Top Ten Things That Happened This Month – August

  1. I turned 19 and the best day I’d had in ages with my family! We went to Manchester shopping and out for tea at my favourite restaurant – Australasia
  2. Going out for my birthday lunch with my best friend and walking back in the sunshine talking away.
  3. Finding out more and more about my stomach and finally understanding and knowing what upsets it.
  4. Booking a whole load of courses to look forward to in September.
  5. Finally being able and having the confidence to re write my ‘About Me’ (coming very soon)
  6. Going on holiday to Spain and feeling the most relaxed I have in a while!
  7. Going to the San Sebastian food school and cooking all day, learning techniques and feeling confident and talking to lots of people and just having a lovely day with amazing food!
  8. Going out for some delicious meals (posh) and healthy and getting so much inspiration
  9. Feeling happier day by day – the more my stomach heals, the more my mind does too!
  10. Wanting to learn more and more and share that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy tummy and how they are both totally connected! Starting project ‘healthy head and healthy tummy’ and wanting to help others nourish both their mind and body naturally with no restrictions and always delicious and fun!



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