Rhythm 108 Biscuits





Chocolate Hazelnut

Oh my god! These remind me of those chocolate biscuits you get in selection boxes at Christmas time! Crunchy, sweet, so comforting and the perfect tea dunker! If anything was going to curb those chocolate biscuits cravings it would be these! Why? They taste and look the exact same!!! Yet they are so healthy! Gluten free, dairy free, organic, a source of fibre, low in sugar and free from refined sugars! I’m amazed! It’s crazy how the short list of ingredients, all healthy and all which I have in my kitchen, can create such a similar taste and texture to the classic chocolate biscuit! Stick a bit of avocado chocolate mousse inbetween these and you’ve got yourself an Oreo/bourbon! They taste exactly like Oreo biscuits! If you closed your eyes and someone shoved this in your mouth, you’d think it was an Oreo! Crazy! I’m amazed! I never thought you could make a chocolate biscuit still taste and look like a chocolate biscuit with the same texture and everything but it be so healthy! These guys deserve a massive pat on the back and loads more credit too! Just incredible!! I can’t get over how much they taste like Oreos! Honestly you NEED to try these!




Lemon and Ginger Biscuits

Words can’t explain how much love I have for Rhythm 108 right now! These have the same texture, taste and sweetness as the citrus cookies I used to make from this children’s cookbook my auntie once bought me! Not too gingery, which I like because I’m not a massive ginger fan and just the right amount of lemon! I remember I used to take them in to my Y3 class! They were so delicious and comforting, yet fresh and light! Just like these biscuits! I can’t believe these are healthy! You honestly can’t tell! They are the nicest healthy biscuit alternative I’ve ever had! The texture and taste is incredible! The only thing telling me it’s healthy is the packaging and the fact I don’t feel bloated after!! I’m amazed! You could trick anyone with these! Child, adult or grandparent! Just incredible! It’s my birthday today and if no one surprises me with some of these, why would they? I know I’m going to purchase a box of these with my b’day money! The most perfect healthy treat ever! There’s no other brand on the market offering a biscuit of this quality, taste, texture and honestly this healthy at all! You NEEED! I mean NEEED to try these! I’m completely hooked! I’ve only tried two products from Rhythm 108 so far and they’re already my favourite brand in the health market at the minute! I just can’t get over it! So many memories and so much flavour and all round deliciousness! It’s gluten free, organic, dairy free, a source of fibre and only contains natural ingredients and I have all the ingredients in my cupboard!! So natural and so incredible! I’m in love! Oh and there’s two biscuits inside the pack, not just one, which is always a nice surprise! But I could have done with four or five.. Just so so so delicious! Go get your self a packet of these now! I can’t believe they aren’t as well known! They need more credit!

So there you have it! Another super delicious set of products I loved and couldn’t recommend more! Be sure to try them if you have the chance…

Leitchy xx


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