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100 % apple and 100% delicious! Sweet, crunchy and, even better, they don’t get stuck in your teeth like other brands! Oh and they actually taste like apple! I like how you actually feel like you’re eating an apple too, unlike with dried chewy apple that is just full of sugar! These crisps are freeze dried instead of dehydrated which I find works better texture wise as they aren’t too hard and yet you get the crunch and they also just melt away without getting stuck in your teeth (good to eat whilst on the go with no worries of getting bits in your teeth!) a great snack for anyone wanting to make eating fruit more fun and for those crisp addicts out there! Also great to take on walks/runs/school/work/travel etc. As they practically don’t weigh anything!! And you don’t have to worry about a bruised apple at the bottom of your bag! We’ve all been there..


All my peach dreams in one place but without the stickiness! It’s weird because peach is crunchy but not weird as in I don’t want to eat this weird, I mean exciting weird! It tastes just like peach!! Not too sweet and not not sweet enough! Just perfect! It just melts in your mouth! I like how it’s in peach segments and how you can just chuck the whole thing in your mouth in one go! They taste like that pure peach juice you can get abroad but never in the UK! It’s because they are so unbelievably natural! Just peach and nothing else! There’s nothing not to like about these and that’s why there’s not much to say! I love the peach tree packaging, it’s very adorable and the stickiness is a win! You can take these on summer picnics without worrying about squished peaches and getting sticky peach juice on absolutely everything you own! Again you can eat them on a bus or in a car and not have to hold onto the stone and lose the use of your hand until you find a bin! It’s a win all round! 100% natural, incredibly delicious and mess free!


Weirdly yummy! I must admit they sound really really strange but I’m glad I gave them a go! Basically salted broccoli whotsits but not cheesy, I mean texture wise! These would be great to add a bit of crunch to a salad or if you’re looking for a low sugar snack or if you just can’t be bothered to cook up a batch of broccoli! Warning though, you’re going to end up with a green hand! So maybe save this one for when you’re alone.. It’s kind of got that whole Chinese crispy seaweed vibe, just not salty!



Mixed Veg (Broccoli and Squash)
Butternut squash and broccoli! So you know my thoughts on broccoli, but it’s nice how there’s a nice mix, means you don’t get bored of eating the same thing but yeah, squash is probably my favourite vegetable so I had to try it crisp in form! It tastes very similar to sweet potato chips and could be used for a healthy taco alternative! They’d be great with salsa, yogurt and guacamole! Again as a crisp alternative! They’d also work well dipped in hummus with various crudités! But they are also a yummy snack on their own! My favourite is squash as I love squash and it’s more sweet and has more flavour than broccoli! But they are both yummy! But I am more of a fruit crisp girl..


Mango goodness! I think this might be my favourite! It’s like mango marshmallows but not soft of chewy… Crunchy but melt in your mouth and super sweet like mango! Somehow, I don’t know how, but somehow they’ve managed to get the juiciness of mango! Strange I know… But they have! Again I like how they’re in mango slices and how you can eat these on the go with no mess and with ease! They are pale so no need to worry about food in your teeth! One of your five a day and the crunch satisfies any crisp craving! Super delicious, 100% natural and fuss free! A great one for lunch boxes and a great way of getting some fruit in in a fun way! Kids will love this and so will adults! These would be great for travel too! Especially when it’s not always easy to find fresh food! Love! Oh and he packaging has a bear carrying a mango! I mean, what’s not to love about that?!


Oooh I wasn’t expecting whole strawberries! I love it!!!! So sweet, surprisingly not messy to eat! They remind me of meringue! They just melt it your mouth! But crunchy and so so so delicious! Try these with yogurt and berries and it’s like having pavlova! Healthy pavlova! I mean… Come on, I must have persuaded you already right?! So delicious and definitely my favourite pack of these! Such a fun way to get one of your five a day (I love a good rhyme) great for hot days, when you want some fruit but nothing mushy and warm from the bottom of a tote bag if you know what I’m saying! Just the perfect, 100% natural snack! I need to try these with milk and nuts and banana for breakfast or with ricotta and seeds for dessert! Just delicious! Definitely my favourite!




Hope you enjoyed reading this fruity review! My favourite was strawberry! Let me know what’s yours when you get the chance to try them!

Leitchy xx


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