Spring Greens Persian Pasta

Hello Friday! So this week has been a really productive one! My chocolates are now available to buy from my website – just go to the shop tab and then it will send you too my online shop where you can purchase my chocolates or/and my cookbook! Let me know if you do and don’t forget to give me a load of feedback!

So my website and shop has taken up most of my time. The rest I’ve been either learning various muscle functions, finishing off my mini cookbooks/putting together, feeling sorry for myself as I felt ill earlier this week, blogging, recipe developing and I’ve started planning next weeks stall at Nuffield Health. I’ll be doing a stall on the 19th May at Nuffield health (the Friday) from about 9am until 1pm. I’ll be selling my chocolates in boxes (like shown on my website), chocolates just singular, various goods such as tarts, slices and cheesecakes and maybe a few baked favourites such as blondies, cookies, flapjack and brownies too. I’ll of course be sharing photos on Instagram throughout next week of what will be available so keep an eye out. Non members and members are welcome and I’ve got small and big take away boxes for you to use if you like too. Now this weekend I’m off back down to London for another event. I’m off to the balance festival for another foodie and fitness event. Theres lots of classes going on but I’m not planning on going to any as I want to make the most of the talks and foodie stalls available as it’s quite a short event and not fitness focussed. Theres live cooking classes going on, a whole load of food stalls, talks on nutrition, blogging, mind and gut, paleo etc. Basically there is something for everyone and loads for me haha! I’ve wrote a detailed list of where I want to be and at what time so I don’t miss anything as it’s only a short event. I obviously want to take full advantage of sampling and the lunch spots like the healthy Indian pop up and the Sano school of nutrition too. Can’t wait! I’ll be sure to tell you alllllll about it on Wednesday or if you can’t wait until then, head over to my Instagram – @leitchycreates where I’ll be taking lots of pictures on my story and telling you all about my day that evening!

So today I’m sharing a dish I made with leftover veggies from the fridge earlier this week. I literally just made it up as I went along, adding more ingredients here and there and then as I had lots of dill, coriander and mint, I decided to go Middle Eastern and add spices, lemon and some leftover grilled halloumi that needed using and viola! A simple, flavoursome, fresh and nutritious dish that is super comforting and incredibly satisfying! I bet this would be delicious cold the next day for lunch or with some feta instead of halloumi.

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – serves two

150g red lentil pasta

4 slices halloumi – about 60g

1 tbsp avocado oil

1 leek, sliced

2 shallots, diced

2 garic cloves, sliced

0.5 tsp cumin seeds

0.5 tsp cinnamon

0.25 tsp mild chilli powder

200g aspargaus, chopped into bite sized pieces

1 small courgette, sliced

100g frozen peas

0.25 tsp ground pepper and 0.25 tsp ground salt

20g fresh dill, chopped

20g fresh coriander, chopped

20 mini mint leaves

1 large lemon, juiced

a drizzle of olive oil


Pop the pasta in a pan of boiling water and simmer until cooked – 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry the halloumi in a dry non stick large pan until golden on each side, put on a plate to one side.

Pop the pan back over a medium heat and drizzle in the oil.

Fry the leek and onion until doft and turning golden.

Add the garlic, spices, asparagus and courgette and fry until soft.

Pour in the peas, salt, pepper, fresh herbs and lemon juice.

Cook for a further five minutes over a low heat or until everything is soft.

Drain the pasta and then pour it into the vegetable pan.

Mix well and then divide between two bowls.

Top with the fried halloumi and a drizzle of olive oil.


Leitchy xx

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