Rhythm 108 dessert bars

Coconut macaroon


Ive actually never had a coconut macaroon so I can’t compare but this bar is Incredible! Sweet coconut dream! It tastes like a sticky toffee bounty bar! Incredible right?? There’s delicious flecks of chewy coconut and date throughout! Moist, chewy and we’ll just incredible! It’s got that whole flapjack vibe going on! But not a dry flapjack! The best, ooey, gooey, soft and sweet flapjack! So a bounty, sticky toffee pudding, flapjack bar! Not too sweet and not drying in any way! You can taste the nutty and creamy hints from the cashews with the added creaminess from the milk! When reading the pack ingredients I didn’t think I’d be able to have this warm but I’ve been proven wrong and wish I had too so I could try! It would taste like a coco count sticky toffee pudding and with cool and creamy nice cream or coconut milk ice cream it would be incredible! All that’s in this bar is dates, cashews, coconut flakes, milk, amaranth, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar! That’s it! To create a combination of he best sweets ever all in one bar! These guys are defiantly my favourite health brand out there! Every time I try a new product I’m more and more hooked! Once I’ve ran out of snacks and treats I’ll deffo barely he reordering a load of different bars from these guys! And then I can try them all hot and cold! A source of calcium and fibre, one of your five a day, organic and gluten free! There’s no refined sugars and even the sugar in the bar is pretty low! Just so so so delicious! What’s not to like about one coconut, my favourite thing and two sticky toffee pudding, aka my favourite dessert ever! All in one bar!!! My idea of perfection!!



Gooey, moist, chocolate indulgence! Rich but not too rich! I bet this would taste incredible warm! There’s tiny nuts throughout it which add texture but not that texture that gets stuck in your teeth! Just right! It reminds me of those pure dark chocolate brownie like fridge cakes you can get! Also luxury truffles and raw chocolate cakes! So indulgent and rich but incredibly creamy at the same time! These bar feels so luxury yet so healthy and pure! Not dry and not squishy! Just right! These guys know how to get it just right! The right amount of walnut and cashew and the right amount of rich luxury chocolate! You wouldn’t know it was healthy which Is very rare! It looks like a brownie as well as tasting one which again is rare! Accept it doesn’t leave you feeling sickly, bloated or ‘guilt’! Which you should never feel after anything you eat but still! You need to try these guys! I need to try this warm which means I NEED to order some more of these! With banana nice cream I think it would be incredible! The healthiest chocolate and brownie fix ever! Low in sugar for what it is, one of your five a day, a source of calcium, gluten free, high in fibre and no refined sugars! I’m falling more and more in love with these guys with every product I try! I want to get a this up, serve it with nice cream and drown it in nut butter!!!


Banana bread


Guys.. This reminds me of banana and honey ice cream milkshakes And my grandmas banana bread we used to make when I was little! Isn’t it funny how flavours and foods trigger memories! That’s another reason why I love creating recipes, I want people to associate my meals and snacks etc with special times in there life or day trips, holidays etc! Anyway! This bar is heavenly! Sweet and sticky toffee pudding like in flavour and texture! Aka a banana sticky toffee pudding with almond chunks! I need a lifetime supply of these bars delivering to me tomorrow! Honestly incredible! My new favourite snack ever! So indulgent! I bet this warm would be incredible! With homemade nice cream! Oh my! You NEED to try this! And then you’ll understand the pure enjoyment I’m getting out of eating this incredible bar of pure goodness! All that’s in it is dates, almonds, banana, milk, amaranth and apple cider vinegar! That’s it! I need to try this warm! Luckily I bought two my mistake but hey it’s the best mistake I’ve ever made! Gluten free, no added sugar and a source and fibre and gluten! As well as being the most delicious and indulgent healthy treat I’ve had all month! I’m in love! Please buy one of these bars so you can experience the tastiness! Oh and it’s one of your 5 a day

Lemon cake


It tastes like lemon drizzle! My favourite cake ever!!! It actually tastes like lemon drizzle! Moist, nutty,the perfect mix between sweet and sour with bits of lemon throughout! And flecks of juicy date throughout! The texture is on point and it’s so so so delicious! I need this bar in my daily diet! A gooey lemon cake like bar with a nutty tone and the odd chunk throughout and then chewy bits of lemon zest! Utter perfection! This with a cuppa! I’m telling you! It doesn’t taste healthy, but it so light, fresh and flavoursome! If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t be able to distinguish this from a buttery lemon drizzle! It’s so buttery, sweet and light and lemonnnnny! The perfect afternoon pick me up! The cashews make this so creamy and cake like! I’m amazed guys! Truly amazed! This is one of my favourite snacks ever! This and their lemon biscuits! They just know how to do healthy! So fresh and so delicious! You could use all their bars and create a healthy afternoon tea! I need to do that..

Apple pie


It actually tastes like apple pie! Sweet datey nutty goodness with chunks of apple throughout and the sweet taste of my favourite thing ever, cinnamon!! This bar is a dream! I don’t know how but they have managed to create a pastry taste! When I was little me and my brother used to argue over who got the biggest piece of pastry and the leftover I would cook in a dough like pastry ball and just demolish! Anyway I love this bar as much as I love pastry if not more and that’s saying something! It’s like a blondie in texture and then it’s got chunks of almond and chewy apple throughout! Super sweet and buttery! So so so delicious! There’s nothing I’d change or add to this bar! Oh and I warmed it up and it’s heavenly! So comforting, soothing and delicious! These guys are geniuses! You neeeeeed to please please please try their products! The best out there I’m telling you! Super natural and super indulgent and will guarantee put a smile on your face! I need to try this properly with ice cream or healthy custard or yogurt in winter for the full effect with a mug of spiced apple tea! Just so good guys! I can see it now round the Christmas tree and watching Christmas films! Just perfect!

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