Selwyns Seaweed

You can order these little packs from Planet Organic but you can also order them from Ocado! Which I find super useful as I can order them with the rest of the food shop. I’ve tried all three of these delicious packs of goodness and I love them all! They are super natural too, they only contain pure seaweed and natural flavourings! No bad stuff! Heads up, they aren’t a filling snack! They are very small servings. I eat them whilst I’m making tea, keep me going for 5 minutes or because I suffer with low blood pressure, I found them useful as they contain salt, to stop me from feeling light headed. So if you too get light headed quickly, give them a bash! They’re cheap and they do the job. They are also the cheapest and most natural brand of seaweed I’ve found in my local supermarkets! Most contain a lot of chemicals, I’m guessing to keep them crisp but these are all natural! These are great on the go but I imagine they’d also be good in a Japanese salad or as a little table snack before a meal.



Sea salt and vinegar seaweed

These actually taste like crisps! Obviously they are less thick and not as crunchy but are definitely the perfect healthy alternative! They aren’t too strong either which I like! Perfect to curb those cravings on the way up to dinner time! Also perfect for me as I suffer with low blood pressure! I also love how the seaweed just melts on your tongue! Not chewy like some brands I’ve found! Also the tray they come in is proper handy as you can just pop it on your desk and snack away as you please and none of the flavouring ends up all over you and the floor because the little tray catches it! So you can eat this looking semi decent!


Honey and sesame
As I’ve said before this isn’t a filling snack but that doesn’t stop it appearing in my shopping basket every week!
I think this flavour is probably my favourite! It reminds me of crispy sea weed you get as part of a Chinese meal! Just less salty! I bet they’d taste nice taco style or used a sushi sheets (I must try) they’d also work well chopped finely on top of a noodle dish! So yummy and so natural! Also one of the cheaper ones on the high street and definitely one of the tastier and healthier ones!


Chilli and coconut

You guys know I love coconut and if you don’t know already I love chilli too! So when I saw this combination, I obviously had to give it a go! Oh and I am so glad I did! They are hot, so if you aren’t a fan of spicy things these won’t be for you because they do make your lips burn but if you’re like me and enjoy the burn (its not weird if you share the same joy) then you’ll absolutely love these! They would be perfect in a superfood salad or again I really want to try these sushi style!

So there you have it guys my first product review! I’ll be sure to do more of these for you guys! 1. I can show you guys what’s on the market that’s actually healthy and tasty! It saves you money and the worry of whether its good for you or not! 2. I get to try lots of yummy snacks and 3. It’s a great record for me to go back to when I’m stocking back up on yummy healthy snacks!

See you Thursday,

Leitchy xx


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