Raw Sage Bar Review


It tastes like the coconut jerky you can get! That same bacon like flavour! Smoky, spicy, salty and chewy! Delicious! With chunks of nut throughout! It’s basically a healthy pepperoni bar! Vegan too! But a lot nicer! I mean those pepperonis are vile but this is good! Like a vegan chorizo, the classier pepperoni – haha! I like how it’s chewy, crunchy and crumbly all at the time! Making it more enjoyable to eat! You can really taste the sun dried tomatoes which add so much depth and flavour to the bar! The raisins add sweetness and texture and the brazil nuts add the crunch! There’s also hemp in there and a list of spices and herbs! That’s it! This is the perfect savoury snack, when you are fancying something less sweet, ┬ábut quick and easy! I think this is the only gluten, grain free and vegan bar I’ve found that is super healthy and incredibly delicious! It’s great as you can eat it on the go mess free and it’s small but satisfying too! It’s delicious on it’s own but you could use it in a sandwich instead of bacon or cured meat or as part of a vegan/vegetarian fry up! You could chip it into tomato sauces to add more depth and flavour along with texture or chop it over pizzas as a meat replacement! It’s packed full of both flavour and nutrition and I’ll definitely be repurchasing in the future! Spicy tomato goodness!

Leitchy xx

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