Peach and Apricot Smoothie – Healthy and Psyched

Peach & Apricot Smoothie – Healthy and Psyched guest post

Brighten up your morning with this pretty peach and apricot smoothie. It tastes like sunshine in a bowl and even has the goodness from carrots and (optional) superfood maca powder! I love adding veggies into my smoothie bowl because they don’t contain as much sugar as fruit and have lots of vitamins and minerals. Plus, if I eat them at breakfast I don’thave to worry if I don’t manage to squeeze lots more in during the rest of the day.

Top tip: Use fresh ripe fruit for a sweeter and more delicious smoothie.

Ingredients – serves one

– 1 small (60g*) ripe doughnut peach
– 1 (50g*) ripe apricot
– 1/2 (50g) banana
– 2 small (140g) peeled carrots
– 125ml rice milk
– 1 tsp maca powder (optional)
– toppings – golden kiwi, beetroot quinoa puff cereal, salted popcorn
* weight after the stone has been removed


Destone the peach and apricot , then chop them into peices and place in a zip lock bag in the freezer along with the banana.

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth and then add the toppings. If you don’t have a powerful blender you may need to add a little more liquid to help it blend better.