig rolls! The same chewy goodness with a wheat flavours! So good! I also love how these ones are completely different from the new lemon ones as they were more nutty and crunchy and these are more chewy and seedy! It means you can swap and change between the two depending on what flavour you fancy and texture too! Making sure you never get fed up and that your cravings are always satisfied! Again I love the packaging and again I love how tummy friendly and natural these are and suitable for pretty much any diet!


Lemon, Lucuma, coconut

Crunchy lemon biscuits! Oh my! These taste like the biscuits I used to make when I was little! I love it when a taste triggers a memory! I used to make these citrus biscuits and bring them into school for my friends! Super sweet, crunchy and comforting! Fresh and light and incredibly delicious and moreish! They are the perfect cuppa accompaniment and comforting snack! I honestly can’t get over how much they taste like my favourite childhood biscuits! Yet healthy and bite sized! They have the same taste as lemon drizzle cake! Syrupy and sweet! They have that whole rich golden syrup taste yet it’s made up by all natural ingredients! Incredible! I love the texture too! They remind me of oat biscuits and Hobnobs! The coconut and lucuma pair together with the lemon to create the most incredible sweet and comforting taste! And the coconut adds to the whole oat biscuit like texture too! The perfect biscuit replacement for little and big kids alike! These are my new favourite! And that’s saying something! They taste so indulgent yet so incredibly healthy! I love the taste more than words can describe and I’m so impressed with how tummy friendly these products are as they are raw, grain free, gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free! Wow! It’s amazing how such a natural product can have so much flavour and bring back so many memories! They are amazing on their own but I bet they’d be yummy with milk or lemon yoghurt or coconut yoghurt, sprinkled over smoothies and porridge or homemade chocolate bars! And yes I will be sprinkling these over my coconut and raspberry Eton Mess! I can’t think of a better topping! I better get ordering some more bags!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review!

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Leitchy xx

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