Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Hello my lovely lot and welcome to my new and very exciting blog! I’m now a .com and I feel very official and excited about it all! I’ve also played around with my layout a little bit too, to make it easier for you guys to find what you’re looking for and it looks prettier and more professional too!

So I’m sorry about not posting on Friday but I had to let the people moving everything across from my old blog to my new blog play catch up! If I kept posting new content, they wouldn’t have been able to, so yeah! But because it was the end of the month (don’t get me started on how fast September flew by!!!) I had shared my September recipe of the month, so there were already two recipes for you to be having a gander over and hopefully baking this week and weekend! If you haven’t already, you NEED, I repeat NEED to try my sweet maca cookies! They are out of this world and my all time favourite thing I’ve ever made, healthy or not!! So you need to check out that post if you haven’t already! You’ll understand and be thanking me later! Trust me!

So today I’m sharing another one of my new favourite things! Pink and sweet to start the week! On Friday’s I make smoothies and this wasn’t the week just gone’s creation (even though that was incredible and also contained maca! Another obsession of mine at the minute..) but the week before! The smoothie base is made using full fat coconut milk to make the smoothie super creamy, coconutty and more satisfying than milk! It also adds sweetness and works really well with the strawberries to create the whole wimbledon strawberries and cream thingamajigin!

I’ve topped this creamy bowl of berry goodness with yet another one of my favourite things at the minute, coconut yoghurt! Tub of choice – Coyo Vanilla! If you haven’t already, mix vanilla coconut yoghurt with frozen raspberries, coconut flakes, nibs and either granola or nut butter to create a healthy, irresistible Eton Mess! If you have been keeping up with my Instagram story you’ll know I’ve been having that most evenings! So so so so so good! But if you’re not a fan of coconut yoghurt, feel free to replace it with full fat live yoghurt or almond butter! I’ve then scattered over lots of other pretty things for mainly food styling purposes but they taste unbelievably good too!

Don’t forget to take a pretty picture of your bowl and post it on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and Tag me – @LeitchyCreates!

Now lets get blending!



Ingredients – Serves one

200ml full fat coconut milk

150g frozen strawberries

3 medjool dates, pitted

0.5 tsp raw vanilla powder

10 frozen raspberries, crumbled

1 tbsp vanilla coconut yoghurt

a small handful of coconut flakes

a sprinkling of chia seeds

a sprinkling of raw cacao nibs

Optional – a sprinkling of beetroot Qnola or quinoa puffs or mixed seeds


Pop the coconut milk, strawberries, dates and vanilla into a blender and blend until smooth and silky.

Pour the smoothie mix into a bowl.

Dollop with a generous tablespoon of coconut yoghurt.

Scatter over the berries and coconut flakes and sprinkle the chia seeds and nibs.

Top with any optional extras.

Take a pretty photo for Instagram and serve!


Leitchy xx

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