We’ve all always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of day from such a young age and I couldn’t agree more! But I’m here to make it that little bit more exciting and a whole lot more tastier than a rushed bowl of cereal or slice of toast on your way out of the door! I’ve created a variety of warm and cold, quick and easy and some longer, more special recipes for lazy weekends, that will get you more excited about breakfast and make you want to eat that little bit healthier!


I don’t know about you but in my house nobody really makes a massive effort with lunch! If it wasn’t for me wanting to cook and constantly experimenting with recipes and trying out new ingredients and ways of cooking, lunch would simply be beans or poached eggs on toast! I’ve come up with a bunch of recipes that are all just as quick to make and perfect for when you fancy switching it up a little and are wanting to try something healthy and new.


 Dinner/Tea if you are from Yorkshire like myself, is my second favourite meal to cook after breakfast! Since I’ve started blogging and creating recipe books and really just getting excited about cooking, I pretty much cook something completely different for tea every day! Other than the odd favourite or when we have guests, I like to cook something I know is delicious to be safe!  But on the average day it’s something new! You might not want to be as experimental as myself but maybe you’d like to try and mix it up one night and try something new! In this section I’ll be sharing some of my favourite main meals from risottos, to courgetti and socca pizzas to burritos! Hopefully you’ll find something that takes your fancy!


I never used to be a side person! I’d be happy with just some steamed vegetables, plain and boring, yet still tasty in their own right but not interesting or exciting in any way! Now I love a good side and I love creating new ways to spice and flavour vegetables! I love a good dip, salad – warm or cold, a good grain free bread, cracker or flavoured roast vegetable! I love adding, herbs, spices, nuts, dressings and numerous other things to vegetables to make them more exciting and change the appearance, flavour and texture! It’s a lovely way to transform a simple meat or fish dish and also to create a buffet! At the minute I’m loving a mezze/deli lunch, made up of lots of sides. Everyone can fill their plate with various dips, salads, fritters, falafels, meatballs, dressings, curries etc. the list goes on! That way everyones happy and you get to try a little bit of everything! Everything will keep in the fridge for 3 – 5 days and you can treat it like a little deli bar! Just replace a dish with another exciting one when it runs out!


Snacks and sweets

I am the Queen of snacking! I prefer to eat little and often as I find it’s best for my digestion, mood and energy! My go to snacks will always involve nut butter and more often than not, an avocado too! Here I’ll be sharing both sweet and savoury snacks to keep you going through them long mornings, after a workout and something to eat in an evening whilst you’re snuggled up in front of the TV!


I connect with a lot of amazing and incredibly lovely likeminded people via my social media platforms and various health and wellbeing events. They truly are all superheroes and motivate and inspire me everyday. In this section I’ll be sharing guest recipes and posts from various accounts in the wellbeing community.